Ignacio Lyric Arcano ~ The Arcane Warrior

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-Ghost blade

 Age: 19  Height: 6'5"  Weight: 295 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Mableton, GA  Main Weapon: Aldrid is a stygian iron straight blade katana with a single edge and a soshu kitae style slanted tip. Aldrid is made more special by the spirit attached to it whose name is Arthur a once demigod who the sword originally belonged to. Arthur has the ability to materialize anywhere in a ten foot area by the sword and can show himself to people if he so chooses but he usually doesn't because he doesn't care much for others. When Ignacio is fighting if Arthur lends power then the sword will blaze with a light blue ethereal flame while in this state the blade can project attacks up to eight feet(such as a slash)that act like a normal sword attack which can be defended. Beyond the sword has one more ability while Arthur is lending power to the blade and it can become intangible. Besides those two abilities the flames look extremely cool and can only be used for five minutes. (Arthur was able to bind himself to the sword because he was a child of Melinoe and had knowledge of the after life. To bind himself to the sword required him to sacrifice his body and demigod powers so he is just a funny, sarcastic, and blunt ghost sword now.)
 Accent: Neutral
 "Don't wait for the perfect moment, take the moment and make it perfect!"


Altan -Child of Hecate
Age= 15     Height= 5'9"     Weight= 115lbs     
Sexuality= Straight     Relationship Status:= Single
Health Status= Healthy     Nationality= Turkish
Species= Demigod    Main Weapon= Dual Yataghans

 “No way! Jappy likes me more!.”



Just a friendly sparring match between two of the sons of way it'll get out of hand. The combatants have a limiter placed on them both; an agreement to use nothing but magic. Fun times ahead.


Ignacio Ignacio waits in the center of the arena for his older brother to show up, Arthur's words ringing in his head, Damn it 'Nacio his experience has you at a serious disadvantage. What's more boyo...YOU'RE NOT TAKING ME!. Ignacio shakes his head, a smile on his lips, while thinking about how he is going to get out of this situation with a win.

Altan: He strolls into the arena with a warm smile on his face. He stops when he is opposite of Ignacio. He stretches, flames trailing up his arms and forming into little embers at his fingertips. He reaches into the open air and pulls back, a sash of potions appear out of nowhere and he puts it around his neck. He tilts his head at ignacio, curiously. "You sure you want to fight?"

Ignacio: "Just about to ask you the same thing but." Ignacio clenchers his fist and his knuckles crack. "You're lucky I don't have my sword." his left fist clenches and those knuckles crack again. "However...I think I will do fine without it" he shows off his own spell and electricity crackles between his fingers. "You ready to do this?"

Altan: At Ignacio's words, his arms erupt into flames and he breathes out a small frost. Electricity crackles through his hair as he smashes his foot against the ground, making a small crater under his foot. This all happens in a single moment before he becomes normal. "I'm ready. Fighting me will be a shocking experience for you."

Ignacio: Ignacio shakes his head without a smile this time "I am sure it will." he says grimly before pure magick energy condenses around his hand. It lengthens to the right knee and thins until it resembles a blade Alright...trial run of make magick. BEGIN! Ignacio's eyes flare open and the electricty that had previously condesed around his knucnkes trail down the magick blade. The sound is the only way to tell this because he steps off the ground and lunges at Altan, blade raised for a helm splitter strike. 

Altan: He brings his hand above his head, twirling his finger in the air before he does so, activating a spell that makes his hand as tough as diamond.

Ignacio: Ignacio feels the resistance and notes it, respecting Altan for it, before thrusting his left hand out and releasing an ethereal wave. His spell is a variation of the intense beam spell emitting magick energy that possess force without burning anything. It pushes him backwards and gives him enough momentum to flip backwards; his legs clenching together to deliver a kick with both of his feet to Altan's chin. 

Altan: The kick sends him back and he backflips, rubbing his jaw when he lands. "Well. That hurt. Good job." The ground starts to shake as soon as he says this, chunks of it floating up in the air, as well as the piece that he is on. He isn't finished yet as he snaps his fingers and activates two spells at the same time. One sections the arena ground into small cubes,causing them to rise in the air slowly, so as to let ignacio get onto one, to make an airborne arena. The other, turns the remaining ground into a quicksand whirlpool.

Ignacio: Ignacio looks around the newly created space and immediately doesn't like it Nacio you must always be in control of the field! Don ever be lettin the opponent control the field or, he controls you! Ignacio nods to the mental image of Arthur before activating his battle mist. It's his only passive spell without his seal broken and it keeps the mist in a near constant low energy consuming state. His sound and image are displaced by the mist spell making the opponent effectively unaware of him. With that now in effect Ignacio moves,hopping from chunk to chunk, and Altan seeing anything but Ignacio. It is when Ignacio is closer that he leaps into the air and thrust both feet out trying to dropkick Altan into the pit below. 

Altan: He notices ignacio on the ground and watches as he bounds up, electricity still on his arm. Altan twirls his finger again in order to become as tough as diamond also drinking a potion that makes him immune to the effects of electricity for a few minutes.

Ignacio: Ignacio connects with Altan and clenches his teeth more from the feeling of connecting with diamond than the electricity. Since his knee were bent on contact he uses Altan as a spring board for a back flip. The electricity he absorbed on contact was grounded to his sword giving it more energy and power. He drops the battle mist, hoping to catch him by surprise by being in front of Altan, then he pulls his hand back and thrust forward in a combination of a punch and stab. Ignacio does so to test if he is stronger than his brother even with the diamond coating. 

Altan: He gets pushed back but not off the platform. He catches ignacio's attack and proceeds to push him away. His defense metls away as he cracks his fingers and forms five medium sized fire balls in front of him. "I have a question."

Ignacio: Ignacio pauses for a moment and his sword dissipates but a thin layer of shield coats his body like a second skin translucent, therefore mostly undetectable. "Ask away." he says with an eyebrow raised wondering what kind of question is so pressing it'd stop a fight.

Altan: The fireballs dissipate and the flames just surround ignacio, whirling around him menacingly. "Why aren't you using your magic. Don't you have any spells?" The flames get bigger and roar until they are sunddenly compressed into a large fireball above Altan.

Ignacio Ignacio shakes his head with a grin, standing inside the flames but suprised when they gather above Altan, running through comebacks that would make his mental self view him as a badass before deciding to just be honest. "Well, that's quite simple, it's because...first and foremost...I'm a swordsman" and with that he recreates the sword that he has taken to calling the ES for energy saber. He holds his own hand above his head and makes ES grow even larger than himself, the blade dwarfing the fire ball, only to be bought down in an attempt to cleave through the fire ball. He had plans to stop right before touching his brother if the boy didn't react.

Altan: He watches as his fireball is cut into two. He is beaming as the flames just reform back into five medium fireballs, three of which Altan sends toward Ignacio

Ignacio Ignacio stops the sword right before it touches Altan and blinks in shock That should have stopped the spell...I should have cut him in half. Without enough momentum to continue the strike anyways Ignacio spins and because of how close the sword is to his arm, if Altan doesn't move it is being chopped off. Ignacio meanwhile ignores the fireballs thanks to his shield spell which he hadn't deactivated just yet.

Altan: He watches the sword and whispers the words for his sole nullifcation spell quickly, stretching his hand out toward the blade. A scroll flies out from one of his pockets and suddenly becomes gray and turns to dust as the spell is spoken. The moment the sword touches his hand, it cuts him slightly before the spell takes effect and makes it disappear. "Damn it. I just made that spell. It was the only one i had." He says, frowning at ignacio before he throws a potion at the ground. The moment it strikes, icy veins appear along the ground as it turns to ice. "Frost spell. Comes in handy."

Ignacio Ignacio considers the effect a potion like that can have and looks at the assorted mass of floating rock platforms. Ignacio makes his mind up and then jumps straight into the air, to a platform above, and throws a pen that he has in his pocket. With the power of his throw, a bit of mental prodding, and a lot of accuracy the pen should just graze by Altan's left shoulder. It is thrown hard enough to leave a mark but his target is behind Altan to a crack in the stone which should split the platform thanks to help from the ice. He reaches the platform above and lands lightly on the edge of it running through strategy in his head for how to deal with his brother with out activating the Deus Ex Spell just yet.

Altan: He rolls out of the way and watches as the pen sails by. His smile widens as he uncorks another potion, fog starts to fall out from the potion as altan pours it over the edge of the platform in the form of metallic chips. As soon as it hits some rock platforms he maneuvered to be under the potion, they soon attach and enlarge and Altan uses another spell to give him control over magnetism. He swings his hands up and the chips now turned into spears fly up and toward ignacio as altan points to him.

Ignacio: Ignacio considers just stepping back and allowing the spears, for the most part, to slam into the rock but figures his brother probably will have them track him. He thanks his lucky stars for the pen and teleports to it directly behind his brother who is oblivious to it. Ignacio grabs his pen quickly before the other half of the platform falls away to the ground, then he activates a spell he uses for weapons to large or heavy to hold. It makes the other half of the platform lighter to his him and he wields the giant rock like a slashing weapon swinging the new acquired weapon at Altan. The the size and feels decreased to Ignacio to Altan it would still be the same as getting hit with a boulder and he mentally tells his brother to clench his teeth.

Altan: He blinks as soon as Ignacio disappears and looks around for him. By the time he notices Ignacio , the boulder is about to hit him. Before it does, he, in a rush to jot get hit, manipulates it to go up instead. He smiles as he also makes the rock magnetic, making it a prime target for the spears which would most likely tear it to rubble.

Ignacio Ignacio can't tell that the boulder sword has been turned magnetic but he does notice the spears suddenly pause in mid-air and change course for the rock. Figuring his Altan is up to some ridiculous trick he puts more force into the swing and drops the boulder in front of him. With the boulder in place Ignacio becomes ethereal and passes through it, the spears in turn passing through him. When the last had passed Ignacio recreates ES and wings at his brother; the sword in a diagonal slash

Altan: He sort of panics due to the incoming spears, opening the bottle they came in a hurry. He watches as the spears turn to metallic chips again the moment they are near the bottle and enter their casing once more. He notices Ignacio's attack a little late in his panic and hurriedly creates a magma sword out of rocks and his fire. It isnt quick enough however as he takes the slash and is sent back with a mark across his chest.

Ignacio Ignacio doesn't take time to celebrate landing the hit and drives home more of them; sprinting after Altan to keep him off guard. He brings his sword up to reverse the diagonal slash, planning to give Altan a twin on the opposite side, and he throws out his left hand to release a blunt force wave. Ignacio attempts to knock the bottle of his hand to make sure he can't resend the chips at his stomach while in close range but if both of those attacks succeed it would leave his brother wide open for a thrust through the point where both marks meet. Ignacio prepares for that moment and knows the final blow will be on the spot on the stomach just above the navel that will bleed a lot but not rupture any organs.

Altan: He regains his footing and lets the attacks rain down on him, keeping hold of the bottle as he knows that he shouldn't ever let go of it even keeping his grip despite the force probably having broken something in his hand. He generates a field of heat around him before gritting his teeth and making his body as tough as diamond once more. He makes a grab at Ignacio's sword due to him being immune to its electricity.

Ignacio Ignacio can't help but add more force to the swing despite Altan catching it and hopes to see even a tiny bit of pain in his opponent's eyes. He sees none and releases the ES sword before weighing options for a second I need to break the seal. This amount of power is not cutting it. If I use the Deus Ex Machina spell I will burn through all my energy though....well if I use Konami mode that is. I need to use the other one, I think it's time to pull a hat trick. Ignacio feigns a reaction to the heat and hops backwards off the platform onto one nearby where he takes a knee. His tattoo comes to life and moves, the magickal ink growing fangs, then biting down into his arm. Ignacio is flooded with the magick energy the seal siphons from him and a shimmer of excess energy outlines his body before he contains it again. He stands with renewed vigor and looks at Altan before raising a hand and nullifying the magick used to keep the rocks afloat. The sudden drop causes him to leave the rock but the second his feet leave his platform he disappears.


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