Name Model Age Parent Status Essentials
Cain Abel Jennie Kim 17 Elpis
Minka Collias Cailin Russo 19 Hades Head Counselor (passed down). Blind because Apollo is an asshole.
  • She attends Columbia U, majoring in art. It's funded by her dad.
  • Coping for blindness: had a Hephy kid invent her a reading tool (spits out CB wires that detect ink, graphite, etc. to trace words and feed them back to her through audio; works terribly for people with shit handwriting). Uses echolocation and is goddamn good at it. Dead matter manipulation allows her to stick little bits of dead stuff to people telekinetically so fuck everyone who makes fun of her disability (also used a lot in fights; has insane control.)
  • She doesn't do well with pop culture references, but hey, she can learn.
  • Fuck, man, you don't ever want to meet her in the field. You don't. What she lacks in academics she makes up for through a total disregard for the living. She used to be a little edgy when she first started camp, but now she's straight up gruesome when it comes to killing.
  • To confirm once again: the only thing stopping her from defecting is her fealty to Artemis and the Hunters.
Saga Leggièri Liza Soberano 5000+ Peitho Priestess to _____. Literally the Arrow of the Erotes for the past few centuries. Was also trapped in a clam. Immortal (has a goddamn RESPAWN POINT).
  • Total redo of Taryn; essentially a new character.
Sova Rapp Rowan Blanchard ?? Athena
Invisible to monsters in real life, forced to deal with them in the dream realm. Injuries in dreams are real. Has been forcefully merged with a Mnemosyne child.
Skiddo Ban Ahn So-Hee 16 Soteria The only child of Soteria. Civitas Popularis. Need a new arc for her since Rogue One died. Is a 'spy' for BC to Camp.
Ahseong Son Na-Eun Poine (??/Have to talk to someone to check if she can be something in the upcoming CoO/CHB/BC war)
Potentially the major operating law enforcement in Nearby Town. Cursed with quasi-immortality. Indentured to Nemesis.
Nang Hina
[Im Sodun]
Krystal Jung 18
[699 BC]
Mortal within the crippled body of a faded goddess who was a child of Psyche. String of Fate cut despite cosmic plans and original body permanently unavailable. Mortal champion of Hestia. Ancestress to Park Alice.
  • Connected to Sawyer Dahn (Civitas, Peitho). Was his (online) best friend until he made a very shittily planned confession.
  • North Korean defector. Eros is a shit who revived her in the middle of the fucking DMZ. That's fucked up, dude.
London Lonnie Kingston Ennik Somi Douma 15 Helios Theia Related to Harmony Spall and Nyxil Vane. Can't be killed by mortals.
  • She's only 1/6 mortal. It affects her to the point she frequently forgets that she's mortal and enables an annoyingly malleable personality.
  • Her ADHD is a pain in the fucking ass for everyone, including herself, so she's always got room in her inventory for soda, chocolate, and tea. Fuck coffee. She doesn't care if it's bowing to her name; she doesn't like coffee and she never will.
  • After watching Lights Out, she refused to stop glowing for months. Donovan was distressed because of the amount of monsters this behavior attracted.
  • No one knows how she came out half Korean. She assumes her DNA still contains enough of her first mother's and the power of godly convenience constructed the features attributed to her people's descendants. The "not dying from flu" she understands (thanks grandma), this just plain baffles her.
Woo Hoo
Jo Soo-Mi
Aleyna Yilmaz 10
[c. 1000 BC]
Cursed with unstoppable reincarnation.
Maeng Mi-In-Ae Jeon Min-Ji [JiU] ??? Hyperion
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