Name: Hidden Owned by: Satoru Nakamura Ferret:Ferret.png

A small pet shop nearby the town had a small ferret which was rowdy, and kept stealing things (common activity for ferrets irl, they like dragging things underneath couches and stuff 'stealing'). At some occasions, the ferret would nip, or bite a customer. Satoru was just walking by, when the door to the pet shop flung open, with a woman muttering under her breath. Before the door closed, the little ferret ran outside and straight into Satoru, who being a demigod of thieves, the nature this ferret seemed to have, took a liking to him. The shop owner came to the door red-faced, and yelled "You take that **** rodent, he'll get my shop shut down!" Satoru took the ferret in ever since, it seemed more disciplined towards him than it had towards anyone at the shop.

Normal traits for ferrets: they can dig, like to steal things, and can hide pretty well

Ferret.png"Lord of the Hidden Realm"-"Gateway between Realms"~HiddenRealm Hidden Realm Logo.png
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