Nicknames Who Made it Up? Why? Okay To Use?
Alias Um... me? It's my username. Yuh
Kit Me again Username bro Mhm
KitKat Noooooot sure People just attached Kat to mah name Yep!
Allie Uncle Moo Short for Alias Mmmm I guess?
Ice Cream Chocoshake Dunno O_O it was so random Sorry no :(
Lady Birdie I guess it's the royalty thing Sorry no again ; n ;
Tulio Miguel Coz our matching avvies Nu nu nuuu
Jean ShadowCat X-Men like yeah Noooo
Choco Neko-chan Coz she loves chocolate? o-o Or is that me? Mmmm nope
Agent A Me but Agent M uses it MIB HOMIES Nein
Gretel Hansel Coz we're twins No sorry  ; n ;
Skitty Brockling Pokemon! Eh... no?
Kitastrophe Gingy Um... catastrophe? Then he changed cat to kit I don't think he'll like that...
ThundahKit King Jaffe Not so sure why Eeehhhh I guess that's a no
Woody/Infinity Buzz I greeted her one time on chat with "To Infinity and Beyond" Nuuu ; n ; Only twinzie!
Kittykins Alice! She attached "kins" to Kitty, which is basically from my username Not sure, ask her?
Kitten Unu master Kit -> Kitten I don't think she approves
Mommy/Mom/Mother etc. Users I adopted Well, coz I adopted them >.< Mmmmm I'll think about it
Banshee Meowzie Ghost of the Wiki right here Yep! She approves!
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