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Seraphim Lévesque
daughter of aetna

Seraphim is an occassionally charismatic, manipulative little vixen who has become increasingly clever with the more time she spends outside of her lava cacoon. Since arriving at Camp, she has been slowly discovering her own personality as well as trying to do her best to educate herself and train to be a talented demigod. She has a drive like no other and her passions are as fiery as her heritage and has been known to use people for her own gain instead of making friends. She seems to have a guard in place and won't exactly let someone get close to her without one hell of a struggle first. She is untrusting of most and usually tries to stay far away from the general populace out of her own sheer annoyance.

She can be pleasant once in a while but the occassion is usually rare and unpredictable, easily corrupted by the reactions of others. To pass time, she reads or trains with her twin blades. One of her hobbies happen to be fashion after she spent a little time in Milan and she fully intends to become a designer one day. Aside from the basic foundation of her personality, Seraphim hasn't technically been alive for very long and so her personality is bound to develope with more time and experiences.


Atlantis was once a utopian civilization at the peak of naval power when a series of misfortunate events wiped the Atlantians from history, a myth of a lost city all that remained of its legacy and the only thing left behind. As the truth begins to be picked apart by mortal geologists, Atlantis remains a mystery with various different versions of its existence circulating the populace. One such states that Poseidan created an island for his mortal love Cleito to dwell and she had five sets of twin boys who became the rulers of Atlantis and divided among them. The legend goes that Zeus discovered their immortality when greed and power began to corrupt them and gathered the gods to determine a suitable punishment.

Plato wrote about Atlantis over two thousand years ago and the origin of the story had never been identified. But some mortal geologists think the myth may have been based upon actual events. Over five thousand years ago, the Minoans thrived on the island of Crete and were at the peak of their power until oddly enough they were wiped from history. The island of Santorini, home to the Volacano of Thera, was just north of Crete and held a wealthy Minoean seaport. Around 1600 BC, Thera erupted and destroyed the entire island of Santorini and reached as far as the coast of Crete with the help of a related tsunami. Atlantis thusly sunk beneath the water and was reclaimed later by Posedian for an Underwater Kingdom.

But the story doesn't stop there and among all the devestation and loss, a demigod child was born. Her story begins with an Atlantian woman by the name of Iphimedeia who travelled to a nearby island with her father to sell and gather fish. Sadly, she wanted nothing more than to be back on Mount Etna with her forbidden lover, a goddess whose domain she came to love. She worshipped the goddess and in return, Aetna showered her in rare affections. Iphimedeia was forced to return home which destroyed her when she had to say goodbye to her one true love. Life without Aetna was rather dull and Iphimedeia devoted herself to selling fish with father when the volcano on the island erupted and destroyed everything in its wake. Back home in Atlantis, a tsunami caused by the eruption completely desimated the lands and people and sunk the island beneath the water. When Aetna learned of Impimedia's death she was absolutely devestated and as a tribute to her mortal love, used the ashes left behind to create a child with her blood and the blood of Imphimedia. Seraphim's creation happened at the base of the Volcano and her body was cacooned in a casket or cooled lava for many centuries. During that time, she aged significally slower than a regular demigod and the lava maintained a certain perservation of the girl.

Her whereabouts became apparent in 2018 when a son of Hermes discovered a manticore furiously digging at the base of the volcano. Sergio slayed the monster and spent nearly three nights digging at the hole where the Manticore had been so invested. It was a shock to discover Seraphim beneath all the cooled lava. Believing she was dead, he wrapped her up in a blanket and placed her onto his boat with full intention to bring her to a museum for profit. But Seraphim woke from her long slumber. Unaware of who she was beside the fact that she was a demigod, Sergio figured the best place for her was to be at Camp Half-Blood and so he took her to the United States. Aside from her limited vocabulary, Seraphim seemed to catch onto life outside of the earth and took a special interest in Milan's fashion before they left. Upon her arrival at Camp Half-Blood, Seraphim was claimed by the goddess Aetna and placed into her cabin and has been actively trying to act like a normal demigod. During a dream on the first night at Camp, Aetna visited her and told her what her first name was and a little bit about her creation story. Ultimately given the option to pick her own surname, she randomly chose Lévesque with no real reasoning behind the selection. As a gift from her mother, she recieved twin blades that were forged using the heat of the lava from her volcano and made with two different metals.




Basic Info
Full Name Seraphim Iphimedeia Lévesque
Nickname Sera or Phimmy
Birthday May 19th
Age Seventeen
Nationality Greek
Ethnicity Half Greek, Half Filipina
Home Santorini Island, Greece
Status Single
Sexuality Heterosexual
Location Camp Half-Blood
Gender Female
Titles Risen from the Ashes
OOC Plans Ship with Igneous Ferron
Model Lily Maymac (Macapinlac)
Gender Female
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown, sometimes dyed other colors.
Height 5'3
Voice Soft
Body Style Petite
Mental/Emotional State Stable
Mental/Emotional Disorders None
Physical Disorders None
Ethnicity Half Greek, Half Filipina
Past Relations
First Kiss Igneous Ferron
First Love N/A
First Ex N/A
Most Recent Ex N/A
Relationship Status Single
Dating(?) N/A
Sexuality Heterosexual
God Parent Aetna
Mortal Parent Iphimedeia
Half-Sibling(s) Aetna Children
Full Sibing(s) None
Cousin(s) Unknown
Aunt(s) Unknown
Uncle(s) Unknown


  1. Children of Aetna have the ability to conjure weapons out of hardened ash which can be used for combat; however only one weapon can be conjured at a time and it cannot be bigger than the one who conjured it.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to increase the kinetic energy of atoms in an opponent’s weapon or their own for a very short amount of time, ranging from bearable temperatures of heat to something too hot for normal people to hold onto without suffering heavy burns. As a child of Aetna they will be unbothered by the heat, but for an opponent it can cause them to drop the weapon or item in hand. If used to disarm an opponent it can only be used once during a battle.


  1. Children of Aetna are able to construct armour out of obsidian and molten rock for a short amount of time. Although heavy in nature, while being used as a form of armour the rock is quite light while retaining its durability.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to create a wall made out of molten rock that breaks through the earth. The wall is no larger than 2 to 3 times the size of the user and it can be used to temporarily block attacks.


  1. Children of Aetna have an innate resistance to heat and hot temperatures as well as fire. Although the effects of burning can set in if in proximity for too long, they generally have a stronger resistance than most. Furthermore, children of Aetna have complete resistance against lava and magma, being unfazed by the liquid's properties.
  2. Children of Aetna are able to survive/adapt to volcanic fields with dormant, active or dead volcanoes. They are able to deal with the extreme temperatures, smoke, noxious gases, hazardous terrain, and various side-effects of eruptions such as superheated gases and lava. When in contact with such gases and smoke they are able to breathe as one normally would without the presence of the fumes.
  3. Children of Aetna are stronger in mountainous, volcanic, and hot locations.
  4. Children of Aetna are able to change the temperature of lava whenever they please without altering the physical state of it. Making it cold to the touch or a temperature that while still hot, doesn’t match the actual temperature of lava. This temperature is as hot as all their lava based powers can get.


  1. Children of Aetna have the ability to absorb heat, magma, and smoke from a nearby source. As the heat or smoke is absorbed into the child of Aetna’s body, they gain energy from the drained element’s source, being able to use it as a temporary power and speed boost. Although only lasting for a short amount of time, it can be used three times in battle.
  2. Children of Aetna have the ability to travel using clouds of smoke, ash, and even magma beneath the surface. The user merges with the element and reforms elsewhere. The further they travel the more energy it drains.
  3. Children of Aetna are able to create a cloud of smoke and ash around them, spreading through their surroundings and potentially distracting their opponents which gives them time to flee or launch an attack.
  4. Children of Aetna have the ability to generate a fair amount of lava and being able to telekinetically move it with their minds. The more lava generated/moved means the more energy drained.
  5. Children of Aetna have the innate ability of being able to heal their own wounds by draining in substantial sources of heat, smoke and magma. Like a campfire. The ability can quickly heal minor wounds and slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds. The source drained disappears once the user has healed themselves They cannot heal from heat-based attacks from an opponent.

3 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aetna can create a small volcanic eruption with an eruption range of about 10 meters from its source. The eruption releases mass amounts of lava, ash, and smoke. All of which the child of Aetna is immune to. The effects of the eruption vanish after a short time. Using this power is substantially draining.

6 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aetna are able to turn roughly ten meters of their surroundings into a volcanic field by either forming it from nothing or using the existing environment around them and shifting it to their desired form. In doing so they can cause multiple small volcanic eruptions, minor earthquakes, and even the potential for the earth to break apart exposing magma underneath which would cool into stone rather quickly. Using this power is substantially draining.

9 Months After Character is Made

  1. Children of Aetna can transform their body completely into homogenous matter made up of either ash, magma/molten rock, or smoke. Depending on the homogenous matter making up their body, the child takes on different abilities. They can only transform into one form at a time and they cannot maintain it for very long. The user is quite drained after they revert.
    1. If transforming their body into homogenous matter made up of ash, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, removing oxygen from the immediate area, as well as enhanced control over ash, durability, lung capacity, and fire immunity.
    2. If transforming their into homogenous matter made up of magma/molten rock, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, dermal armour, as well as enhanced control over lava/magma/molten rock, durability, endurance, lung capacity, strength, and heat generation.
    3. If transforming their into homogenous matter made up of smoke, the child of Aetna gains abilities such as; being immune to toxins and disease, removing oxygen from the immediate area, near intangibility, flight, as well as enhanced control over smoke, agility, durability, and lung capacity.


  1. Children of Aetna have been known to have rather fiery and explosive personalities.
  2. Given that Aetna is a volcanic goddess, her children often make great volcanologists.
  3. Children of Aetna often tend to prefer hotter climates as they are able to withstand the heat that comes with it, they can find great comfort in the heat.
  4. Children of Aetna tend to excel at rock climbing, mountain climbing, etc.
  5. Children of Aetna our known to have an affection towards lava and fire, often being pyromaniacs.

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