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{{Bach Char Page Version 9
{{Ryder Crest/Page}}
|outer border=#7B1310
|top font color=#000000
|top font size=270%
|top font=comic Sans MS
|top font shadow=2px 2px #FFEBDA
|char name=[[File:Ryder soldier gif.gif]]Ryder Crest[[File:Ryder soldier gif.gif]]
|top font size2=195%
|top font shadow2=1px 1px #000000
|main title=Child of Ares ~ Lieutenant Counsellor
|top font size3=100%
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|middle bottom= #333333
|middle font color=#CAB48B
|theme image=[[File:RyderCTheme.png|690px|center]]
|quote=''“Being the same until the end, is that really better?”''
|quote font=comic sans ms
|file=Ryder WB.png
|file size=173x0px
|text font=century gothic
|text font size=100%
|general status=Ryder is a son of Ares and is 18 years old. He's been at camp since the end of 2012 and currently holds the position of Lt. of his cabin. He is gay and currently single.
|header font size=190%
|personality=COMPLETE WIP
|history= Victoria Jones was born in Christcurch, England, but soon moved to St.Lô, France to persue a Career in teaching English in a French school. Being a daughter of Mnemosyne, she quickly learnt the French language.  At the age of 25, Victoria had a stable life in the French village, when she met Ares. Well, indirectly. The two exchanged glances before she departed to go home, not thinking of the encounter again. It wasn't until a few days later when Ares spoke to her, introducing himself as Alistor Crest. The two clicked and before long, starting to date. After a few months, Victoria found herself to be pregnant, and went and informed Ares. At this point, Ares told her who he really was and what happened next. In response, Victoria told Ares to leave and never come back.
To ensure to herself she'd never see him again, Victoria moved to London to distance herself from him. In London, she gave birth to a son who she named Ryder, giving him the last name Crest-Jones, but soon dropped the Jones part. The two lived in a small flat on the edge of London, where Victoria taught French at a nearby senior school. For year the two were never disturbed by the Greek world and Victoria felt she was truly safe from it all.
However, when Ryder was 13, he and Victoria were playing catch with their dog in a nearby park when a hellhound that'd took the form of a Collie attacked him. Victoria being a demigoddess and had spent time at Camp, defeated the hellhound with ease. That night, whilst Ryder was sleeping, Ares called for Victoria for her to meet him down at the end of the road. Cautiously, she went and met him where he gave her twin daggers in the form of two earrings. He said nothing to her and walked away and being a demigod herself, she figured that it was her son's weapons.
Victoria waited a few years before adding Ryder's weapons into effect, getting both of his ears pierced. By that point she could feel that attacks were going to become more frequent the longer he stayed away from camp. However, she never trained him to use his weapons, instead she told him to stick close to her whenever he could. After a final attack by a harpy in which she intervened with, just after Ryder's 18 birthday, Victoria sent her son to Camp.
|name=Ryder Alistor Crest <br> Ryder Alistor Crest-Jones (former)
|title=Son of Ares <br />Escapology Extraordinaire <br />Lieutenant Counsellor
|location=[[Ares' Cabin]]
|born=July 3rd 1996
|accent=Londoner (not cockey like modern Londoner >.<)
|inspiration= N/A
|interests=[[Jagger Wright]]/[[User:ICanLoveYouMoreThanStan|Tori]]
|active rp=None
|created=9th November 2012
|updated=18th May 2014
|month powers=3/6/9
|ooc plans= No current plans.
|word bubble= {{Ryder Crest}}
|powers={{Ares Powers}}
|weapon images=WIP TOO
|quote2=''"Try to be like the turtle - at ease in your own shell" ''
|file2=Ryder gif.gif
|file size2= .
|music=He doesn't really listen to music but if he had to pick a genre it'd be pop
|book=The Hunger Games
|quote3="War does not determine who is right - only who is left."
|sport=Danish Longball
|skills=Manipulation, Swordsmanship
|weapon=Celestial Bronze Twin Daggers/Sword
|model=[ Rob Spielman]
|voice=WIP till I find this out >.<
|more images=
<div class="transparentgallery">
<gallery type="slideshow" position="center" crop="true" widths="250">
New Ryder 5.jpg
New Ryder 6.jpg
New Ryder 7.jpg
New Ryder 8.jpg
New Ryder 9.jpg
New Ryder 10.jpg
New Ryder 11.jpg
New Ryder 12.jpg
New Ryder 13.jpg
New Ryder 14.jpg
New Ryder 15.jpg
New Ryder 16.jpg
New Ryder 17.jpg
New Ryder 18.jpg
New Ryder 19.jpg
New Ryder 2.jpg
New Ryder 3.jpg
New Ryder 4.jpg
<div style="text-align:center;">
|change=Become more social
|mother=Victoria Jones
|half=[[Ares' Cabin|Other children of Ares]] <br> [[Danny Brookshire]]
|other relatives=None
|family album=WIP
|earliest=Moving to England
|kiss=Girl from Truth/Dare
|sex=Girl from School
|love=[[Jagger Wright]]
|other firsts=WIP
|motto="Friends are like four leafed clovers; hard to find, lucky to have"
|influenced=[[Jagger Wright]]
|past person=Mother
|current person=Himself/Jagger
|crisis=Calm and Directly
|problems=Remains calm and deals with it
|change=Depends on the change
|dream=Personal Trainer
|current=Lt of the Ares' Cabin
|quote4=''“I believe that if life gives you lemons, you should make lemonade... And try to find somebody whose life has given them vodka, and have a party.”''
|file3=Ryder C 1.jpg
|file size3=173x0px
|sleep=Sleeps deeply
|quirk=Smirks a lot
|attitude=Mostly arrogant with random nice moments
|talents=Detaching himself from the public
|ease=Alone/With Jagger
|accomplishment=Winning in a class running race
|tragedy=Before he knew the truth, he was convinced he was the reason his mother and father split up
|lover=Goofy/Jokey/Funnily Sarcastic
|friends=Smug/Has his nice moments
|family=A sweet boy
|first impression=Rude
|like most=Sarcasm
|like least=Rudeness
[[Category:Born in 1996]]
[[Category:Born in 1996]]
[[Category:Children of Ares]]
[[Category:Children of Ares]]
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[[Category:Born in July]]
[[Category:Born in July]]
[[Category:Lieutenant Counsellors]]
[[Category:Right Handed]]
[[Category:Right Handed]]
[[Category:Rob Spielman]]
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[[Category:6 Month Power]]
[[Category:6 Month Power]]
[[Category:9 Month Power]]
[[Category:9 Month Power]]
[[Category:17 years old]]
[[Category:KJ Apa]]
[[Category:Died in 2019]]

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