Avian Bayer5

Avian -Child of Apollo
-Gold Hearted
Age: 18     Height: 5'9      Weight: 132 lbs      
Sexuality: Bisexual      Relationship Status: Single
Health Status: Healthy     Weapon: λιακάδα (Bladed Longbow)

 – 08:47, December 1, 2013 (UTC)

His grin slowly fades when he sees Elke's stiff figure floating in the water. He makes a mumbled 'Oh shit!' underwater and quickly pulls Elke onto him and swim back to the surface. He gasps for air as soon as he pokes from the water and starts to swim to the shore. Once their he gently lays Elke's seemingly lifeless body on the ground. He quickly listens to her heartbeat, only to hear a faint beating. He quickly starts to pump her chest with both of his hands, trying to give her air. When that seemed to not work, he was given no choce but to give her CPR. He gently closed her nose and moved his lips to hers, breathing air into her lungs.
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