Sawyer Dahn
Son of Peitho | Civitas Lt

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Sawyer is not only the Civitas Lt, but also one of Hecate's many henchmen. He doesn't want to be in this position, but in the end, her orders triumph Civitas' needs. he's been with Civitas for a year, and while he's good at hiding it, he feels conflicted.

Personal Info

Full Name

Sawyer Dahn


13 January 1998


19 y/o

Zodiac Sign


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Male / Male






Korean American Olympian (lmao)

Sexual Orientation


Romantic Orientation


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Dreamland, Alabama

Living Situation

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unlocked powers


  1. Children of Peitho have the ability to channel magic into their voices and speak weapons made out of the emotional energy of lust and pheromones, no larger than the conjurer. Only one weapon can be spoken at a time. Weapons created through this ability do not only harm the victim physically, but may also intoxicate them with the pheromones to induce random chances of a random reaction, except harming themselves. After a short time, the weapon dissipates. They can also form non-combative objects out of this.
  2. Children of Peitho have the ability to persuade a weapon to go against it's master's will. However, they cannot command a weapon bigger than them. Also, the master of the weapon can resist the will of the weapon. Once the effect has wore off, the weapon is immune to further effects of it


  1. Children of Peitho have the ability to attract others, making targets feel a pull towards the user, even if they can't justify it, and feel immediately bonded. Targets affected by this no longer desire to attack nor harm them. This can only affect up to three people at a time, and will only last a short time.


  1. The words of a child of Peitho are always at least slightly persuasive, allowing them to easily weave believable lies and get people to believe or trust them.
  2. Children of Peitho exude a thin aura of seduction that causes anyone near them to be, at least slightly attracted to them.
  3. Children of Peitho wield a partial resistance to any sort of supernatural persuasion. Meaning they’d mostly be able to resist charm-speak,charm-touch, a siren’s song or etc. This resistance only applies for acts of persuasion where the target is completely controlled and manipulated.


  1. Children of Peitho, through their power of telepathic voice, manipulate the emotions of other sentient beings to a minor extent. The effect depends on the user's tone and intention. The longer they try to manipulate one's emotions and the bigger the change in it, the more energy it drains.
  2. Children of Peitho have the ability to infuse any object with pheromones and their power of persuasion, which causes anyone who touches it first to be brought into a state of high suggestibility and compulsion for a short time. Any command infused within the object that causes them to harm themselves will instantly break the control.
  3. As Peitho was a goddess of seduction, children of Peitho have the innate ability to empower lust upon other people by any means such as through their voice or gestures/body movements. This power may work with both genders, their sexual interest and people of any age; however, it does not work all the time, especially to those who are innately resistant to it.
  4. Children of Peitho have the innate ability to use persuasion to force veracity by vocal questions and prevent other from coming up with a lie. They can also use this ability to persuade others in coming up with a decision or whatsoever.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Peitho can infuse magic into their words and ‘charm-speak’ another person into doing their will or revealing a secret to them; the person will remain under the control of the charm-speak for a few minutes or until control is relinquished. The longer the control is kept, the more energy it drains.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Peitho can choose someone or something and force an opponent to have an incredible lust for it and a strong desire to dominate it. This would last for a short time, causing the opponent to lose focus on the fight.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. As one of Peitho's attributes was a dove, children of Peitho are able to turn into the said animal, which allows them flight; the longer they maintain this form, the more energy is drained, and the longer they need to rest between transformations.


  1. Most children of Peitho possess a remarkably high level of charisma, enabling them to win the trust and loyalty of others, and win them over to their cause to an easier extent.
  2. Children of Peitho have a seemingly 'supernatural' or uncanny ability to lead, charm, persuade, inspire, and/or influence people. They tend to command respect easier and quicker in social circles.
  3. Children of Peitho usually have attractive appearances.
  4. Children of Peitho are generally adept at guessing and reading one's sexual orientation, thoughts and pleasures.
  5. Children of Peitho make great public speakers, advertisers, politicians and many other occupations that specialize in communication.
Name Etymology

Given Name [ Sawyer ]

Middle Name [ ]

Surname [ Dahn ]



Favourite Colour


Favourite Movie

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First Kiss


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First Love


First Time



his dove, Jonah


Sports Played

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lucid dreaming and persuasion

Biggest Hope

Biggest Regret

making a deal with hecate

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Worst Memories

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Medical Record


Sawyer is cold and charming. While he may give you warm,fuzzy feelings, he can just as easily bring you down. He’s a master of mixing insults with flirtations, and the dangerous aura he’s developed can sometimes be enticing. He can be unpredictable, the boxed in nature of how he feels primarily driving him to prove there is freedom in his actions, to himself. Despite a hatred for people, his dove taught him compassion, so seeing people hurt tears at him more than he shows.

His sense of humor is dark, particularly dry. He isn’t known for smiling,but he does make good quiver face expressions, probably the happiest he can go. He;s determined and sharp, the only way he would’ve been able to stay alive all these years. His sarcasm can be used as a social defense,but he mainly uses it in situations where he particularly feels threatened. He is secretive of his past, which makes him a question mark to those of civitas.


Life is like a tattoo. Painful, but full of meaning, permanent, but removable. That’s the philosophy Chris carried, tattooed across his chest. Poetic, and just cheesy enough to win the hearts of many women. As a trans korean man living in the most Republican section of Alabama, he had to use what advantages he had in the dating game. It would only be natural that his unknown patron goddess be Peitho. How else could he bypass getting ripped to shreds in the bible belt?

No girl could ever get past the idea of him not being able to bear kids, or that he had the same reproductive organs as the women he went out with. It can get kind of frustrating when you're far away protege still can’t find success in love, so it was only natural for Peitho to sweep down from the heavens, persuade the girls into fits of jealousy, and have a one night stand with the dork she secretly loved. A few months after, she even produced a child a for him, something he never expected in his wildest dreams. Take that, small minded bible belt bishes.As a single dad, he somehow found himself swamped with girls. Unfortunately, they were all superficial and interested in converting him. No one could compare to the goddess of seduction.

They once again moved to a slightly less populated area of Alabama, which may seem like an idiotic thing for a divorce lawyer to do, except the divorce rate in that particular town had one much larger than the national average. Cha-ching Cha-ching. It’s here that Sawyer grew up, suffering from such ignorance and whiteness that people presumably thought him and his dad to be the town’s only black family. Yay for not recognizing the difference between poc’s. For these excellent reasons, Chris stayed stealth, and as the only divorce attorney his business couldn’t be better.

Did the kids particularly love him? Let’s put it this way. If some weird looking foreigner was the son of the person who caused my parent’s divorce, my ignorant ass too would be kicking the shit out of Sawyer to this very day. For these reasons, he’s a salty guy with online bff’s and roleplaying account. Not that he isn’t charismatic, but sometimes when you get people to fall in love with you, they still want to throw rocks at your head, especially if you balance roasting and sweet talk effortlessly. As humans are animals, there was an apex predator throughout school, who had no qualms with making Sawyer’s life living hell.

Johnny, named to make it more stereotypical all american white, also enjoyed hunting and watching animals suffer, because that’s what all sadistic jockstraps do. Even at 13, the kid was a pain in the everywhere. Especially for birds, who received all the lovely rocks he found while walking. One time, he literally tried to kill the peace, aka, a white dove on an olive branch. Ironic? Not as ironic as the kid he hates the most showing up and sweet talking him into leaving the bird alone. Sure, Sawyer paid for it the next day, but at least Johnny left. The bird was bleeding profusely, one wing broken. It had no chance in living, until he gave it one. Sawyer took the bird home, nursing it back to health. In four months, he finally tried to set it free. The bird left, leaving a tearful Sawyer, only to come back and peck him into annoyance. From there, they shared a bond, even if Sawyer liked to pretend he hated the bird.

Johnny wasn’t the only hunter, even if Sawyer never killed any animals. He and his father shot arrows at paper animals in the woods on the weekend as a bonding experience. That’s how he encountered, and killed, the harpy that came flying at him while out hunting. His father didn’t see a thing, but between the celestial bronze arrows he found in his quiver, and the shower of sparks the screaming lady coming at him fell into when he shot her with one of them, Sawyer definitely knew something was up.

Life proceeded like this for a while, his monthly supply of “bronze arrows” keeping him from being monster meat. His only confidant, his best friend on the internet, for some reason believed him. Maybe the combination of this and her generally accepting him as a friend led him to love her, and he made the mistake of revealing it to her. In his defence, he’s really only used to girls throwing themselves at him. The girl turned him down so hard, it broke him for a month, and he stopped all contact with her.

If life is a tattoo, then Sawyer was just reaching the transformative part of his life, in which he suffered pain like no other. He went into a deep depression, his bird and dad his only comforts. Johnny bullied him more and more. Sixteen years old, he wasn’t about to make smart decisions. Sawyer used his charms in different ways, ending up finding communion with the holier than thou girls of the town through carnal knowledge. He may have also gotten to know Johnny’s current girlfriend.

Sawyer thought he would die the night Johnny held his head under water. What he didn’t know is, much like his father, he had a secret supporter. Godly parents can never do anything to help their children, but other gods can, and he’d caught the eye of a certain magic goddess. Perhaps it was the spell book he found that connected the two, or his natural ability to mess with the mist, despite not realizing his demigod status. Sawyer “slipped” through Johnny’s hands, and was able to swim away from his bully. The Alabama river is an unpleasant place to swim at night, but he was alive. Escaping the river at a different area, he met the mystery woman. Instinctively, he knew she’d saved him. Without a word, she let him know he would need her once more, and her help would not be free. In flash, she abandoned him to his destiny.

A bird should never be caged, bad things happen. The day Sawyer caged his dove was the day the town found out his father was trans. Sawyer came to school, only to be met with signs with slurs, then later photoshopped images of his father on women. He ran from school to check on his dad, only to find his office had been brick’d. Chris was bloodied and shaken, but alive. He vowed to protect his father, a vow that spiraled him into chaos. All was quiet till nightfall, when assailants broke into his house and set it on fire. Sawyer managed to escape with his bird and dad, to find Johnny and his crew behind the house. Quickly, Sawyer set the dove free and told his father to run as he squared off against his archnemesis. The first two attackers beat him bloody, which is when he unknowingly used his charming abilities, to get them to back off. This gave him a clear shot at Johnny, whom he talked by the legs. The fall wouldn’t have been as damaging if his head hadn’t hit a stone. The cronies screamed, calling 911. Sawyer ran away. By morning, the town knew Johnny was dead, and Sawyer missing.

There was a price on his head, the nation on a manhunt to find Sawyer. He changed his appearance, hid, his only supplies money stolen, the magic book, and pepper spray. Only the love of a pet could drive someone enough to find him, so sure enough the dove did. For three years they were on the run, moving in and out of country between mexico and the u.s. The more he read, the more he learned, the closer he became to Hecate in spirit. Monsters still attacked him, but being in hiding taught him how to run from monsters too.

Sawyer couldn’t run forever, and he couldn’t protect everything, in the end. His father’s murder forced the nineteen year old to return to his home, the two dimensional prison of his life. Older, stronger, more dangerous, and yet still recognizable. The townspeople of course, called the police. Hellhounds he’d escaped so long gathered round, ready to finally catch their prey. It was the ultimate final showdown, starting in a cemetery. First the swat came at him, then the beasts. The two terrors of his life trampled each other in the effort to kill him, mass confusion his ally. The cemetery was rigged with traps he’d placed, and while getting scraped, he did escape. The monsters chased after him, but he reached the place where he’d hid his bow and arrows. Aim rusty, he was still able to pick them off. A final hellhound was left by the time his arrows ran out, and he couldn’t think of any spells to save himself. He was frozen. Just as death descended, the dove flew out of nowhere, attacking the lone dog. It swatted it out of the sky, as if the dove was nothing, but it was the distraction Sawyer needed. He lept forward, a sword forming in his hand by a power newly known to him, impaling the beast. The dove was beyond saving.

Sawyer cried furiously. To someone else, it was just a bird, but for him, the dove was his only companion, the one constant in his life. He wasn’t ready to give him up yet. Hecate appeared once again, offering him a choice. She would save the bird, on the condition that he became indentured to her. Selfishly, he agreed, and so she binded the birds spirit to his, it’s soul a permanent mark upon his skin, a moving tattoo. The dove could move, fly, it’s black ink happily shifting from skin to skin. Sawyer realized the truth too late. This was their cage. Just as the bird could no longer truly be a bird, he no longer could be himself, his life sold to the goddess, the dove no longer free. She had caged them, and left. The feeling left him breathless, angry. Angry enough to start a fire. At first, his only intention had been to burn the town hall, the representation of the town that ruined him. He never dreamt the fire would spread. This time, it wasn’t he who disappeared.

He had run from his crime, only to find his crime never existed. That morning, when he returned to the plot of his life, there was nothing. Of course, he could see signs of fire, but when people came drove by, they never stopped to look. One internet search proved it could not be found. Records showed it was imaginary. His arrest warrant? A dream. Even more shocking, he wasn’t even in the system. No one who had lived in the town was. An eery feeling told him the goddess was involved. Sawyer tried to find out more about her, and ended up discovering the existence of camp, following clues from all he interviewed. This also lead him to the BC, a darker, less god worshipping group. At first, he planned to join the bloodiest faction, but his bird reminded him of his humanity, and that of others. Even if they weren’t animals, not everyone was quite as cartoonish as the people from his childhood. This lead him to seek out Civitas, which offered a more planned out solution. In all this time, and searching, Hecate never once contacted him. Sawyer doesn’t know what she wants from him, but he knows he may not like it once he does find out. He leaves out his enslaved status to Civitas when he pleads to join them, knowing in his heart this may have been exactly what the goddess had wanted.


Face Claim

Jung Yoon Oh, aka Jaehyun from NCT

Eye Colour


Hair Colour



6'0 ft


150 lbs.

Voice Type


Blood Type


Distinguishing Marks

Moving dove tattoo

Body Style






pine trees and sweat




Chris Dahn




Full Siblings

Half Siblings







Other Relatives


Significant Other


Best Friend(s)

Hina, Jonah






Hecate is his master




Maia / Quotev

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