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{{Version 5 Character Page
{{Ryder Crest/Page}}
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|titles=Son of Ares <br> Escapology Extraordinaire <br> Lieutenant of Ares' Cabin
|char image=[[File:New Ryder.jpg|171px]]
|updated=July 5th, 2013
|word bubble=
{{Ryder Crest||He smirks, "Hey there."}}
|theme image=
|full name=Ryder Alistor Crest
|pronunciation= Rye-der Cr-es-t
|name meaning=Horseman
|born=July 3rd 1996
|current age=17
|relationship status=Taken
|native language=English
|divider 1=
Ryder was born to Victoria Jones and Ares on 3rd July, 1996 in St Lô, France. His mother, Victoria, was a Moyenne Section teacher. She herself, was born in Christchurch, Dorset, UK. Victoria met Ares when she was 25, and walking out of her first ever time teaching. Getting into her car, she saw him, and they locked eyes for a few seconds. She drove home not thinking anything of it. A few days later, she saw Ares again, and he spoke to her, saying that his name was Alistor Crest. Soon they talked more until they started dating. After a year, Victoria found out she was pregnant and told Ares, in which he told her of who he really was. Victoria told him to leave her alone, and never come back. Ares did so, but told her that she could always call him if she needed him. To insure that she wouldn't see him again, Victoria moved to Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, UK, and became a Reception teacher. She had Ryder and instead of having his last name be Jones, she gave him Crest, after the man that she had fallen in love with- Alistor Crest. Growing up, Ryder was always told by his mother, that his father was a liar. Ryder grew up believing this, and used this as the cause of his arrogance and want to make snide remarks about people. When he was 12, there was a knock at the door. Unknowingly, Victoria opened it to find Ares there. She stared at him as he handed her two earrings, with the words 'For Ryder'. He walked away a second time, leaving Victoria with two earrings. Knowing what the two earrings were, she took Ryder to have his ears pierced, and put the two earrings in his ears. She then took him to Camp Half Blood, where they didn't get attacked, yet Ryder could have sword he saw two poodles foam at the mouth, and two old ladies looking like they wanted to jab him with their walking sticks. His mother identified them as monsters, and kept Ryder close to her, watching the monsters at all times, clutching her sword- or a necklace- tightly.
|divider 2=
|hometown=St Lô
|earliest memory=Moving to England
|first kiss= Some girl
|first sex= Some girl
|first love= [[Jagger Wright]]
|other firsts=WIP
|misc image=
|mother=Victoria Jones
|siblings=[[Ares' Cabin|Other children of Ares]]
|other relatives=
|family photo album=
<gallery widths="163" columns="3" position="center" spacing="small" bordersize="large" bordercolor="#610B0B" captionsize="large" captiontextcolor="#610B0B" captionalign="center">
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|char image 2=[[File:New Ryder 2.jpg|171px]]
|char image 3=[[File:New Ryder 3.jpg|171px]]
|char image 4=[[File:New Ryder 4.jpg|171px]]
|divider 4=
|shoe size=9
|blood type=AB+
|eye sight=20/20
|health status=Alive
|clothing style=Casual
|body style=Slim/Athletic
|photo album=
<gallery widths="171" position="center" columns="3" spacing="small" bordersize="large" bordercolor="#610B0B" captionsize="large" captiontextcolor="#610B0B" captionalign="center">
New Ryder 5.jpg
New Ryder 6.jpg
New Ryder 7.jpg
New Ryder 8.jpg
New Ryder 9.jpg
New Ryder 10.jpg
New Ryder 11.jpg
New Ryder 12.jpg
New Ryder 13.jpg
New Ryder 14.jpg
New Ryder 15.jpg
New Ryder 16.jpg
New Ryder 17.jpg
New Ryder 18.jpg
New Ryder 19.jpg
|divider 5=
|weapon image 1=
|weapon image 2=
|weapon image 3=
|divider 6=
|weapon of choice=Celestial Bronze Sword/Twin Daggers
|quests led=0
{{Ares Powers}}
|divider 7=
|quote 1=
{{Quote|Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell|Bill Copeland}}
|personality=[[File:Ryder gif.gif|center]] <s>Ryder is arrogant. He's like this because he's been bullied for being bisexual. He's short with anyone that argues or threatens him, and a result of that, he's labelled 'the unsocial kid'. If someone manages to get passed his arrogance and the snide remarks he makes, he's sweet and friendly, and a hopeless romantic. He has been described as the life of the part, though he's never invited to any...</s> Ryder's now friendlier than he was before camp. Along with that, he tends not to fight as much as he did. His arrogance and temper still lies there, but not as prominent. His sweet, friendly side has shone out more now, and he's still a hopeless romantic.
|divider 9=
|sign= Cancer ♋
|sign meaning=Element = Water
Ruling Planet = The Moon
Symbol = Crab
|location=Camp Half-Blood
|likes=Spending time with [[Jagger Wright|Jagger]], being alone
|dislikes=Bullies, Blood, Horror films
|motto="Friends are like four leafed clovers; hard to find, lucky to have"
|secretly admire= [[Ares[Zeus]]
|influenced by= [[Jagger Wright]]
|moral compass=
|important person before camp=Mother
|important person now=Himself/[[Jagger Wright]]/[[Casey]]/[[Kian]]
|immediate goals=Get to know his love nymphs
|long term goals=Marry Jagger
|reacts to crisis=Calm and Directly
|faces problems=Remains calm and deals with it
|reacts to change=Depends
|alignment=Camp Half-Blood
|images photo album=
<gallery widths="169" position="center" columns="3" spacing="small" bordersize="large" bordercolor="#610B0B" captionsize="large" captiontextcolor="#610B0B" captionalign="center">
|dream job=Personal Trainer
|current job=Lt of Ares' Cabin
|one word=Different
|worst=Lower arms
|change=Be more social
|mental disorders=ADHD
|quote 2=
{{Quote|The purpose of our lives is to be happy|Dalai Lama}}
|bad habits=
|quirks=Smirks a lot
|attitude=Mostly arrogant, with touches of niceness
|talents=Removing himself
|mannerisms=When he's sitting down, and in thought, his left leg bounces
|quote 3=
{{Quote|I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.|Ron White}}
|music=Mostly all kinds
|book=The Hunger Games
|other favs=
|ease=Alone/With Jagger
|accomplishments=Winning in a class running race
|secret known=
|wish=To see his mother with his father again
|flaw=Really arrogant
|divider 10=
|lover=Amazing and Adorable
|friends=Caring and Funny
|family=Caring, Sweet and Funny
|like most=Mother/[[Jagger Wright|Jagger]]
|like least=
|friends photo album=
<gallery widths="169" position="center" columns="3" spacing="small" bordersize="large" bordercolor="#610B0B" captionsize="large" captiontextcolor="#610B0B" captionalign="center">
Tumblr_mjpjnhd0OM1r7zxjko1_500.png|Boyfriend|link=Jagger Wright
|border 11=
|goals=Go on/lead a quest
|partner=[[Jagger Wright]]/[[User:ICanLoveYouMoreThanStan|Tori]]
|current rp=None
|divider 12=
|misc image 2=
[[Category:16 years old]]
[[Category:Born in 1996]]
[[Category:Born in 1996]]
[[Category:Children of Ares]]
[[Category:Children of Ares]]
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[[Category:Born in July]]
[[Category:Born in July]]
[[Category:Lieutenant Counsellors]]
[[Category:Right Handed]]
[[Category:Right Handed]]
[[Category:Shared Model]]
[[Category:3 Month Power]]
[[Category:6 Month Power]]
[[Category:9 Month Power]]
[[Category:KJ Apa]]
[[Category:Died in 2019]]

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