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Forest/Jungle Arena

Forest Jungle Arena
  • This arena is essentially a tightly compacted jungle/forest, with tall cliffs along the edges of the arena
  • At various points in the forest/jungle there are some small waterfalls and ponds
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements, however due to the tightly compacted nature of the jungle/forest, there are areas where the sky cannot be seen, along with lots of shadows and places to hide
  • At the centre of the arena (jungle/forest), there is a medium sized temple, it is the darkest at this point and there are pyres, full of fire and wood, at the entrance to the temple. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.
  • Inside the temple are various Greek statues, roughly 6 feet tall
  • There are numerous and various species of wildlife hidden amongst the forest/jungle, but none larger than a grizzly bear



Luthren Marks -Child of Thanatos
-Death's Puppet
Age:= 17 Height:= 5'5
Sexuality= Straight Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy Nationality= United States
Species= Half-blood Main Weapon= Scythe, Kasurigama, Bare Hands

 – "Those who fear death shouldn't only fear Death himself, fear his puppets that do his work for him."

Luthren just in the treeline, or what is most likely the treeline, next to a small overgrown pond. Multipl tall long types of shrubbery grow out around the pond making it difficult to tell where the pond starts and the jungle stops. As usual, he has on his necklace, hanging from his neck over the armor, the necklace is metal, with a sturdy CB chain. He is wearing normal greek armor, including grieves, guantlets, and breast/back plate, all of which are made with leather, and metal plating. Over his head, he wears an open-faced metal helmet that stops just at the jaw-line, and curves around his face which allows for a wide and clear veiw, but lacking full protection. He has his kasurigama in his hands, the sickle in his right, and the chain bundled in his left.

Gerald Jerome Michaelson
Dionysus Camper

Gerald, having already been inside of the arena, paces slowly back and forth on the dry ground just in front of the temple. The leather in his armor swishes lightly with each step Gerald takes, the metal is polished till it shows reflections, his two swords and two daggers are sheathed at both sides of his waist, (one of each on each side). Gerald holds his shield on his left arm—a light weight leather shield backed with a layer of metal thick enough to stop arrows from penetrating through the shield. His wrist blades were detracted, ready to be extended at a flick of Gerald's wrist if need be. Gerald's pen spear sits in it's holster, as well as his bö staff pencil halves. "I hate teaching children how to fight," He says to himself, wondering if the guy that he's supposed to be training, even knows how to fight, or if he'll play fair, or if he's going to show his face and shake hands like it used to be traditionally before a fight... a boxing ring fight at least... Gerald taps on his elbow, "Hey kid! You gonna come out and fight like a man, or hide?!" Gerald shouts at the top of his lungs.

  Beauty is worse than wine, it intoxicates both the holder and beholder.

Character's Powers

 Powers: 3/6/9 Month

  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to force a state of mild drunkenness on another person for a short time.
  2. Children of Dionysus have the ability to cause a group of people to become irrational and fight amongst themselves for no reason for a short time.
  3. Children of Dionysus can null the pain of any wound for a short time.
  4. Children of Dionysus have the ability to go into a drunken state where they become unpredictable and are near impossible to hit with an attack.
  5. Children of Dionysus have an innate partial resistance to the effects of alcohol.
  6. Children of Dionysus can turn any beverage into wine
  7. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create ropes of grape vines which can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  8. Children of Dionysus have the ability to slightly calm the minds of everyone near them, no matter what side they are on.
  9. Children of Dionysus can curse someone to have the effects of a really bad hang over for a short time (i.e. vomiting, headache, etc.)
  10. Children of Dionysus can cause someone to hallucinate things that aren't really there, the longer they maintain the hallucinogenic state the more energy it drains.
  11. Children of Dionysus are able to turn into a leopard for a short time, the longer they remain in this state the more energy it drains, and once morphing back they must rest before turning again

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Posted on: 02:28, February 16, 2015 (UTC)


Luthren: Luthren hears his shout... a bit after walking in that direction, he first sees the temple through the tree line. Seeing his opponent pacing in front of the temple, unarmed, he holsters the kasurigama blade, and steps out into the temple grounds... "Sorry I think I lost my way in the brush..." Luthren says as he approaches... of course the sickle can be drawn at a moment's notice, and the chain is still out in his hand.

Gerald: "That's fine," He smiles, "Let's keep this clean; I'd like to keep it a no powers kind of fight, you don't use yours, I don't use mine, dirty fighting is allowable to the point that it isn't an attempt to kill me," Gerald chuckles, "Because I'd like to live, and I'm sure you won't want me to intoxicate you to the point that you're stupid silly," Gerald holds out his gloved hand for Luthren to shake, all his weapons are sheathed away, "By the way, the name's Gerald."

Luthren: Seeing no apparent threat, Luthren takes his hand in a firm handshake. "Agreed." He said. He hadn't done to many formal fights, but he feels like he trained enough to handle himself.

Gerald: Gerald lets go of Luthren's hand, then takes about 15 steps backwards, pulls out his pen and twists the pieces on it, out comes his two ended celestial bronze spear. Gerald poises the spear as if he's ready to throw it at any given moment, and begins to slowly strafe circle Luthren.

Luthren: Luthren watches his draw, and his stance. He was clearly planning on throwing the spear... That's a weakness of them, they have obvious differences between piercing, and throwing stances. Luthren unsheathed the sickle, releases a part of the chain from his left hand, beginning a steady circular swinging motion, the path of the chain moving downward on the inner side of it's swing as to be used to smack a weapon downwards if he does it correctly... Luthren slowly takes steps in the circle as well, with slow advancing steps towards Gernald...

Gerald: Gerald smiles, he hoists the spear and chucks it so that it is aimed to fly a foot and a half above Luthren's head and then stick into the ground behind him. Right after Gerald throws the spear he draws one of his swords, and raises the shield on his left arm, ready to start closing the gap between himself and his opponent.

Luthren: Not focusing on dodging the high spear throw, although his body still naturally lowered a bit, he quickly swung the weighted chain attempting to wrap around his sword hand as he drew... even if he missed, the weight should thud into him similar to the force of a punch. The swing would be angled downward, coming from slightly above the opponent's right shoulder.

Gerald: Gerald quickly alters his pose, allowing him to just barely dodge the chain through, "Not bad," he comments aloud, now charging towards Luthren to make a shield bash,

Luthren: As the chain missed, Luthren continued it's swing moving his arm above his head, making long circular motions now above his head. Luthren quickly jumps towards the left (Gerald's right)avoiding the shield's reach but closer to the sword's.Luthren raising the sickle in defense, ready to catch the blade. However this movement caused the chain to falter it's swing, and the weight slid along the ground.

Gerald: Gerald drops down into a roll going in the direction that the chain has been swung, hoping to intercept it. He holds out his sword as he rolls, then when he finishes the roll, he's up on his knees and inside the range of the chain, so he attempts to catch the chain with his sword so that he can grab hold of it.

1/4 through 2/4's

Luthren: Luthren couldn't help but smirk as Gerald sweeps up the chain, quickly not letting this opportunity go to waist, Luthren flicks the chain, aiming to smack the chain against itself, just before his hand. Once the chain connects with itself, it would form a wide loop, folding in on itself, causing a lasso to wrap around the hand, if all goes accordingly.

Gerald: Immediately realizing what is about to happen, half expecting this as well, Gerald slid the chain over his sword, allowing the "Chain lasso" to catch around his sword, and he gives it a hearty tug backwards as he stands up and steps back.

Luthren: Luthren feels the chain tighten, and the tug from Gernald. He knows he has plenty more weapons, but this is at least a step... He can't help but see this work in practice, and saying as most campers aren't nearly as well equipped as Gernald seems to be, he would have a serious advantage over many people that weren't Grenald... Luthren allowed himself to get pulled along, simple resisting enough as to not allow him to remove the chain. No point in wasting energy on an outmatched strength test.

Gerald: Now seeing that Luthren isn't pulling, he quickly sticks the sword into the soft ground, then prepares to make a tackling leap towards Luthren, but instead, turns and runs to his spear, and picks it up, spinning it around in his hands slowly backing away from Luthren.

Luthren: Luthren quickly retracts the chain as Gerald turns to retrieve his own spear. Luthren ends up dragging the sword out of the dirt, and Luthren quickly takes the chain with the sword, slipping the chain off, and holstering the sword in the holster meant for his kasurigama. He might as well add to his own temporary arsonal... Luthren starts the same defensive swing as before, close to his body and quick.

Gerald: Gerald swings the the spear down and lets it slide so that he's holding the very end of one side, then he uses it almost like an extremely long sword and begins to swing the spear towards Luthren, swinging high to try and catch it up in the chain with it's Christmas tree hook like spear heads.

Luthren: Luthren watches as he attempts to get his spear caught in the chain, but before Luthren can decied not to let that happen, the chain wraps around the spear, quickly following suit, Luthren whips the chain to the side, and steps down on the chain in an attemp t to either disarm Gerald, or pin down the spear.

Gerald: Gerald gives the spear a good tug, making sure that the spines and barbs on the spear's head lock into the chain-links. Then he lets go of the spear, draws one of his daggers, and steps on his spear to see if he can't hinder Luthren in pulling the chain back for a bit.

Luthren: Luthren simply clicked the chain off of the sickle. With his left hand, he reaches over and draws the sword that he had picked up earlier. He shifts position, holding the sickle open and ready, and the sword a bit more, keeping it back, and ready for the secondary offense.

Gerald: Gerald tosses the dagger into his left hand and pulls his second sword from its sheathe and starts slowly walking towards Luthren, "Not bad for whipping a chain around, but a little hard to train others with, I might add," Gerald says somewhat off-handishly as he closes in on Luthren, as he gets closer he tries to leave about seven to nine feet between.

2/4 through 3/4's

Luthren: Luthren watches Gerald's shoulders for any sign that he is going to make a strike. Luthren quickly lunges forward, raising his sword to meet Gernald's and tring to hook the sickle onto the edge of the shield to pull both the dagger, and the shield away. If his defensive/opening manuevers work, he would throw in a quick side kick to Gernald's gut before attempting to retreat back out.

Gerald: jumps forwards, putting out his foot in hopes to slam Luthren in the gut with his boot and turns his shield so that he'll block the incoming scythe swing and hopfully have his arms in position to block any unexpected hits such as kicks, and pushes down with his sword in a way that would attempt to send Luthren's sword swing away from Gerald's leg.

Luthren: Luthren's sickle just shears off the face of the shield, doing no damage, and Luthren turns sideways to avoid the leg, falling into the shield he was moving towards. Quickly with the sickle in hand, Luthren (making sure not to cut him) reaches below his leg, and pushes it upwards, potentially pushing him off his last foot, while Luthren gets his own footing in place.

Gerald: Gerald takes the pull from the scythe, allowing its upward pull to fuel some of the momentum for a kick at Luthren's crotch, while preparimg to make a quick get away aswell.

Luthren: With Luthren and Gerald as close as they were, Gerald's second kick landed on the side of Luthren's legs as his body was turned. Gerald now with no footing, would fall, Luthren would then quickly mock-stab him in the neck with the sickle. Of course he didn't really, Luthren steps away from fallen Gerald, and gets back into stance, without a word. Gerald know's what happened.

Gerald: Gerald lay on the ground for a moment, sword and dagger still in hand , trying to get his bearings. He knew Luthren had killed him at least once during the past twenty seconds, but he was okay with that, Gerald rolled over and clambered into a standing position, "nng, my butt hurts," he laughs, "Not bad, still not sure how I manged to land that kick, or where it came from," Gerald says as he, while holding the sword, puts his hand on the edge of the shield, unlocks it, letting it fall to the ground and assumes a new fighting pose.

Luthren: Luthren changes position slightly, switching hands, sickle now in the left, and sword now in the right, Luthren holds the sickle in a defensive position out front, and the sword out and ready, lower then the sickle. He watches Gerald closely, the sword would have to come first to get in close, then the dagger...

Gerald: Gerald sheathes the dagger, then reaches down, picks up the shield, and throws it in Luthren's general direction like it's a 25 pound Frisbee disk, then pulls the dagger back out and assumes a fighting stance in which the dagger is leading and not the sword.

Luthren: Using the sickle, placing his sword hand on the opposite end of it, Luthren blocks the shield, he then picks it up and throws it further out of the way before getting back into position.

Gerald: Gerald slowly walks towards Luthren, then makes a quick kick to the ground where there is some dry dirt, sending a large cloud of dust and dirt in Luthren's direction, Gerald then jumps back so that if Luthren tries to swing he won't get hit.

3/4 to End

Luthren: Luthren had quickly covered his eyes when the dirt was kicked at him, he could taste the saltyness of the dust when he breathed in. He quickly lunged backwards out of the dust, and started to move around it. It's best not to go in fighting blind...

Gerald: Gerald turns, sheathes his sword and dagger, runs towards his spear, scoops it up and fidgets with the chain till he manages to get it off. He then runs away from Luthren, with the chain and spear in hand. Once Gerald decides he's far enough away, he ties a slip knot into the chain and prepares to use it like a lasso on Luthren.

Luthren: Luthren upon seeing Gerald move towards the spear quickly runs to the closest part of the chain, picking it up, and jerking it back attempting to disrupt his whole process as he is trying to untie the spear...

Gerald: Gerlad is caught off-guard and off balance by the yanking of the chain, and it pulls him backwards, causing the chain to twine between his fingers in a knot, Gerald quickly drops the spear and barely manages to get the chain off of his hand before falling on his butt.

Luthren: Having not expected Gerald to fall back, Luthren wasn't able to capitalize on it, but he did pull the spear and chain a bit further away from Gerald, skidding just between himself and the fallen foe.

Gerald: Gerald quickly unsheathes his sword, then strikes a defensive pose, waiting for Luthren to do something, however, he sheathes his sword and stands up straight, "Not bad, how often have you practiced with your tools?" Gerald asks as he starts to walk towards his spear so he can pick it up and turn it back into a pen.

Luthren: Luthren starts pulling the chain back, making small coils stopping when he has just enough to dangle up off the ground. "I've trained just about every day I'm here, sorta all I do around here..." Luthren says. He remembers how proud he felt when his physique started improving. Still, he was weary of tricks, and didn't trust Gerald approching him yet. "Is there some official way that signals the end of the fight?" He asks, making his suspicions clear.

Gerald: "No, there really isn't, it just ends when it ends, but I usually like to stop with a bit of chit chat and a handshake," Gerald picks up his spear and turns it back into a pen, sliding it into its holster, he then begins to walk towards his sword, shield and remaining dagger to retrieve them. "I may need to get myself a chain, those things seem pretty handy," He laughs.

Luthren: Luthren holsters his sickle, and walks over and picks up the shield. "it is a bit tricky to learn" He then walks over to Gerald, and hands him both the sword and shield.

Gerald: He sheathes the sword, grabs hold of the shield and then holds out a hand for Luthren to shake, "Your constant training has served you well; Good job."


Luthren: "Thanks, you fought well too" Luthren takes his hand in a handshake, "it was a good fight"

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