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{{Character Infobox
{{Character Infobox
|name = Sapphire Reed
|name = Sapphire Reed
|image = Ariana1.jpg
|image = Sapphire4.jpg
|title =Daughter Of Melinoe
|title =Daughter Of Melinoe
|gender =Female
|gender =Female

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Sapphire is mostly a distant teen. Because of her abuse by her step mother she never reveals her body to anyone and when it comes to emotions she hardly shows any. However when Sapphire wants to she can love passionately and be very loyal to the friends that she does have.


Parent's Meeting:  Justin Reed was a young son of Ares who attended Harvard to get his doctor's degree. Justin was only 20 at the time so, by the time he was 29, he became a doctor and by the time he was 32, he was one of the best doctors there was. One day, while walking home from work, Justin came upon a young woman in an alleyway, beaten and bleeding. Justin took out his kit which he always carried around in his suitcase and got to work on the young lady only after calling for an ambulance. Sadly, Justin wasn't able to keep the girl alive before the ambulance came and he sat there in the alley, devastated that he couldn't save her. Justin being a demigod prayed to Hades to send the young girl to Elysium so she would not suffer the pain of torture. After a while of sitting in the alley being asked question by the police, a young women approached Justin. She was very beautiful and something about her radiated power."Hello young demigod" Melinoe said which caught Justin by surprise and reached for his sword. Melinoe took notice and said. "no need for that im am melinoe goddess of Ghosts.Justin then began to bow but melinoe stopped him appreciating the gesture. Melinoe looked to Justin and smiled, telling him she was grateful for what he did and the he made her job just a tiny bit easier. She explained that she Justin made it so not a lot of people died and there for them not becoming ghosts.  Justin, seeing it was cold, asked Melinoe if she wanted to come to his house with him. Melinoe accepted and both drove to Justin's apartment. When getting there, they sat on the couch and talked for hours. Little did both know, they were both falling in love with each other. After that night, they dated and on one night after coming home from a bar, they ended up in bed doing you know what. The next morning Justin found that Melinoe had left but he didn't think anything of it just that she probably had some business to take care of. Weeks passed and Melinoe never came back. Justin was devastated, But he understood why she had to leave. 3 months later Justin heard his door being knocked on but when he answered it, no one was there but a baby Girl in a ghostly white basket with a note and a box next to the basket. The note read~ "Dear Justin   I'm sorry that I left without saying good bye but I just didn't have the strength to tell you I was pregnant with your child. As you know, this child is a demigod so her life will be dangerous. I hope you will send her to Camp when the time is needed and that you will protect her. In the box are some weapons you can give to her when he's older if you choose to keep him." Justin opened the box and found a celestial bronze sword and spear in the long box. He smiled and picked up the girl deciding to name her Sapphire after a patient of his that survived from cancer. Early Childhood:  Sapphire as a child never really fit in with the kids at his school or even the kids in his neighborhood. When Sapphire turned 4, Justin married a women name Mary who seemed nice but ended up being a complete b*tch. When Sapphire turned 6, Mary would constantly beat her just out of pure annoyance. Sapphire would never tell her dad, afraid Mary would do more horrible things to her. When Sapphire turned 7, she found out she had dyslexia and ADHD which made it harder for her to fit in. Now, if your wondering where her father is, remember he is one of the worlds greatest doctors so he is always at work, coming home late, leaving Sapphire with Mary all day. First Monster Attack: When Sapphire turned 12 her father threw her a small party which only family showed up to since she had no friends. Sapphire's father gave her the sword which Justin later found out turned into a necklace and the spear turned into a bracelet. Sapphire loved the present not knowing their true forms. Sapphire walked about the party not interacting due to her whole family except her dad hating her for being so weird. Sapphire then decided to get away for a few minutes and took the garbage out. While doing so no one was around except for a very angry and hungry Harpy. Sapphire was terrified at what she saw and when the harpy swooped down missing but garbing Sapphire's necklace it turn into it's sword form. Sapphire not knowing how it happened just picked it up and started hacking at the harpy. Finally she landed a hit and the harpy disintegrated, but not after leaving a long but skinny cut on her arm. She covered it up with some bandages and wore a long sleeve until it went away. Sapphire was to afraid to mention what had happened to her father and she wasn't going to tell Mary she would just get her father to send Sapphire to a mental hospital. Then when Sapphire turned 13 Two hellhounds, one small and one big, attacked Sapphire and her father, who had the day off, at the store. Justin being a demigod summons a sword he always kept and attacked the monsters. While fighting one, the other attacked Sapphire who was hiding behind a chip stand. Justin had just killed his monster and heard Sapphire yell for help. When he turned to Sapphire, he saw the small hell hound on top of her and Justin killed the monster with a swipe to the side and a strike to the head. Justin took Sapphire home and told her every thing, from being a demigod to everything that comes with it. Then Justin and Sapphire took a cab to the location of camp and they both enter camp not being attacked by any monsters. They stayed there for about 3 months before Sapphire found out he didn't belong there either, so she begged her dad justin to go back home. Justin agreed to go back home figuring with his training and Sapphires training they would get by. Getting To Camp:  It has been 5 years since Justin And Sapphire left camp to live back at home, They would get attacked here and there but they managed to survive. Like the time when two Hell hounds attacked them. Justin easily defeated one them helped his daughter defeated the other. Then a year later when about 5 harpy's attacked them. It was tough and hard but in the end they both defeated the monsters. And then about 4 months later 2 empousa's attacked them at there house. They were a bit hard to beat but in the end the monsters were killed. Justin found out Mary was hitting Sapphire because Sapphire told him when they got home, so now finally they got divorced and mary is out of the picture. They lived a normal life until a huge cyclops barged into there house. So Justin and Sapphire ran out the door and driving away watching as the cyclopes shrunk in the distance. They then took a private helicopter to camp. They took the private Helicopter to a clearing just by the border of camp and when they were about to pass a huge hell hound popped out of the shadows. Justin being a camper for a long time killed the beast and ran with his daughter across the border to the big house. Now, Sapphire is 18 and claimed as a child of melinoe


The 3-9 months powers arew not unlocked yet


  1. Children of Melinoe can create weapons made of solid ectoplasm in order to aid them in combat. Only one weapon may exist at a time ,the longer the weapons are maintained, the more energy is drained. They can also coat their existing weapons in ectoplasm in order to temporarily strengthen them.
  2. Children of Melinoe can send shockwave-like blasts made of solid ectoplasmic energy which feel like a very powerful punch on contact, also momentarily stunning whoever it contacts.


  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to become intangible for short periods; making them immune to attacks but also unable to attack naturally.
  2. Children of Melinoe are able to manipulate the tangibility of ghosts around them to form a shield, that is no larger than the user, to protect themselves.


  1. Children of Melinoe are innately able to talk to and command ghosts, they can also help ghosts with any unfinished business that is keeping them tethered. They can also use this ghost to spy for them, or gather information.
  2. Children of Melinoe make the people around them uneasy and sometimes fearful as a result of their ghostly aura; they can turn this off for a long time if they desire.


  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to summon a single poltergeist which will fight for them for a short time.
  2. Children of Melinoe have the ability to summon a banshee, which will instantly begin wailing and stun anyone who is not intangible for a short time before vanishing.
  3. Children of Melinoe, while intangible, can travel in this manner as a ghost would, disappearing and appearing in another location, however the longer the travel the more it drains the user.
  4. Children of Melinoe have the ability to transform a weapon into an intangible state for a short time, making it so no one can touch it. They also have the ability to possess an object for a short time and then attack or defend with it. If the object is struck, they are expelled from it.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to cause ghosts (up to 4) to attempt to possess a single other person’s body. The ghosts can then be commanded to temporarily control the body if it is an ally, or for an opponent the ghosts will only be able to hinder the possessed person from what they are doing. This only lasts for a short time, and the more ghosts that are summoned, the greater drain the user feels.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to shed their human nature and appear as either a demon or angel, as their mother has dual chthonian and heavenly aspects. As a demon, the user has the ability to strike fear and despair into the heart of the enemy and emit a scream similar to that of a banshee's. As an angel, the user is granted flight (as angels are often depicted as having wings), and have the ability to instil respect and peace into whomever they come in contact with. The use of this power is extremely draining, and the user can only chose to be either angel or demon, never a combination of the two. After use, the user cannot use the power again for 24 hours.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Melinoe have the ability to enter a intangible ghostly apparition, in this state, they are immune to attacks, and can control up to 15 ghosts at a time. In this state they are also able to use ghostly power to lift, throw, move, teleport, or possess objects; They are also able to command another ghosts to possess an object, and control the movements of that object through the ghost possessing it. This ghostly state only lasts for a short time, and after exiting it, the user will be drained and unable to move, or possibly faint. However, the amount of ghosts the user controlled in this state, will attempt to protect the user for a small portion of the time that the user is incapacitated.


  1. Children of Melinoe usually enjoy talking to ghosts, preferring their company over the living.
  2. Children of Melinoe often have two sided personalities, one angelic and bright. The other demonic and dark.
  3. Children of Melinoe typically enjoy scaring people and are not easily frightened themselves
  4. Children of Melinoe sometimes grow up to be paranormal investigators.


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