I prefer to be by myself, I am not very approachable but as i am the last of my kind I am quite lonely, which I suppose is why the boy somewhat tamed me.


I was born in the eighteenth century, hundreds of our kind running around, but the humans of course killed us all, except me, I had hid in the forest of this camp. It is safe I suppose. I have been here ever since. Sebastian found him in the forest, as the ceshirewulf is always in the forest even before the camp was built, but it is only one of a kind so no one knows of its existence but Sebastian accidentally stumbled across it and after a fight, which Sebastian won, Sebastian tamed the animal.


I am a one of a kind tracker, I can track something on the other side of the world, I can also blend into the environment with parts of my body, like that cat those mortals made up. I can also disappear completely.


Name Relation Feelings
Sebastian Highland Owner Mutual
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