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Digger Ross ~ Drunken Australian
Character's Bio

 Age: 17  Height: 1.78m  Weight: 74kg
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Australia  Main Weapon: 8 boomerangs, CB knives
 Accent: Australian

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to force a state of mild drunkenness on another person for a short time. Depending on their mood, the state of mind they force can either be drunken ecstasy, drunken confusion, drunken frenzy, or drunken sadness.
  2. Children of Dionysus are able to manipulate wine into streams and use them for their will; this can appear in the form of one powerful direct stream that acts as a hose, or having multiple thin but powerful streams with the ability to make hairline cuts across a user’s body.


  1. Children of Dionysus can null the pain of any wound for a short time.
  2. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create a field of energy around them, anyone who steps through it will feel intense thought of madness and insanity. The opponent will be driven mad and completely forget about the battle or the user. This power is purely for defensive use, since the user cannot move while the field is in place.The longer the field is kept up, the more energy is drained. If an opponent already taken by the insanity attempt to attack the user, they will see horrible hallucinations which will make it even harder to attack. Once the field vanishes, the target immediately regains their sanity.


  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to shift between states of drunkenness, to their choosing.
  2. Children of Dionysus can turn any beverage into wine and create small amounts of it out of nothing.
  3. Children of Dionysus emit an aura of drunkenness, people would at least feel slightly tipsy around them. It can be shut off for a long time if they please.
  4. Children of Dionysus can beckon any feline within a 50ft radius (15.25 meters) to their need, however, the more felines they call, the more impossible it is to give them commands/ command them.


  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create thick ropes of grape vines which can be used for a multitude of purposes. The user may telekinetically control the vines.
  2. Children of Dionysus can enhance themselves through wine consumption. This can help them quickly heal minor wounds, sharpen their senses or focus, or increase their stamina; however if they consume too much wine, the user may become unpredictable.
  3. Children of Dionysus can cause someone to hallucinate things that aren't really there, the longer they maintain the hallucinogenic state the more energy it drains.
  4. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create a wine variant with the ability of weakening someone’s immune system and giving them symptoms similar to food poisoning (ie; weak limbs, vomiting, cramping, nausea, diarrhea.)

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Dionysus are able to turn into a predatory cat for a short time. Such as lions, cheetahs, leopards or panthers. They can turn into either a full big cat or a humanoid cat form. In the human/big cat form, they are twice as fast and stronger than before. Their senses are also quite sharper as well. They also tend to be more violent and volatile in this state. Once the transformation ends, it’s hard for them to remember what it’s like to be human. They may continue to display cat behavior. Using the hybrid form is more draining rather than the full cat form.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Dionysus have the power to let off wine mist from their pores, allowing it to spread out up to a football field’s length. Those who inhale said mist can feel the symptoms of a hangover which are: muscle soreness, dehydration, dizziness, headaches, lightheadedness, vertigo, sweating, heartburn, nausea, sensitivity to lightness and sound, a faster heart rate, indigestion, and irritability. They themselves are immune to the effects of the mist, but no one else is (this includes allies). The larger the surface area the mist travels, the less potent it is. This means that at a football field’s length it only feels like a mild hangover, but concentrated in small areas, or small enclosed areas, it is a rather raging hangover. They do not have control over dispersing the mist, but it can be blown away using fans and airing.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to inspire maddening dedication and obsession from an enemy or ally, causing them to dedicate themselves to their cause. It can only be used on one person at a time, or five monsters at a time. The more sentient the creature, the harder it is to use (ie, manticores are more like people, same with empousa, so not as many can be controlled because of their higher sentience. It becomes more difficult per mind and per sentience of mind.) The longer the power is used, the more confused and unfocused the user gets, making it harder to use any powers. Side effects of this power on the those it is used on is blacking out during these moments, and forgetting they were in this state. If used too much, the user can be left unable to have the concentration to use any powers for a period of time.


  1. Children of Dionysus generally have a taste for alcohol and partying.
  2. As Dionysus is the patron of plays, playwrights and acting, his children often make good actors and playwrights.
  3. Children of Dionysus are typically fond of and are favored by predatory cats, nymphs and satyrs.
  4. Children of Dionysus tend to give into thoughts of madness and insanity.
  5. Children of Dionysus are prone to being unpredictable in the eyes of others.
  6. Children of Dionysus can immediately know the age, type, and quality of wine just by tasting it.
  7. Children of Dionysus can innately tell if wine grapes are good for harvesting.
  8. Children of Dionysus are popular among people, and can be prone to having stalkers or groupies.

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Carlton Fairchild ~ Cold as steel
Character's Bio

 Age: 16  Height: 6'2  Weight: 164 lbs
 Sexuality: Straight  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Minnesota, USA  Main Weapon: CB spear that can turn into a bow. Quiver can turn into shield. Both the quiver/shield and spear/bow can both turn into a miniature version of themselves
 Accent: American

Character's Powers


  1. Children of Physis can create a small amount of fire, water, wind or earth, roughly two times smaller than the size of the child, this can be used for attacking, or used as a weapon. However the longer the element is used, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Physis can create a small tornado formed of fire, water, wind or earth. Only one element may be used at a time, and the faster the tornado, the more energy drained.


  1. Children of Physis can generate a single shield of fire, water, wind or earth, roughly two to three times the size of the user, which can be used to block attacks for a very short time.
  2. Children of Physis can arm themselves with armor made from fire, water, wind or earth which for a short time. The longer the armor is maintained, the more energy is drained.
  3. Children of Physis can cover an opponent in a cylindrical tube made of fire, water, wind or earth, to contain their opponent without hurting them. The longer the confinement is maintained, the more energy is drained.


  1. Children of Physis feel stronger and faster in proximity to nature (rivers, mountains, etc)
  2. Children of Physis heal minor wounds faster and slowly heal major wounds when they touch fire, water, wind or earth, but not fatal wounds.


  1. Children of Physis can telekinetically move fire, water, wind or earth. The element must be roughly two to four meters away from the child, and cannot be 2 or 3 times the size of the user. The bigger the element and the more elements moved, the more energy is drained.
  2. Children of Physis can restore matter to its original state and control it for attacking opponents, since their mother is the goddess of original nature.
  3. Children of Physis can use water, wind or earth to teleport anywhere on Earth. The user merges with any source of water, wind or earth near them and reforms elsewhere. The further they travel the more energy it drains.

3 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Physis can turn fire, water, wind or earth to a different matter that is the same state (plasma for fire, liquid for water, gas for wind and liquid for earth) and gain control over it. Only one element and one matter at a time, and the more matter you turned into, the more energy is drained. Ex: The user can turn water to another liquid (acid, etc) and control it; turn earth to another solid (wood, etc); turn fire to another plasma (lightning; etc) and/or turn wind to another gas ( nitrogen, oxygen, etc).

6 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Physis can create a small volcano erruption, a flood, a tornado or an earthquake, but not to the extent of a child of gods/goddesses that possesses these powers. One element may be used at a time, and more energy is drained depending on the scale of the disaster. 

9 Months after Character is Made

  1. Children of Physis can shed their flesh and turn into pure fire, water, wind or earth for a short time, while in this state they possess different powers and can only use the element they turned into. Once the transformation subsides, they are extremely exhausted, are barely able to move and risk fainting.


  1. Children of Physis typically love the nature and act protective of it. Becoming environmentalists and protecting nature are common actions for children of Physis.
  2. Children of Physis tend to be caring towards nature and her children; they innately have a close relationship with fire/fresh water/wind/meadow nymphs and spirits and they typically get along with Thesis’ children.
  3. Children of Physis normally love being outside and enjoying what nature has to offer.
  4. Children of Physis will often grow up to be environmentalists and sometimes chemists.

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Emily rose everhard.jpg

Jillian -Child of Astraeus

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Bridget Oprah ~ Daughter of Aphrodite

More Info:

-Bridget Oprah

 Age: 12  Height: 4”6 
 Sexuality: Bisexual  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: USA  Main Weapon: Bow and arrows
 Accent: Country-American

Molly Jackson 4.jpg
Demigoddess Poseidon 12
Single Heterosexual CB Xiphos / Ring
Daughter of Poseidon | Waterlily


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Rihan -Child of Demeter
-Guardian of the Lynx's

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Marcel Appleheart

Height: 5'3

Body chubby

Race : Black/African American

Sexuality: Gay/homosexual

Godly parent: Nike

Matthew Armstrong

Height; 6'1

Body type: slim

Race: White

Sexuality: Gay/homosexual

Godly parent: Lyssa


Peggy Ember -Child of Hephaestus
-Hyperactive Mechanic

 – 13:37, 28 July 2021 (UTC)



A few days previously, Digger Ross (a son of Dionysus with... questionable morals) posted a notice around Camp Half-Blood, telling of a party to be held at the main training arena. Many excited campers flocked to the area, but once they got there, no cake or balloons were waiting for them...

Current Day (RP Here!)

Digger: Knife duct taped to his left thigh, a boomerang in his pocket and another in his hand, Digger stood shoulder to shoulder with supposedly one of the worst enemies to Camp, a member of the Broken Convent by the name of Carlton Fairchild. "You ready, big man?" Digger asked Carlton, as the anticipation of arrival of people looking for a 'party' only got higher and higher.

Carlton: Thought and Memory circling high above the two boys and his four dogs hidden in the arena, Carlton got flashbacks to the last time he was in the arena. "As long as nobody tries to run me out of here and try to kill me."

Jillian: Jillian walked into the arena carrying a basket of drinks, including orange juice, sprite and grenadine, all smiles for the festivities ahead. "Hey everyone! I brought stuff to make Shirley Temples!" Once she saw the two demigods standing ahead with weapons drawn, though, she sighed and dropped the basket with an audible thump. "There's no party, is there."

Bridget: Bridget had her black recurve bow in her left hand and her metal tomahawk at her side. She was wearing her usual punk outfit with boots blacker then Night and a scowl deeper then the ocean. Her hair was tied up in a ponytail as she walked towards the group of demigods curious to why there was so many and why there were snacks… What is this? As she walked up to the group she inspected each and every one of them (sometimes getting a bit too close). One had a knife, a nice nose structure and seemed quite tall while the others and they all seemed to be talking to each other… why? She then just decided to look back from the shadows and inspect for she was intrigued to what kind of scandal they were planning.

Rihan: Ever the party animal, when Rihan had seen the fliers he had grown excited for a chance to get down with some of the campers. When he got there though it seemed like a tense standoff and his ears lay back against his head in anxiety. "This doesn't look like a dance party. I hope everyone else's card is full cuz I dont think I can slink away from this one."

Serendipity: The girl came running in with a large plastic tupperwear in her hands, she'd overheard about the party and decide to drop by. "I come baring gifts! Meringues!" The poor deserts were sloppily made and a few lightly burned, Serendipity was useless in a kitchen. She stopped next to the other female, Serendipity was tall for her age she guessed but standing among the others she felt a little small.

Marcel: Marcel was walking around the camp trying to find something to do he was wearing the camp half blood T-shirt and some gray jean shorts and black nike shoes. As he was walking around he sees a other group of kids the distance "oh what's going over there"he thought to himself when he see the of other kids " should I go up to them I don't want to waste your time don't think that Marcel no more shy bing shy no more and time to meet new people"he thought to himself he shyly walks up to the group. Once he got where they were he noticed two guys training while two girls were watching them he shyly walk up to the two girls one looks older than him while the other looks younger than him "hey if you don't mind me asking what's going on over here?" He say shyly.

Jillian: "There was supposed to be a party, but when we got here all we found was these two guys standing here, weapons drawn." Jillian gestured towards Digger and Carlton. "Oi, you two! What's the big idea?"

Digger: Digger just grinned, scratching the back of his head with the boomerang. “The big idea is some fun me and my friend Carlton have planned. A little bit of a fight.”

Carlton: His attention followed Bridget and Rihan, barely even blinking as he shifted his gaze from the two. ‘Surround them,’ Carlton told his dogs in his mind, with each of them almost appearing out of nowhere in their animal form, with Yee and Aehra around the larger group of people and Forta and Nero around Bridget and Rihan, respectfully.

Bridget: Bridget seemed shocked at first as Carlton’s dogs began surrounding her and the young boy but she soon realised what this was. *Why didn’t I figure out sooner?* she mentally scolded herself as she gave the dogs a menacing stare then looked at Carlton and asked “If you wanted to fight why not just say so? The Ares kids always love a fight.” She yelled to Carlton her cold exterior turning into red hot anger. Bridget thought of unslinging her bow but with these dogs around she thought better of it.

Serendipity: Serendipity was not expecting this, "So I made Meringues for nothing?!" She grumbled and tied her wavy hair up in a high ponytail then she drew her ring off her left hand that elongated into her familiar Xiphos. Being surrounded she immediately went into a defensive stance holding up her sword in the direction of the creatures surrounding her, and the two next to her. I hope Jocasta's training pays off. Her eyes scanned the arena making a mental note of everyone here. Am I the freaking youngest here?

Marcel: Marcel quickly looks at everyone then realizing what's going on"we're training oh my Gods I'm still processing the last train session with Aeon and I don't have a weapon"as he thought to himself then quickly remember his V necklace "oh yeah I forgot about this"he takes off the necklace and with the twist of his hand the necklace turn into a wing shape dagger "okay I'm ready"he said as he squat down in a defense position.

Jillian: Jillian kicked her basket of drinks out of the way and grabbed her dagger from her belt. Thank gods I always take this with me. She tapped Marcel and Serendipity's shoulders. "Lock ranks! It'll be harder for them to take us out if we're in a group!" Eying the dogs in front of the group, they looked normal, but something seemed... off. "I don't know what's up with these things, but I'm guessing they aren't regular hounds."

Bridget: She instinctively tried nocking an arrow but soon realised she had none. *Of course I bring a bow but no arrows.* She thought angrily as she shouted “Hey! If we’re gonna fight at least give me some arrows.”

Serendipity: She nodded to the other girls statement, “Aeons going to be soooo jealous, I got to be in a big battle and he didn’t” She chuckled holding her sword defensively in her right hand and leaving her left open to use her powers. “So...” Serendipity started to the other two “What’s your names and parents?”

Rihan: Rihan hissed as the dogs approached, crouching down on all fours in anxiety. This was not his cup of tea, he was a talker not a fighter, but he didnt see any way out of this now especially with the mutts surrounding him and the other campers. His claws emerged from their hidden form. He murmered to himself forlornly, "Did it have to be dogs?"

Marcel:Marcel still standing in his defense position "so what is the plan here?"he said with anxiety in his voice.

Jillian: "Right now, let's hold our ground, wait for them to move first. We might still be able to talk our way out of this trap." Jillian looked over to Serendipity and gave a brief nod. "I'm Jillian, daughter of Astraeus."

Marcel: Marcel looks at Jillian and then smiles shyly " my name is Marcel I'm a son of Nike nice to be working with you guys"he said with a timid voice.

Serendipity: She smiled at the other two, “Serendipity, daughter of Poseidon. Nice meeting you two even if the circumstances aren’t all that pleasant” she gestured over to the dogs surrounding them.

Jillian: Jillian quickly motioned towards one of the dogs, feinting an attack to gauge its reaction. "C'mon, you stupid mutt."

Bridget: Bridget misunderstanding that as a signal to attack, summoned a large shell from underneath trapping the mutts underneath a 5”0 tall maroon coloured scallop shell. Determined to sort this out (and mostly because she was irked at the indignity of this) she focused her will outwards and simply said one word so EVERYONE can hear. “Stop.”

Digger: Digger smiled at everyone’s reactions as he nudged Carlton with his elbow as he created a field on insanity, hoping it would cause everyone to fight each other.

Carlton: Carlton didn’t respond to his dogs being trapped, he just told them to find their own way out, the told Thought and Memory to attack Bridget, all before Digger put his insanity field up. The insanity field clouded Carlton’s judgment and pulled out his bow and quiver and notched an explosive arrow at the main group.

Marcel: Marcel heard Bridget telling everyone to stop but then noticing a quiver with explosive heading their way "that doesn't look good" he thought I see quickly turn to everyone "HI EVERYONE THERE IS EXPLOSIVE HEADING OUR WAY GET OUT OF THE QUICKLY!"he yelled as he summoned his wings getting ready to take off to dodge the attack.

Serendipity: The insanity field made Serendipity do a dumb thing, although she did dumb things normally Serendipity usually was sensible in battle, she got a meringue - now slightly crushed due to her dropping the box - from the box and threw it at the man with the arrows.

Bridget: The young girl sneered in anger as she looked at Serendipity and her inanity, thinking to herself *I will NOT act like her.* Attempting to resist this the insanity, she marched forward away from her shell and towards the boys, tomahawk drawn and arms outstretched in front of her. The girl looking like bloody Sisyphus, the hallucinations she saw terrified her but she couldn’t stop. But she soon fell on her knees and clutched her head as the field was too much . So using her charm- whatever poppy called it she tried again. She focused her unbending will towards the boys and simply yelled “Cease this or you’ll regret it.” Her voice steely and so icy that even the sun couldn’t melt it.

Marcel:Marcel took off flying and realizing where the arrow came from using his speed and his wings to fly over to the two boys and start to hover over them and then curiously look down at them "hey what was that all about"he says with curiosity in his voice.

Jillian: Feeling the aura of insanity wash over her, Jillian knew something was off. "What... power..." She staggered, and pointed her knife towards Serendipity. "Are you doing this?" She could feel aggression, pain, and a jumble of nonsensical emotions trying to overtake her. She felt like crying and laughing all at once.

Unfortunately, the aura was also decreasing her self-preservation. She turned and stumbled forwards towards Carlton, pointing her knife at anyone near her. "Try it... try it!"

Serendipity: The moment Jillian pointed to her Serendipity's eyes widened as the other girl accused her of starting this madness thingy "Not me! I can do sea sickness not loopy loopness!" she giggled that turned into fits off laughter. The second time Bridget said to stop she froze mid laugh on the ground. Her mind felt torn to do the crazy things and stay still, a deep frown appeared on her face "Why am i laughing?"

Bridget: “UGH SCREW THIS!” She yelled, galled at this display of weakness. Unsheathing her Bronze tomahawk she charged at the boys playing this ‘hilarious prank’. For some reason she wasn’t as affected as the others, she had tears in her eyes which obscured her vision and tripped sometimes but she pushed through long enough to attempt a stab to Digger’s side. She could hear no feel the dogs banging, scratching, biting the shell that kept them treed from freedom. *It won’t last I can already feel the effects of summoning one that large. I need to be smarter. Perhaps after my straight attack, I dash to Carlton to apprehend his bow? It could be a problem.* She ruminates.

Rihan: As the dogs were pulled away by the giant shell Rihan's anxiety lessened and his instincts told him to run. But as the insanity field washed over him, something else took over. His vision blurred and distorted and everyone around him seemed an enemy, all hunters and hounds. His claws emerged and he lashed out at the nearest body which just so happened to be Serendipity as most everyone else had moved to attack the hosts of this little party.

Serendipity: Jocasta’s training kicked in and Serendipity rose her arms to protect her face, she felt the claws rake across her arms drawing blood so she kicked against her attacker with both of her legs in aim to get them away from herself. As the pain blossomed in her arms it helped clear her mind since she was distracted by the pain. Then the stupid idea occurred, what If she created an area of sea sickness to break everyone out of stupor, She willed the pain in her arms to help create an area of intense sea sickness that encompasses the whole group here.

Marcel: l is still flying in the air as he turn around forgot about the fight with the dogs while also remembering that be can't hold his wings for too long " I need to go over there and help but my wings are making me lose my energy okay then I need to go fast then" he says as he rise over there but then his his head and his stomach starts to hurt badly as his vision becomes blurry make him hard to see and fly "I can't see I need to learn on the ground now" he said as he landed on the ground his vision got worse to the point where he start to see tow of things "what's happening to me is it some type of seasickness" says with sickness in his voice ground

Matthew: Matthew's walking to the training area wanting to train since he got to camp half blood and with a bronze sword in hand. When he got there he realized that there's is other demigods there. The quickly realized it was not a ordinary training sections as you look around the only person he recognize is Marcel. Noticing how weak Marcel is so he could be runs up to it "Marcel are you okay and what the heck is going on here?" He says with a worry tone as he looks around noticing the two boys watching "are there the ones who hurt Marcel" he thought as he starts to come angry but quickly calm himself down "calm down Matthew you need to stay close to Marcel he's weak at the moment" he says as he stays near too Marcel wanted to make sure he's safe.

Jillian: Jillian felt the insanity lessen and stopped giggling, but kept moving towards Carlton, albeit slowly. "You don't have to do this! Just put the bow and arrows down, and call off the dogs, and we can talk."

Digger: Digger faltered for a moment as the seasickness washed over him and his stomach lurched like a boat tossed at sea. But he didnt want his fun to end just yet so he focused more energy into the insanity field trying to quite simply overpower the girl and her seasickness.

Carlton: Carlton's mind wavered between the intensity of the insanity and the need to hurl, but as Jillian tried to appeal to him the insanity coupled with his enjoyment of others misery combined and he sneared at the girl and pulled the bow taught releasing the explosive round at her feet. He quickly knocked another arrow and scolded Thought and Memory for not obeying immediately and reordered them to assault the girl with the bronze tomohawk (Bridget) and keep her at bay.

Rihan: Rihan stumbled backwards as his stomach lurched at the seasickness wave. Seeing the blood on his claws and scratches he had inflicted push him over the edge and Rihan doubled over and hurled on the sand of the field. As he caught his breath he gasped out "Im so sorry" to the girl he had wounded.

Bridget: Bridget smiled as her hits were successful, disarming Carlton and injuring Digger. Grabbing the bow and a few arrows from Carlton, she mocked them for their idiocy. Unfortunately the time on her shell had run out and the dogs were now free, Bridget was getting sluggish.

The heat from the sun smacked on her back as she slowly lifted her small hands, her body working overtime as it began to secrete a gas. No it was perfume and it was denser then anything anyone has ever seen. Her intention was to cover her and the aggressors in the perfume. *Woah. What in the heck?* She was in awe at her sudden new ability, where did it come from?

Jillian: Jillian was enveloped in a fiery explosion, the blast causing her to be completely lost from view. As the smoke and dust dispersed, a small moan came from the ground. Jillian's body lay still in a crater, the left side of her body covered in burns, with most of the clothing burnt away. I... ah... She found herself unable to focus, her whole world pain. Slowly, the tried to get up, but immediately fell again, overcome. "Help..."

Marcel: Marcel gets up slowly try to get the seasickness out of his system. He looks around him as he noticed a huge perfume cloud, the dogs were free from the shell ,and Matthew standing right next to him. "I need to do something to help but what" he thought then remember one of the abilities that he can do "oh yeah as a child Nike I can make a deafening war cry that can empower strength upon nearby allies and install fear to nearby enemies but I haven't used it before well it's a good time to try out now I guess" he thought as he looks at Matthew.

"hey Matthew go deal with the dogs I got a idea I want to try out" he says as he starts to fly with his wings but still out as perfect as before. When he got high enough as he took a deep breath as he let out his war cry "AAAAAAAA!" As his war cry echoes around the area *I hope that works*.

Matthew: Matthew listen to Marcel as he runs over to the dogs when he got close he heard Marcel's war cry feeling his strength increase "oh so that was what Marcel's planning" he thought as he noticed the that the dogs heard the cry as he noticed that they're shaking a little bit. "Maybe Marcel's giving strength can help me" he thought as he thought of a ability that can help in this situation.

"I can curse nearby animals with rabies and I can communicate with them and control them" knowing is his first time using that power he lifted his hand towards the dogs focusing the energy on the curse on to them forcing them to have rabies. He quickly noticed that the curse was in effect by the constant drooling that the dogs were producing and the hypnotizing look that they have. "Hi none of us want s to hurt you please relax we're not your enemies" he said calmly as the dogs listen to him as they quickly start to relax *wow I cannot believe that work*.

Bridget: Bridget could see the dogs in pain as they suffocated in the dense perfume but soon saw them brimmed to the mouth with foam. *RABIES!? But how?* Confused she ran past the dogs, Digger and Carlton and returned to the group. “Sorry boys. I think I’ll keep this.” She mocked as she looked down in her hands as she scored 4-5 arrows. *Hmm I could only carry so much. Maybe if I didn’t unsheathed my weapon…* She pondered as she re-sheathed her weapon but quickly panicked as she saw a young boy right next to her.

With the insanity field still in effect reacting on instinct, she nocked an arrow at him preparing to fire. “Who the hell are you?” She demanded her voice calm but eyes buzzed like she was an animal on caffeine.

Serendipity: She had managed to stand up and was now further away from the group, it was also then she noticed the sick on the floor and almost hurled herself. A quick scan summed up that a new person had arrived and Jillian was out of sight, running in an arc around the main fighting she found Jillian lying in a crater and hurt. Serendipity stumbled down the side of the crater and to where Jillian lay, Ok Serendipity you've gotta do something to help her and quick , Serendipity then grabbed the bottle of water she kept and, using her hydrokinetic abilities, manovered the water to clean the wounds as best as she could "Im so sorry if this hurts" She then turned to the group and yelled "I need some medical assistance right now! Somebody!"

Peggy: Peggy walked into the arena hoping to practice, when she saw the others she stopped. Her eyes darted around before settling on Serendipity and Jillian, she ran over, "Can I do anything?!" She asked.

Jillian: Jillian winced at the sting of the water, but welcomed the cooling sensation it gave. "...Run... Get away from them..."

Matthew: Matthew look at the dogs then look at the girl " oh sorry my name is Matthew Armstrong I'm a son of Lyssa" he said in a calm voice as he looks at the dogs "now go back to your owner" he said calmly with and snap of his fingers he took the curse of rabies off of them as the dogs run back to the two boys "well that was exhausting."

Bridget: Bridget enraged nocked an arrow but began to calm herself as the effects of the insanity field went down and her sanity returned. Bridget shook her and looked at Matthew, her arrow still nocked. “Yea good for you.” She replied as she tighten her grip, attempting to be intimidating despite her small stature.

Serendipity: She looked over to the group and worriedly back at Jillian, Ok what to do? You're twelve years old, barely been at camp for three months now, and you have a sharp pointy thing , using the last of her water an her sword she ripped about 10 cm off her skirt and used the water in the canteen to wash and clean the fabric as best as she could. Then while simultaneously holding the used water off the ground she did her best to dress the wounds which was a moderate attempt. Turning to the group she scrambled up the crater in the arena and yelled "STOP! I NEED SOME HELP URGENTALLY! JILLIANS HURT! I DONT KNOW WHAT IM DOING! IM FRIKIN TWELVE! CAN I HAVE SOME ASSISTANCE!" tears were springing to her eyes, this insanity field could be the death of them.... , Serendipity then used both hands to slap her cheeks simultaneously, stop thinking so morbidly!

Jillian: Gritting her teeth, with tears still falling from her eyes, Jillian focused and lessened gravity on her body. She pushed herself up onto her knees, then slowly onto her feet, barely able to support her own weight. With all the burns covering her left side, the clothing gone or fused to her skin, she looked like a creature out of everyone's nightmares, straight from of Tartarus.

She pointed a shaking hand holding her dagger towards Carlton, and spoke with a gravelly, broken voice. "Fall."

She slashed in a downward motion, and increased the force of gravity on the field near Carlton to about twice as powerful.

Marcel: Marcel landed on the ground right next to Matthew. Once he landed on the ground from using so much of his energy he almost lost his balance but then grabs Matthews arm to balance him. Marcel face turn red but he doesn't care "sorry Matthew I use a lot of my energy".

Matthew: Marcel looks down at the small male "no it's okay I understand" as he picks up Marcel on his back not worrying about his weight "you can rest you've been fighting longer than me so rest for me" he says as he blush a little bit as he starts to run towards three girls once on the ground pain why the other two tries to help her he yells towards them "HEY DO YOU GUYS NEED HELP!?".

Bridget: Bridget turned red with fury as she let her arrow fly right in front of Matthew’s foot, enraged he continued to ignore her despite her threats. “HEY!” She ordered through gritted teeth. “Eyes on me.” Then turned round to face Carlton and Digger, hoping to anticipate their next move.


Flopfish3: Welcome to the "Big Fight", everyone! Unipacific16/James created this page for us all to have some RPing fun. Let's have a good time!

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Yukarona: Im gonna give everyone else a chance to post but just for Marcel and Mathew's reference it was not a dog that attacked Serendipity but rather Rihan in a delirious state due to the insanity field.

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Kat: Lol I’m confused. You gave them Rabies then calmed them down? Doesn’t Rabies make them act out of control? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

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