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Technology Arena

Technology Arena
  • The arena is a large grassfield with a large building at the center. It is quite tall, possessing many floors above and underground.
  • There are various ways to travel between floors found throughout the building, various elevators, escalators, stairs, ventilation systems, etc.
  • Scattered throughout the building are floors upon floors of various technological items. Anything ranging from computers, robots, machines, mechanical equipment, testing facilities, kitchens, furnaces, top secret rooms, weapons, etc.

William: The son of Hecate entered the arena with his teammates. He had been chosen by the cabin to represent it in the fight between the other cabins. He stood bashful and shy, but confident at the same time. As he faced his opponents, William studied with as much effort as he could. 

Anna: "William, was it?" she said as she pulled a rock sword from the ground, "Long time no see. If it's any consolation, I don't really care about the argument between cabins."

William: "I want to make sure you feel the same. You do seem like a very beautiful and nice lady, yet this problem is completely alien to out friendly relationship."

Caleb: "Nature girl, you heard him. Hopefully we could see each other in a café or something after we beat you." Caleb winked at her while Killian shook his head in distaste. "Men," he said.

CC's Chars: Anna glared at him before saying calmly, "I'll see you in hell first." Kyle muttered "Doghouse" under his breath, enjoying the argument. Behind them, Sam took his shirt off, revealing his abs. "Alright guys, I'll take the homosexual," he said, gesturing to Killian. "You two can handle bi-curious and the virgin."

Xax's Chars: William knew it was Killian the gay one and he was positive that Caleb was the bi, as he'd many times flirted with guys. In reality, he didn't think of himself as bi. He didn't even feel attracted to guys. Or did he? He was jsut open to the new things in this world. He was sure he'd never get involved in sexual intercourse with a guy, but probably he'd be open to other things. Killian gulped as he watched Sam. He hoped he wasn't straight. It was really annoying when straight Eros kids wanted to play with the gay.But Killian had no way of knowing so he jsut stood as traight as possible. "Well, the homosexual will take you. Let's see who ends on top." Killian winked, acting nonchalantly. Caleb meanwhile laughed at the dialogues.

CC's Chars: Sam saw straight through Killian's attempt at bravery. Anna opened a pool of quicksand under the three, so they would all be trapped. At the same time, Kyle fired two blasts of wine at William and Caleb's chests. Meanwhile, Sam walked closer to Killian, trying to get within touching distance.

Xax's Chars: Due to his quick instincts, Killian jumped back from the quicksand just in time so that he didn't get trapped. However, it wasn't of much use, as just looking back to Sam was distracting enough to keep him from moving for 2 seconds. Focus. He's not that hot if you think of it. It is just his Eros crazy love thingamabob. Caleb, too used his short spurts of speed to evade the quicksand and the wine, leaving William to fend alonf for himself. The wine hit his face and the quicksand trapped him, but he used his powers to make a potion of mild acid and threw it at Anna and Kyle, as Caleb summoned a quartet of birds to attack and distract Anna and Kyle so that they wouldn't see the potion coming.

CC's Chars: Anna used her power over animals to make the birds stop moving. With them stopped, Kyle noticed the acid at the last moment and used vines to catch it and throw it back at William. Sam had caught up to Killian and placed his hands under his shirt. Using his charm-touch, he said "Put your weapons down," before moving in for a kiss.

Xax's Chars: Just before their lips locked, Killian let out a small wave of fear to Sam, then leaned to kiss him, in a fashion that appeared to beg for Sam's tongue action. He knew the need to put his weapons down was because of the charm-touch, but he couldnt fully disobey it. Wanting Sam to think that he was obeying, he put his gauntlets down and threw them in the ground. Meanwhile, William shot a beam of magical energy at the potion, making it explode in contact as he made a magical shield to protect him and Caleb from the acid explosion.

CC's Chars: Sam felt scared for a second and his control over Killian faded. his weapons were down though so he picked Killian up, before sprouting his wings and flying to the top of the building, away from the gauntlets. Meanwhile, Kyle focused a blast of wine at William, forcing him to keep his shield up. Anna then made the quicksand rise up, hoping to drown William and Caleb in mud.

Xax's Chars: Even then, the shield was spherical, so the mud started spurting from the ground, yet outside of the shield. Meanwhile, Killian fought against Sam, not wanted to be carried. Still, making sure to enjoy it, Killian started scratching hard at the sides of Sam's bare torso.

CC's Chars: Sam winced in pain. He sighed, before making out slowly with Killian, increasing his lust levels. He pulled away, leaving Killian to want more, before threatening "I could drop you to your death so just stop." He put every ounce of charmspeak into that last word. On the ground, Anna noticed that the sphere had some mud up to William's waist in it, and hardened it into solid rock. Meanwhile, Kyle used the ground under Caleb to grow vines that held him in place.

Xax's Chars: Killian stopped scratching, yet shifted into position naïvely, making sure be on top of Sam. Taking his own shirt off and throwing it to the ground, Killian noticed that a straight guy even being from Eros would just randomly kiss any guys, hence knowing now that Sam was either Gay or Bi. Grinning, he made out once again with Sam before making his hands go to Sam's waist, trying to turn him on. Meanwhile, William made a water potion, and put it in the ground, dissolving the hardened dirt into watery mud. Then, he turned off the shield, swam out of the water and went to help Caleb by cutting off the vines. Caleb then noticed Sam going t the top of the building, and he teleported right next to him. Then Caleb made Anna and Kyle talk in different languages so that they wouldn' be able to communicate between themselves.

CC's Chars: Anna shouted a command at Kyle, but it was in fluent Swedish so he couldn't understand it. Sighing, Kyle made Caleb feel drunk, whilst taking himself upwards with vines. Sam noticed Caleb at the last minute and changed direction, forcing buth himself and Killian into a window, ignoring the cuts from the glass. On the ground, Anna took the opportunity to take the newly created mud and submerge William in a bubble of it, trying to knock him out. "I harden this and you die. Instantly."

Xax's Chars: "Huh?" William didn't understand annything Anna was saying. Did she know how to speak German? Was it even German? Meanwhile, Caleb threw a knife at William, and since his aim was extremely good due to his father, the bubble popped and William conjured his staff as he charged towards Anna. The knife however, had grazed William's now bloody piece of the ear. Meanwhile, some pieces of glass had cut Killian, but he continued making out with Sam, and trying his hot moves by kissing him now in the neck, trying to turn Sam on and hopefully distract him for a while.

CC's Chars: Sam laughed at Killian between kisses. "You're forgetting who has the power here." he said before ramping up Killian's sex drive to stop him from thinking of anything else. Anna called on several birds and used them to attack William, before charging at him with a rock sword. Kyle meanwhile was wrapping a vine around Caleb's leg, before trying to pull him from the building.

Xax's Chars: Caleb kicked at the vine, not letting it wrap around him as he teleported once again inside the building, on the 21st floor. William charged hsi staff with electricity as he tried to parry Anna's rock sword and after that, aiming to hit her on the head with the electricity. However, the birds would be dangerously close once he finished his trick. Killian, however was now a slave. He was exuberant and full of libido and lust; he'd do anything sexual that Sam wanted him to do.

CC's Chars: Anna was struck by lightning and fell to the ground in pain, but the birds were able to claw at William's head now. Kyle entered the stairway on the roof on the building and started walking slowly, trying to find Caleb. Meanwhile, Sam was going to have some fun with Killian while they were alone. He touched his bare chest and told him to "Take off all your clothes."

Xax's Chars: William tried to fend off the birds but some were already biting into his head and arms. He then started charging magical energy into his skin, which would gradually make the birds bite him but then get burnt. Caleb, however,  started looking for different gadgets that he thought could be of help once William was reunited to him. Killian, on the other hand wanted to differ from Sam's words, but his sex drive, having the attractive young man touching his chest and the charm touch was far too much for him to handle. Besides, a part if him did want this. He was disgusted at himself as he took all of his clothes off, stripping in front of Sam.

CC's Chars: Anna woke up with her language back to English. She shouted Sam's name at the top of her voice. Hearing this broke Sam out of his game. He put his hands on the naked Killian and used charmtouch to make a distraction. "You look great, but could you jump out of the window?" Meanwhile, Kyle had reached the 21st floor, and stepped out warily, not seeing Caleb yet.

Xax's Chars: Barely hearing some footseps near, Caleb turned and gingerly hid behind a small desk that completely covered him from sight. William finished off the birds and then walked up to Anna, trying to hit her once again in the head. Killian wanted to jump out of the window. At the moment, the offer did sound very attractive with all the charm-touch. The scream, however, had also woken up Killian slightly. He didn't want Sam to knows this though, so he just stood up and walked to the window before looking back at Sam. "Could we make out one more time before I jump? This building feels like the right place, if you know what I mean?"

CC's Chars: Anna threw up a wall of rock, hoping to hit William on the chin with it. Kyle heard movement and stayed on the floor. "Come out, come out wherever you are..." he called, searching the office. Up above, Sam knew something wasn't right. Normally peopel did things without question. He played along though, got within breathing distance of Killian, and pushed him full force out of the window. "No thanks."

Xax's Chars: Knowing that most probably his plan wouldn't work, Killian had had a Plan B. Right as he was about to fall off the window, he shapeshifted into a large amount of salty,dark water, which started quickly flooding up the floor. While in this state, Killian made strong waves out of himself. Will was sent up flying with blood on his chin. Meanwhile, as Caleb listened Kyle, he now knew where he was. He took his keychain off and a pair of decks of razor-sharp playing cards appeared on his pockets. Standing up from the desk and jumping over it to have a clear sight of Kyle, he smiled, with two cards on each hand. "Have it your way. It's play time." Caleb said as he threw rapidly and with excellent aim each card. One after the other, two aiming for his legs and the other two for his elbows. After throwing them he quickly snatched other two cards per hand. 

CC's Chars: Sam fell backwards in terror, gasping as seawater rushed into his throat. As a wave carried him backwards, he opened his wings and used them to propel him towards the open lift door, flying down the shaft. He heard a shout of pain and came crashing onto the floor that Caleb and Kyle were on. Kyle had dodged all but one of the cards, which struck his back and left a wound. He quickly sprayed wine into his mouth, letting it heal him a little. Down below, Anna fired an earthquake towards William, knocking him off-balance.

Xax's Chars: Killian, very tired, turned back into himself and lay on the ground, resting and putting his clothes back on. Caleb shot the cards once again and continued pulling out and shooting cards in a mad frenzy. William however, levitated himself from the ground and impulsed himself forward so that he could knee Anna on the face.

CC's Chars: Still shaken, Sam fired a crossbow bolt at Caleb, charming it so that even the heterosexual would fall in love with him for a short time. Kyle, on the other hand, was looking out of the window and helping Anna by wrapping William completetly in vines. Taking the distraction, Anna ran forward, made a boulder in her hand, and went to smash William's chest.

Xax's Chars: Out of the corner of his eye, Killian noticed Anna running with a boulder towards William. He then made her think of things she feared, distracting her and even scaring her whilst William shot a beam to the boulder, making it get heated up and very hot. Caleb dodge-rolled the bolt, oblivious to its function. He picked it up and threw it to the window, however, by getting into contact with the charm, it started working. When he turned around and tried to shoot cards towards Sam, he suddenly noticed how attractive Sam actually was. His body was very sculpted and his face refined. He just stood there, ogling at the young demigod with minor sexual thoughts.

CC's Chars: Noticing Caleb falter, Sam moved closer, holding his face and making out with him, in order to keep him interested. Kyle stared uncormfortably, before noticing a shadow above. He swung up to Killian's floor and came face to face with him. Anna nearly tripped in fear but kept runnikng through it, determined to plunge the steadily burning rock into her opponent's body.

Xax's Chars: William continued with the burning beam until the boulder finally exploded, sending chunks of burning rock everywhere, one hitting him in the foot, which burnt him terribly, but also burning the vines that were holding him down. Falling to the ground, William looked at Anna running as he electrified his staff again and threw it at her like a javelin. Killian noticed Kyle and took out his hidden rapier, ready to fight. Meanwhile, Caleb kissed Sam. He was madly falling in love with him. Taking his shirt off and tugging at Sam's pants, Caleb started bringing in tongue action.

CC's: Feeling burns from the boulder, Anna managed to summon a rock wall at the last second and send the staff flying through a high window into the building. Kyle unsheathed his own sword and stared at Killian. "I thought you'd be more naked to be honest." Meanwhile, down below, Sam was enjoying messing with a straight guy for once. The fight can wait, he thought, before taking off all Caleb's clothing, followed by his own. For five minutes at least.

Xax's Chars: William stood up groggily, yet wincing at the lightly burnt flesh in his foot. "Why would you think that?" Killian looked seriously yet in a quizzica fashion. Meanwhile, Caleb continued making out with Sam, pulling at Sam's hair with his hands in exasperation. 

CC's Chars: Kyle fired a wine blast "Because Sam has a track record." Anna used a rock sword to fight the weaponless William and Sam began to push Caleb onto a desk, finding it funny how Caleb's first time would be with a man.

Xax's Chars: "Good point. Well, I managed to get away from his charm thingy. Guess I will now have to get rid of you. "En garde." He said, getting into stance to use his rapier. William made a flower potion and threw it at Anna, making a lot of pollen and petals explode on contact before summoning a whip with his magic. Caleb madly wrapped his legs around Sam, as if trying to squeeze him.

CC's Chars: The petals exploded in front of Anna, who was less than impressed. "My mom is the goddess of nature. Up your game." she said, before fashioning the petals into a razor sharp tornado that she fired at William. Kyle was using vines to try and grab Killian from behind, while he slashed at him with his sword from the front.

Xax's Chars: "The joke's on you Miss Anna. I thought you'd recognize the ciega-vista flowers from far away. They touched you so expect high irritabilty. I talk from experience." William smirked as he stood in his magic force defense field. The plant from behind poked Killian's butt so he turned and cut the vine. "Woah. Eager guy..." However, Kyle's sword slashed at Killian's left arm, making him bleed and cringe in pain.

OOC: I'm thinking that at the end I should bring Jason at the end and he and Kyle could have a little bro(mance) moment XD

CC's Chars: Kyle began firing wine at Killain full force, hoping to push him out of the building. On the ground, Anna was beginning to feel the effects of the flower. "Did you just poison me?" she asked, before earth-travelling to the ground inside William's shield. "Big mistake." she said as she formed two swords, holding one to his throat and the other to his waist.

OOC: Sure thing haha. Don't know how we'd do it though...

Xax's Chars: William placed his hand gingerly on her shoulder. "Do not do what you are thinking. I have a kakute on my ring finger and I can press it into your shoulder anytime. The effects will be the same as if  you cut me in half. So tell me, do we both die? Or should no one die?". Killian tried to defend himself from the wine, but as teh alcohol entered his wound, it started burning. He used the fear to create a water filter between them. Now, the wine that through it, would become water with a faint grape taste.

CC's Chars: "Like I'd kill you," Anna whispered into William's ear, before backing away and leaning against the shield. "Like I said, I really don't care about whatever argument's going on. Plus, if I wanted you dead, you'd be dead." Meanwhile, Kyle was keeping up the blasts, pushing Killian up against the window. One sword staab would be all it took to smash it and send him flying.

Xax's Chars: "Oh", William said. "I really do not have a position on this dispute. Lets say I am just impartial." Killian tried to escape, not looking at anything. Then he remembered Sam's fear. Trying to think of Sam and of his fear, he turned into ocean water once again, and fell through the broken window in water form from the building. All the water splashed and went at a dangerous fast pace towards WIlliam and Anna. 

CC's Chars: "Look out Anna!" Kyle yelled from above, "It's about to get stormy!" She heard at the last moment and lifted up a large patch of dirt. Killian's water mixed with it to become mud, that Anna had complete control over. She spread him in several different directions, stopping him from becoming human again.

Xax's Chars: Even when mixed with mud, it was much harder to become human again, but it was either wasting all of his energy and becoming human. Or staying in water position until he passed out. He chose the first and started fighting agaisnt the dirt so and trying to reunite, piece by piece by piece. Meanwhile, Caleb continued kissing and biting at Sam gently and in a sexy fashion, even wondering if they should get into foreplay.

CC's Chars: "Oh, you're not going anywhere drizzly." Kyle called as he was lifted to ground level. He then started firing wine at each bubble, to make it even more diluted. In the office, Sam had forgotten completely about the battle. "Let's just do it now." he whispered, before raising the romance and lust levels of Caleb. He also charmed another bolt and put it in Caleb's hand for good measure.

Xax's Chars: William, noticing the struggle of Killian decided to throw a chemical freeze potion, making everything freeze except the water. Then Killian continued joining until he was again in one piece. Sighing, he turned back to human form, but he was as good as dead. "Do what?" Caleb inquired both kinkily and innocently.

CC;s Chars: For good measure, Anna formed a rock cage around Killian, with a few airholes. Kyle raised his sword to William. "You giving up?" he asked. Sam stopped the kissing, but not his powers. "You know," he said gesturing, "It. Sex."

Xax Chars "Never" said William. Caleb then spoke "But, I am still a virgin."

OOC: ai will be gone for an hour and a half or two

CC's Chars: "And," Sam asked, uncaring, "I said let's do it." he said before increasing lust levels to maximum. Meanwhile, Anna made William stick to the ground as Kyle summoned vines to cover everything except the head, stopping him from moving.

OOC: I could post once more!

Xax's Chars: Caleb grinned, anxious "Ok, but I shall be on top." He took Sam's pants off. Wiññiam screamed at the top of his lungs with no avail..

CC's Chars: "You watch them," Anna said to Kyle, "I'm going to find our third party." before going off to the building.

Xax's Chars: William levitated Kyle very high to the air. "Get the vines off of me or I will let you go. Gravity shall say what happens to you. Meanwhile Caleb moanef and shouted in pleasure.

CC's Chars: "Dude, I can catch myself like that," Kyle said, clicking his fingers. Vines grew upwards to meet him. In the building, Anna had reached the right floor and stayed quiet. Sam noticed her mid-intercourse and screamed. "We-we were just umm... finishing up. Could you give us a sec?"

OOC: omg XD Let them finish it lol

Xax's Chars: "I wouldn't be so sure of that." William made a razor-sharp spinning blade out of magic, and telekinetically shot it towards the vines, mowing them down to the ground. "Now decide." Caleb noticed Anna yet continued thrusting, his face red from the heat, exhaustion and blush. "Yeah. It won't take long... I'm close, I promise."

CC's Chars: Anna said nothing, but just left the room, standing in the corridor outside. Sam and Caleb then resumed and finished up. Kyle was being held in the air and could only use one weapon, his mouth. "You're not going to let me die. Everyone here is way too moral for that to be an option."

Xax's Chars: "Exactly. Yet I do not have a conscience to keep clean. Yes, I would not be able to kill you, but there is a high probablility that you will get hurt. Badly. So get me the hell out of these vines!" William took an agressive tone which was alien to him. He regained as much compusture as he could inside the vines before saying gently: "Please."

CC's Chars: "Well aren't we the little Jekyll and Hyde?" he said. "I think I've given you enough airtime to be honest." Following that remark, he grew the vines so that they completely covered William, leaving no gaps, even for air.

Xax's Chars: William took as much air as he could before getting trapped in the vines. He then let go of Kyle and placed a fireball beneath him so that no vines could grow from the ground. Then, he made another fireball and shot it at himself. It burnt the vines in his face and chest, but he also got some minor yet bad burns. They would cure and leave no scar, but boy did they burn a lot.

CC's Chars: Kyle used blasts of wine to propel him upwards, but these also made the flames grow and they burned his feet. He crashed to the ground and fired wine to make the flames around William grow stronger as well.

Xax's Chars: Killian woke up from his deep rest. He was very tired but noticed William in trouble as he had fire around him and he was trapped. Thinking about water, he thought about turning into water again. But he was far too tired for that. Instead, he used that focus to bring water from the top of the building and moved it to Wil""liam to put the fire off. This was very draining as he had almost to none energy left.

CC's Chars: Kyle noticed at the last second, and summoned vines to block some of the water, but some of it still got through. He then used vines to pick Killian up and slam him back into the earth.

Xax's Chars: Even when the vines covered him from the water, now the fire was also dying with the vines as a barrier and even then, the water left in the sky fell upon him and the fire completely died.

CC's Chars: Anna came outside. "I've given them a few min-Oh for god's sake!" She quickly set up a rock wall between the two parties.

Xax's Chars: William meanwhile tried freeing from the vines while Killian hoped to be able to wake up again.

CC's Chars: Kyle let the vines slack a little. "You done?"

Xaxs Chars: "Could you just let me get out of here?" William sighed.

CC's Chars: He let the vines go, but still took the opportunity to drop William on the ground.

Xax's Chars: "Thank you," William managed to say before falling to the ground.

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