What About Alias?
Black widow yeah

A few things to know about me

  • Mhm, got that right! I have a thing for spies and anything mysterious except for those that include horror. Nope. Nope.
  • I reply in paragraphs when I rp so, yes, expect long replies.
  • Sometimes I reply shorter when I think paragraphs aren't necessary.
  • I am an anti-dibs person. If you want our chars to be in a relationship, we rp and see if they match. You can always talk to me about it and say, "Oh hey Kit can we test your char and my char's compatibility?" Somethin' like that xD
  • I do not do adult rp(s).
  • If you want our characters to be lovers, expect a clean rp.
  • I am always open to roleplay possibilities.
  • I don't bite. I love having new friends! :D

There you have it. Not sure if I forgot anything but I'll just add it whenever I remember to. If you want to rp, feel free to choose among my characters and post on their pages or if you are a forum person, like me, then leave me a message all about it, okay?

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