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Urban Arena

Urban arena
  • This arena is essentially a small abandoned city, overgrown with vegetation and some of the buildings crumbling in decay.
  • Located in the middle of the arena is a small abandoned park, with a pond
  • This arena has all the typical things you'd find in an abandoned overgrown city, everything from flat surfaces to small buildings to tall skyscrapers, some crumbling, some still standing, lots of dark places to hide, including an underground subway tunnel. There are abandoned cars, and things can still be found within the buildings, perhaps even a few stray cats or dogs, or some smaller creatures such as rats and spiders.
  • The arena is open to the sky and elements
  • This arena also possesses a more rural arena, possessing large mansions, estates and houses.


  • Matt: He runs after Tyler holding tyler's new sica being careful not to be stabbed by the newly made teeth.
  • Tyler: Realizing that Matt isn't playing around, the son of Iris bolts away, sheathing his sica and tries to put distance between them, beams of various colors in the general direction of Matt, trying to get to see if any of the buildings are open.
  • Matt: "two can play that game." Matt starts to dodge the rainbow beams while simultaneously throwing his own fireballs he throws another and gets hit in the arm with beam. He dismisses the damage of his arm and continues throwing fireballs at Tyler, even aiming for dry grass in an attempt to start a fire."
  • Tyler: The first fireball narrowly misses him, the heat radiating as it goes over his shoulder.  Whipping his head at Matt, the son of Iris sees several more coming at him.  Throwing up a iridesant barrier, he watches as they hit the light wall, leaving scorch marks and cracks.  Running a bit further a head, he comes across a door.  As he jostles the handle, he hears not only the barrier shatter, but the sound of a fire igniting.  Glancing over his shoulder he sees the dry grass quickly being engulfed in flames.  Slamming the door a few times with his shoulder, it gives way into a warehouse.  As rushes in, he closes his palm and focuses. 
  • Matt: Matt heads toward the warehouse and stops at the door, he breathes out to create a smokescreen in the warehouse and jumps upon the door frame, climbing towards the roof, matt shoots a stream of fire at the door of the warehouse. Managing to climb to the roof Matt heads over to a overhead window leading down into the warehouse, he smashes it with the newly made sica and summons a automaton holding a saw tooth sica in it's hand to try and bait out tyler.
  • Tyler: As the room filled with smoke, the son of Iris gets down to the ground, one hand on the handle of his sica, the other on the wall, trying to find another exit.  Hearing glass hitting the floor, Tyler knows that a window has been opened and that smoke should be pouring out now.  As he reaches a door, he hears something heavy hit the floor. Don't think I want to stick around to find out.... He reaches up and tries to find the handle.
  • Matt: Matt jumps down and makes a small flame come to life on the palm of his hand, the automaton starts moving toward the now visible tyler with it's giant sica and readies to attack, raising it's arm in response.
  • Tyler: Eyes going wide as he sees the sica about to come down on him, Tyler lunges away, hoping for the balde to get lodged in the door. Haphazardly, Tyler fires another spray of colored beam in the general direction of the automaton, trying catch his breath in the slightly smokey room.
  • Matt: Luckily for Matt's automaton it hit it's chest but not before it swings the sica at tyler. Matt just stares at tyler who is trying to catch his breath. "You alright?"
  • Tyler: He nodded, "I'm not dead yet..." He gives Matt a smile and re-adjusts his grip on the sica.
  • Matt: "Alright. Watch out for the giant weapon heading towards you then."
  • Tyler: Nodding, Tyler attempts to fire another beam at the automaton, aiming specifically for the feet this time, in hopes of slowing down the robot, "Yeah, kinda hard to miss that." As soon as the beam leaves his hands, he turns and starts to high-tail it for what he hopes is an exit acoss the floor of the warehouse.
  • Matt: Matt dispels the automaton, he then starts to run after tyler throwing fireballs and streams of fire as he goes. He stops and starts to swing the new sica he made for Tyler, he then shouts at Tyler hoping for him to hear. "Dude! I made you the sica for a reason, stop running and use it!"
  • Tyler: Skidding to a halt just next to the door he ducks, but the stream singes the back of his shirt, causing him to roll and put it out.  "Then quit throwing fireballs at me!" he shouts back as he gets back up and readies his Sicatar for combat
  • Matt: Matt takes off full speed heading towards Tyler, using his head start he jumps into the air and aims to kick the weapon out of tyler's hands.
  • Tyler: Leaping to the side, Tyler narrowly misses, but the move has tossed him a bit off-balance. Trying to regain his balance, he swings is sicatar at Matt a bit wildly.
  • Matt: Matt deflects the attack and uses the saw teeth of the sica he holds to latch on to the other saww teeth on tyler's sica and uses it to throw the weapon to the side. "Come on, man."
  • Tyler: Suprised as the blade flew out of his hands, Tyler took a leap back and started to sprint for the blade.  Crap...crap...crap...there's one hope for me if I can get down there. Getting to his sicatar, he grabs it back up and scans for the closest door, ready to make a break for it.
  • Matt: He shoots a stream of fire towards Tyler and starts to run after him, as he runs after tyler he coats the sica he wields in a shroud of flames. "Running is your greatest strategy?"
  • Tyler: He starts to edge for the door, "My mom is a messenger goddess, running is kinda in my blood." He regrips his sicatar and prepares to hold his ground for a bit.  He had a back-up strategy in his mind, but he did owe Matt some sword play. I can't play defense the entire time.  Pressing forward, he swings twice, the first aiming for near the base of Matt's sica in hopes of knocking it out.  The second one however, he flips the hold of the blade around and uses it like a sica to reach around his defense to make contact.
  • Matt: He deflects Tyler's first swing, confident in his abilities to dodge the next attack but he hadn't thought that tyler was going to use the sica properly. He deftly moves to the the side but dodges a little to late and his side is cut. Holding his side he swings the sica at tyler's feet in an attempt to make him lose his footing.
  • Tyler: Suprised that he was able make contact with Matt, he didn't notice Matt's swing until it was too late, the blade tearing his jeans, the blade nipping at his shins.  The sudden pain in his lower shins caused him to stumble backwards.
  • Matt: He low sweeps Tyler's legs in another attempt for him to lose his footing.
  • Tyler: It's not the second sweep that sends Tyler tumbling back, but rather the flames that had started to climb up his jeans.  Falling onto his rear, Tyler starts to roll on the ground, attempting to extinguish the flames before the burn him or ruin his jeans too much.
  • Matt: He proceeds to throw water out of a small bottle under his hat. He then places his foot on tyler's chest and slams his sica into the ground next to tyler's head.
  • Tyler: Using my sword might not be the best idea, he thinks.  While Tyler goes to fake a swing with his sword hand, his other hand goes into a gun shape and fires it at his chest, but can't entirely aim, so it could easily be off by a bit
  • Matt: Matt reacts in too little time and his foot gets burned. He hops back leaving the sica next to tyler. "Ow, man." Matt flicks at the air summoning fireballs that fly at tyler with each flick in the air.
  • Tyler: The son of Iris was able roll free, but as he gets up with the other sica in his handl, a fireball nails him in the chest, launching him off his feet and sending him several feet backwards and onto the cement floor, causing him to black out.
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