Name: Sam
Born: September 17th
Age: 19
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Sexuality: Straight / Bi-erotic
Relationship: Single
Native Language: English
Accent: Neutral
Languages Spoken: English
And some Spanish, not fluent, just enough to get by
Sign Virgo
Current Location Georgia
Pets Looking at getting a kitten c:
Hobbies Writing, Internet, Wikia, Reading
Motto When I get around to doing it
it will be done right.
Color dark/light/inbetween Blue, and Teal
Music Any really, except for reggae and pop of any kind, this includes KPOP/JPOP
Food Food, I like food, food is good
Animal It's raining Cats and Dogs!
Attitude Normally happy, but don't be a nut wad.
Social Skills Quite a few, interacting and faking things at the least.
Peculiarities I like barbecue sauce on my salad?
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