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What it looks like Filled out

{{Bach Word Bubble 2.1 With Powers
|image        = Topenga23242.png
|color3     = #B86BE8
|color4     = #D08CFA
|textcolor2 = #000000
|fonttype   = Comic Sans MS
|name=[[Topenga Bertinelli|<span style="color:#000000;">Topenga Bertinelli</span>]]
|font size = 15
|font size2 = 20
|text shadow = 1px 1px #D08CFA
|text         = {{{1}}}
|title = Honey/Bee Nymph
|title2= Creation of Persephone / Honey Lips
|border = #000000
|color1= #FAF339
|color2= #FAF56E
|size= 133x0px
|age          = Immortal
|height       = 5'4
|weight       = 125 lbs
|sexuality    = Bi-curious
|relationship = Taken
|birthplace       = Created in Persephone's Gardens
|weapon       = Stinger
|accent       = Neutral
|quote        = "Life is the flower for which love is the honey.'"
|time = {{{2}}}

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Where to Use

This word bubble can be used for any species, demigod, nymphs, etc. Also, this word bubble cannot be used in comments or on pages. There is often a glitch when comments load templates (versus how they load on regular pages or forums) and the hide/show option will not work thereby making the template insanely long with all the powers listed. There is an alternate word bubble, Template:Bach Word Bubble 2.1, that does not contain a list of powers that can be used in comments.

Changing colours in Links

Font tags are depreciated and should no longer be used, instead if you need to change a colour in a font, like Making it look red, then you use span tags instead, [[User:BachLynn23|<span style="color:#BA1313;">Making it look red</span>]]

Resizing images on Wikia

Most know when resizing images you just simply [[File:2012-08-23_1223_002.png|123px]] which makes it look like:


But there's another way to resize images, by width and height at the same time 123x0px or 0x123px (widthxheight):


You could even stretch it oddly and pick both width and height yourself:


Template Categories

When you make a template for your character, remember to give it a category, however because it is a template you have to put noinclue & /noinclude around the categories. The template should get two categories, one to put it in word bubbles, and one to put it under your user category, example:

[[Category:Word Bubble Templates]][[Category:BachLynn23]]

Blank Form

WARNING: If you have been given permission to use this style, the size of the image you use, must NOT exceed a width of 150px, and the font must be reasonably sized, otherwise when used in comments, this template will look like $&*&@(*. I will not tolerate misuse of this template.

{{Bach Word Bubble 2.1 With Powers
<!-- Make sure the width of the image is not wider than 155px -->
|image        =
|color3     = 
|color4     = 
|textcolor2 = 
|fonttype   = 
<!-- Make sure your font is reasonably sized and not absurdly and unnecessarily large -->
|font size = 
|font size2 = 
|text shadow = 
|text         = {{{1}}}
|title = 
|border = 
<!-- Make sure the width of the image is not wider than 155px -->
|age          = 
|height       = 
|weight       = 
|sexuality    = 
|relationship = 
|birthplace       = 
|weapon       = 
|accent       = 
|quote        = 
<!-- Please remember, use of this word bubble is only for forums and regular pages, not comments -->
|powers = 
|time = {{{2}}}

What it looks like

Topenga Bertinelli ~ Honey/Bee Nymph
    ~ {{{2}}}
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