• Cody Knight (Mr. Counselor)
    Son of Hades 地獄: Hell's Knight in Shining Armor
  • Haze Ryong
    Daughter of Zeus 天: The Lightning Debater
  • Zaphkiel Wu (Mr. Counselor)
    Son of Poseidon 水: The Ambitious Megalodon
  • Lee Seunghyun
    Erotios 愛: The Egotistical Romeo
  • Yeo-Ul Shim
    Daughter of Tartarus
Relationship Chart
Character Status Lover User
Seungri Sailing Sabrina Mel
Cody About to Sail Ariana Migs
Kiel Sailing Daphne Blue
Seunghyun Sailing Anna Blue
Yeo-Ul TBA Seo-Jun Hyu

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