Sean "Lucky" Sandoval-Torres - Child of Hades

Sean torres.jpg

Prince of the Underworld

"Ah, you're here." He smiles and opens the door for his visitor. "Come in, oh, but please make sure to return whatever you touched back to its place. Thanks."
More Info
Age: 18 Accent: Neutral
Relationship Status: Single Sexuality: Heterosexual
Height: 5'7" Weight: 135 lbs.
Weapon(s): CB Longsword
Owned by: Cody

"It's not always what it seems."


Sean's Bedroom

Hades' Cabin

For a child of Hades, who usually loves dark and shadowy places, Sean's room is bright and well-lit. The bed can be converted into a couch and so if he has guests, he'd let them stay there. Just beside it is the bookshelf, which contains a collection of books he is very interested in but due to camp training, he hasn't really had the time to open them so they get piled up in that area. Sean is particular with being organized with his stuff so be careful not to touch anything and get the place messy when you visit him or else, you might get a taste of hellfire (kidding).

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