Demigod Characters
  • Aiden Zhang
    Son of Aetna, Camper [ Head Counsellor ]
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  • Aito Tanaka
    Son of Oizys, Camper [ Lieutenant Counsellor ]
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  • Beau Crest
    Son of Cybele, Camper [ Head Counsellor ]
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  • Cian Moon
    Son of Boreas, Camper
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  • Colette Bellerose
    Daughter of Hera, Camper [ Lieutenant Counsellor ]
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  • Dakota Hwang
    Son of Poseidon, Camper
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  • Edison Mae
    Son of Atlas, Champion of Othrys [ Councilmen ]
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  • Ellie Shin
    Daughter of Harmonia, Camper [ Lieutenant Counsellor ]
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  • Landon Jeon
    Son of Zeus, New Athens Resident
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  • Leighton Wang
    Son of Ares, Camper
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  • Lexi Mansin
    Daughter of Aphrodite, Camper [ Head Counsellor ]
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  • Orso Seol
    Son of Persephone, Camper [ Head Counsellor ]
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Non-Demigod Characters
  • Jackson
    Fire Spirit, Camper
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  • Kipton
    Guardian of Dogs, Camper
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  • Micah Baek
    Light Spirit, Camper
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  • Sammy
    Guardian of Cats, Camper
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  • Taekeo
    Dream Spirit, Camper
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  • Tatiana
    Matriarch of the Erotiads, Camper
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Dead/Away/Inactive Characters
  • Alexander Reed
    Son of Hebe [ Away ]
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  • Bennett Adams
    Revenge Spirit [ Away ]
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  • Cesar Matias
    Son of Lelantos [ Away ]
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  • Cody Cheon
    Son of Dionysus [ Away ]
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  • Cory Jeong
    Son of Themis [ Away ]
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  • Dae-Ho
    Guardian of Fish [ Away ]
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  • Eden Yang
    Son of Iris [ Away ]
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  • Elliot Maeng
    Son of Melinoe [ Away ]
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  • Graysen Yeon
    Son of Hermes [ Away ]
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  • Jonas Queen
    Son of Tyche [ Away ]
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  • Kai Saiki
    Fire Spirit [ Away ]
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  • Kenzie Chai
    Daughter of Notus [ Away ]
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  • Yeo Kyung-Tae
    Star Spirit [ Away ]
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  • Jung Kyuri
    Daughter of Demeter [ Away ]
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  • Lacy Tegan
    Daughter of Hera [ Dead ]
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  • Matteo Cheon
    Storm Spirit [ Away ]
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  • Paige Morris
    Cloud Nymph [ Away ]
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  • Stevie King
    Daughter of Palaemon [ Away ]
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Planned Characters
  • Keo Kealoha
    Son of Hecate
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  • Kristos Calix Nakos
    Son of Athena
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