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Forest/Jungle Arena

Forest Jungle Arena
  • This arena is essentially a tightly compacted jungle/forest, with tall cliffs along the edges of the arena
  • At various points in the forest/jungle there are some small waterfalls and ponds
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements, however due to the tightly compacted nature of the jungle/forest, there are areas where the sky cannot be seen, along with lots of shadows and places to hide
  • At the centre of the arena (jungle/forest), there is a medium sized temple, it is the darkest at this point and there are pyres, full of fire and wood, at the entrance to the temple. The fire that burns within the pyres can not be extinguished, but if the fire is removed from the pyres, it can then be put out.
  • Inside the temple are various Greek statues, roughly 6 feet tall
  • There are numerous and various species of wildlife hidden amongst the forest/jungle, but none larger than a grizzly bear


Gerald Jerome Michaelson
Dionysus Camper

Gerald walks into the arena, he then runs towards a large patch of trees. Gerald is wearing his full set of armor, which has metal plating covering the majority of his body, and a slight amount of extremely hard leather in the joint areas of the armor piecing. Gerald has his bag that has his miniaturized bo staff in it, his two swords are sheathed at his sides, swell as two daggers with each sword. He has his shield attached to his left arm, with the strap holding it on, and his hand firmly grasping the handle. Gerald's pen that, when twisted, becomes a two sided spear is in a holster-like pouch on his belt. Gerald reaches the patch of trees, finds a large fallen log/root system that has been unearthed, and he climbs in under it, hoping to be able to ambush Uriel.

  Beauty is worse than wine, it intoxicates both the holder and beholder.

Character's Powers

 Powers: 3/6/9 Month

  1. Children of Dionysus have the ability to force a state of mild drunkenness on another person for a short time.
  2. Children of Dionysus have the ability to cause a group of people to become irrational and fight amongst themselves for no reason for a short time.
  3. Children of Dionysus can null the pain of any wound for a short time.
  4. Children of Dionysus have the ability to go into a drunken state where they become unpredictable and are near impossible to hit with an attack.
  5. Children of Dionysus have an innate partial resistance to the effects of alcohol.
  6. Children of Dionysus can turn any beverage into wine
  7. Children of Dionysus have the ability to create ropes of grape vines which can be used for a multitude of purposes.
  8. Children of Dionysus have the ability to slightly calm the minds of everyone near them, no matter what side they are on.
  9. Children of Dionysus can curse someone to have the effects of a really bad hang over for a short time (i.e. vomiting, headache, etc.)
  10. Children of Dionysus can cause someone to hallucinate things that aren't really there, the longer they maintain the hallucinogenic state the more energy it drains.
  11. Children of Dionysus are able to turn into a leopard for a short time, the longer they remain in this state the more energy it drains, and once morphing back they must rest before turning again

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Uriel Cohen ~ Child of Hecate
He enters the arena, ready for battle. He is wearing a cloth robe underneath a leather breastplate, arm-guards, leg-guards, and gloves for maximum agility while also offering some decent protection. His equipment, however, is imbued with magical power, allowing it to be a little more durable. For weaponry, he has come with his celestial-bronze sword and dagger, his wand, throwing knives, home-made explosives and smoke bombs. He is wary of being spotted on ground level, so he climbs a tall tree nearby, and sits on one of its branches about eleven feet in the air. He uses its leaves to hide himself, and draws three of his throwing knives in case he needs to employ a hit-and-run strategy. He uses his powers to locate where Gerald is hiding, and decides to attempt to weed him out of his hiding place. He throws two knives onto the log, hoping it'll get him to come out.
    ~ {{{2}}}

More Info:

-The Healing Flame

 Age: 20  Height: 6'1  Weight: 140 lbs
 Sexuality: Bisexual (homoromantic)  Relationship Status: Single
 Birth Place: Athens, Greece  Main Weapon: Sword, Dagger, and Wand.
 Accent: Modern Greek
 – ❝Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.❞ -Albert Einstein

The Fight

  1. Gerald: Gerald grins, suddenly realizing that the tree that the roots are attached to, is hollow, Gerald scrambles down through the hollow tree. He finds a place where the bark has fallen away from critters and bugs eating at it. Gerald climbs out of this hole, which surprisingly brings him out behind Uriel, Gerald sees that this clump of trees in front of him, could possibly be where the knives came from. Gerald silently pulls out his pen, twists the top and his spear opens. Gerald holds the spear above his head like a native indian, who is ready to chuck their spear at a moments notice. Gerald slowly advances towards the patch of trees, using the nearly 7 foot tall patches of grass and tree roots to keep him covered until he can get near enough to the patch of trees to decide whether or not his foe is in them...
  2. Uriel: With his ability to see in all directions at once, he sees some grass rustle behind him. Instinctively, he threw some more knives towards the patches of grass, and decides it is too dangerous to stay in the tree now. He jumps down, rolling as he hits the ground. He takes cover behind a nearby tree, hoping he can still get the drop on Gerald before having to fight him close up. He begins to concentrate on collecting the mist around him, preparing to beguile Gerald should he get too close.
  3. Gerald: The knives are not well enough aimed and Gerald simply charges forwards, spear in a lowered position, ready to spike through the mist. Gerald sees Uriel, and charges towards him, yet suddenly a tree appears at the last second, and Gerald stops just short of running into the tree. "YOU BASTARD!!!!!" Gerald screams, he then turns and sees Uriel again. Upon seeing Uriel, Gerald heaves the spear, and it wisps through the image of Uriel, and into a tree trunk. "DAMNAT!!!!" Gerald suddenly realizes that he's close to Uriel, but that the mist is causing him to not see clearly, "SHOW yourself! You can't hide forever!" Gerald slams swings a punch into the air near a sort of shimmering patch of air, hoping that it connects with something, and that if it does connect with something, that it's Uriel's face.
  4. Uriel: Luckily, he sees the punch coming and dodges it. Since he moved, however, the mist begins to dissipate, leaving only after-images of Uriel scattered about the area. Now in close proximity to Gerald, he quickly draws his dagger and attempts to cut Gerald's right arm, whilst rolling behind him. He then commands the after-images to come in close to Gerald, hoping it'll allow him to follow up with another attack with his sword. He draws it, and charges back towards Gerald with the images. They flicker back and forth, since they are not being actively evoked any longer.
  5. Gerald: Gerald feels Uriel's blade clink on his armor plating. He quickly turns around and does a small dodge-like jump backwards, through Uriel's mist person. "You really think this would be that easy?" Gerald draws the sword from the left side of his belt sheathings. Gerald charges through the mist person and towards Uriel with his shield raised, hoping to smash Uriel into one of the extremely close by trees, hoping to knock Uriel out long enough to claim victory.
  6. Uriel: He is knocked back, and hits a tree behind him. However, he isn't knocked out since we was able to lessen the impact by using a weak barrier between him and the trunk. He quickly rises back to his feet, and gets back into his fighting stance; his dagger in his left hand and his sword in his right. The mist, along with all the after-images, have now completely disappeared. He decides that he has to find some way to penetrate Gerald's armor. Suddenly, an idea comes to him, and he decides to charge him once more. He attempts to cut Gerald against one of the leather openings in his armor on his left arm, and prepares to block any attack with his sword.
  7. Gerald: Gerald steps to the right of Uriel, swinging the flat of his shield towards Uriel as a way to block any attacks. Gerald then spins around to the back side of Uriel, and again charges with his shield, yet this time he has created a vine, feints left and throws it at Uriel, hoping to catch Uriel's hands in the quickly made lasso.
  8. Uriel: Normally, be would have made an attempt to dodge the vines, but this time he let it grab hold of him. In order for his plan to work, he needs to be in close quarters. He pretends like he is resisting the lasso, but allows Gerald to lead him in order to appear as though he has been caught.
  9. Gerald: Gerald stomps the vine, hoping to cause Uriel to be dragged down by the sudden jerk. During which time, Gerald pulls out the two pieces to his bow staff, screws them together, and as they expand he throws them towards the ground in front of Uriel, hoping to cause the bostaff to expand and brutally stick against Uriel's chest plate. Gerald then picks up his sword which he had thrown down, sheathed it, and ran towards his pen/spear. Upon reaching the spear he twists it, and pulls the pen out of the tree much easier than getting the spear out. Gerald looks back to check and see where Uriel is.
  10. Uriel: He is pulled down by the jerk, and the bōstaff expands to hit him in the chest. Luckily, it doesn't break any bones or anything, since there was nothing pressing it against his chest. It left him a little winded, however and he begins to cough and gasp for air. He rolls over, still conscious of the situation. He sits on his knees with his hands behind his back. He slyly pulls a small explosive out of his back pouch, and prepares for Gerald's next attack. He uses the fact that he had the wind knocked out of him to keep up the idea that he was helplessly trapped.
  11. Gerald: "You think I'm that damned stupid?" Gerald twists the cap on his spear, turns fully around to face Uriel, and lifts the spear into the air. Poising it so that he can throw it at a moments notice. "Do you surrender? Because I really don't want to kill you, but whatever the hell you have behind your back, seems pretty damned cheep!" Gerald watches Uriel intently, waiting for him to surrender, or ask to be speared. "Lay down on your face! NOW!"
  12. Uriel: "No can do, sir." He grins, taunting Gerald, daring him to attack. "C'mon mate, I'm not one to quit that easily." He grips the explosive behind his back, and begins to breathe steadily, preparing for him to throw his spear any moment. "I haven't got all day, mate."
  13. Gerald: He grins, "Well certainly you don't want for me to come over there and hug you? Now do you? SO WHY DON'T YOU PUT YOUR FACE ON THE GROUND!!!!!" Gerald screams. Threatening to throw the spear...
  14. Uriel: "You sure get mad easily. And if you want a hug, I can always meet you halfway..." He begins to get to his feet, and holds a knife in one hand in order to fake out Gerald. He waits for him to attack, patiently.
  15. Gerald: "If I was mad, you'd be dead." He holds the spear up and begins to back up slowly. Gerald then makes a nodding motion and vines shoot from the trees to try and grasp Uriel's legs and hands. Gerald stands his ground now. Holding his shield in an upright position incase Uriel throws anything at him.
  16. Uriel: As the vines near him, the suddenly combust, halting the attack. He continues to walk towards Gerald, now walking a little faster. He holds the knife so that he would only need to arc his hand in order to throw it. He still holds the explosive behind his back, knowing that it is what Gerald is the most uneasy about.
  17. Gerald: He charges towards Uriel, with the spear lowered and his shield raised. He runs right up to Uriel, having already closed the spear and put the pen into its holster/pocket, he swings his shield in an attempt to bash in Uriel's face, or at the least, knock Uriel on his but. Gerald has already started his father's gift of pain numbing so that anything that Uriel uses against him will not cause him strife.
  18. Uriel: Unfortunately for Gerald, he would have stood a better chance with the spear. Uriel, being much faster, quickly rolled out of the way, and threw the explosive in front of Gerald. He quickly looks away, as it explodes. However, it was actually a flashbomb, designed to daze the enemy with its bright flash for a few moments. He doesn't waste time trying to figure out if it was effective or not, but instead uses the spell he had been preparing: A blast of fire spews from his mouth with the intent of not harming Gerald, but instead heating up his armor.
  19. Gerald: Seeing that Uriel has rolled away and released the explosive, Gerald dives/leaps over the thrown explosive. As he does, he hold his shield so that it blocks his view of the flash. Gerald hits the ground with a roll, there is a tree root that runs down into a ravine like area with a root created cave system. The ravine, is 20 feet deep and 15 feet across from side to side and there are trees all long the side of it. The roots grow down the sides of the ravine. Gerald runs towards the roots, and hoping to get away from the fire that has been spat towards him, he drops onto his butt and slides down the side of ravine through an opening in the root system. Inside the small root cave, it is dark, and the roots are all very healthy, meaning that it would be hard for them to burn. Gerald quickly moves through the roots towards a hole, which is some 40 yards away, where the light is shining through. The light however is a small patch of sunlight in an open area away from the trees. Gerald sees the temple a small distance of 45 yards away. He runs to the temple and up its steps, he reaches the opening and falteringly finds his way into the temple amidst its dark hallways. He suddenly finds himself in a room that appears to be leading to the shrine, so Gerald places himself on one of the pedestals that had its 6 foot tall soldier statue removed. Gerald stands on the pedestal, and assumes the same position as the statue across from him, hoping that the dark will be enough for him to recollect and figure out a new game plan.
  20. Uriel: When he realized his attack missed, he stops immediately. He curses; now he knows what to expect. He watches as Gerald slides down the roots. He runs after him, sword drawn, but when he comes to the ravine, Gerald is already gone. He puts his sword away, frustrated that he let his opponent get away. Fortunately for Uriel, Gerald's armor left marks in the roots, which would allow him to follow Gerald. He slides down as well, mindful of the precarious roots jutting out from the walls of the ravine. He arrives at the cave, still hot on Gerald's trail. He, too, notices the hole and the light shining through, so naturally figures this is where Gerald must have headed. He comes upon the Temple, where the pyres light up the otherwise dark crevice. He walks over to one, and picks up one of the flaming twigs, using it as a sort of make-shirt torch. The irony of the situation dawns on him, and he is somewhat amused. Even more interesting, though, is the flames themselves. They seem magical in nature, and he makes note of that. With that, he walks into the temple, fully aware that this is most likely where Gerald took sanctuary. He walks throughout the temple, raising his torch in order to better see suspicious objects. When he realizes that the front room is secure, he moves to the back. The room lights up, revealing the symbols and art on the ancient temple's walls. He admires it, and then glances at one of the statues. He continues down the line, until he comes upon Gerald. For a moment, he didn't quite realize it was him, but when he did he jumped back and unsheathed his sword to take a swing at Gerald's legs.
  21. Gerald: He attempts to force an extreme state of drunkenness on Uriel as he leaps back to dodge the sword blow. Gerald then rushes to the right, towards the nearest statue, a distance of 4 feet away. Gerald shoves the statue, causing it to come crashing down in front of Uriel. Gerald hopes that this action, with the drunkenness will be enough to keep Uriel in a bewildered state. He then runs in the direction that Uriel entered the room from, the same way Gerald himself had come into the room. Gerald sets up a series of grapevine tripwires throughout the hallways leading to the exit. Gerald then covers the distance to the patch of roots where there was light. He then slides back down into the ravine, and runs 70 yards in the ravine, suddenly the ground beneath him gets squishy, water has seeped up in the area past where he and Uriel were fighting. Gerald continues to run and soon reaches a waterfall, which, he nearly falls down, but is saved by grabbing a vine that hangs down the side of the waterfall. Gerald slides down the vine and climbs into a cave like crevice behind the waterfall. The crevice pushes back behind the waterfall 15 or so feet. Gerald pulls out one of his swords and waits...
  22. Uriel: Gerald's attempt works, and Uriel stumbles backward. For the first time in his life, he was drunk. Really drunk. He would probably be really mad, if not for the fact that he had an uncontrollable feeling to laugh. The statue lands in front of him, and he seems to find this incredibly hilarious for some reason. After a moment, he begins to come to his senses. He realizes he had let Gerald escape again, and now he was pissed. He still feels really drunk, as the room seemed to spin around him. He stumbles across the room, heading back into the first room of the temple. He did not notice the first tripwire, and fell over it like a fool. It takes him a good twenty seconds to stand on his feet again. He was pretty much convinced to not ever get drunk, 'cause this was just annoying. He considers his options; he could try to use his magic to catch up to Gerald, or he could try to follow him in this state. He decides it would be wiser to not try to perform any dangerous spells while drunk, so he stumbles his way out of the temple. Luckily, he still had his torch and was able to more clearly see what was in front of him. By the time he maneuvered his way past all the traps and back into the previous cave with the roots, he was feeling much more sober. Gerald's power was wearing off. Unfortunately, this time there were no tracks left to follow. He uses a location spell, and a sonar-like pulse goes out from his position. He finds Gerald, and immediately curses, for he now has to transverse the ravine. "You've got to be kidding me." He sighs, and begins to climb down it, fearful that he might lose his grip in his current half-drunken state. He reaches its bottom, however, and arrives at the waterfall. He takes a moment to rest, knowing that Gerald won't be going anywhere this time, and that this next feat would a lot of energy. Now completely sober, he climbs into the cave, his torch blazing still, revealing Gerald in the darkness. He doesn't attack, but just draws his sword, preparing for anything Gerald will throw at him.
  23. Gerald: "Do you really want to try this?" Gerald summons up the ability to make Uriel drunk, hoping that this will work again. Gerald charges towards Uriel with his shield raised, hoping to knock Uriel back into the largish pond below the waterfall.
  24. Uriel: This time he resists Gerald's power. This time, he is determined to hit him. He dodges out of the way, at the last possible second. He then points the torch at Gerald, and a column of fire homes straight in on him. In order to make sure his opponent does not escape, he casts the spell he was preparing earlier: One to bend the waterfall back into the cave the two of them are in. It takes a moment to work, and the water is slow to flood the cave. When he finally builds his momentum, the water comes crashing in with the force of a tidal wave. The spell exhausts him, and he is forced to stand in one spot in order to not be flooded himself.
  25. Gerald: He sees the fire column, and uses his father's gift to allow him not to feel pain. Gerald runs through the column of fire, and dives through the incoming water, out of the mouth of the cave. Gerald lands with a splash, and he slowly swims towards the shore which is closer to temple. (its actually like 100+ yards away) Gerald makes it to the shore and drags himself out using a grapevine of his creation. He feels somewhat drained at this point, but gets up and slowly begins to jog/run towards a patch of tall grass and trees. Gerald reaches this patch of vegetation, and slowly makes his way through the tall grass until he comes to a large rock. He walks around to the other side of the rock, hoping that however Uriel found him each time, won't work with the rock in-between Uriel and himself.
  26. Uriel: Despite the fact that Gerald escaped him again, he was pleased; Gerald ended up doing exactly what Uriel needed him to. His armor was exposed to his extremely hot flames, and then he rapidly cooled it with the Pond's water. His armour was bound to be vulnerable now. Unfortunately, he is now too exhuasted to use his magic at the moment. He'll have to rely on his skills with his sword. He follows Gerald, diving into the pond below and swimming to the shore. He runs into the greenery, and he began to really wish he had his location spell. He looks at the ground, searching for tracks that he might've left behind. He notices imprints, and follows them. He eventually comes upon the tall grass, and walks through it, searching for Gerald. He can't stop anymore tracks, so he's pretty much lost Gerald. He doesn't know it, but he comes near the large rock, Gerald's hiding place, but does not see him. He keeps his sword and dagger drawn, as he is now completely unaware of what Gerald could be plotting.
  27. Gerald: He pulls in tighter against the side of the rock, making sure not to touch the grass that surrounds the rock, which also keeps him hidden. A wind picks up and causes the grass to rustle greatly, allowing Gerald enough cover to sneak up behind Uriel. Upon reaching a distance of 6 or so feet from Uriel, Gerald leaps at Uriel's legs, hoping that he can take Uriel's legs out from underneath him, and turn the of the fight into purely hand to hand combat.
  28. Uriel: Even though he naturally has the ability to see in all directions at once, the rustling grass hides Gerald fairly well. Probably due to the fact that Uriel was now exhausted magically. At any rate, Gerald is successful in tackling Uriel from behind. They both hit the ground, Gerald now on top of Uriel. Unfortunately for Uriel, his sword had been sent flying across the clearing by about five feet, and now lays on the ground out of reach. However, he was able to keep a grip on his dagger, and quickly tries to stab Gerald with it in his left side. He hopes that Gerald'd armor, since it had been heated and cooled rapidly by his fire and the pond's cool waters, would now be weak enough to penetrate. He doesn't wait to find out if it actually does, however, as he attempts to squirm out from under Gerald's weight.
  29. Gerald: The knife is not well placed, and puts a rather large chink into the side/posterior region of the armor. Gerald chooses to ignore the stab, as it hurt when his armor jounced onto his ribs. Gerald moves his legs under and around Uriel's hoping to catch him in a legs scissor press. Gerald then throws his weight forwards as he tries to grasp Uriel's wrists so that he can pin them to the ground.
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