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Second in Command

Faction Members

  1. Skiddo Ban (Child of Soteria)
  2. Elysia Aleksi (Child of Hecate)
  3. Heo Jae-Hun (Child of Khronos)
  4. Syrus Lupin (Child of Psyche)
  5. Phoebe Banner (Child of Triton)
  6. Estrelle Lacroix (Child of Asteria)
  7. Octavian (Child of the Nemean Lion)


Lock Down

Users Officially Less Active

Members who Left/Died

  1. Rebelle Carte (Child of Eurus)
  2. Lyvian Holloway (Child of Styx)
  3. Livia Kay (Child of Aether)
  4. Andre Knight (Child of Koios)
  5. Erin Maeng-Price (Moon Nymph)
  6. Nessa Moss (Child of Lethe)
  7. Braelyn Nance (Child of Eros)
  8. Raphael Pachelli (Child of Kronos)
  9. Clara Saxe-Coburg (Child of Hera)
  10. Irene Saxe-Coburg (Child of Hera)
  11. Calypso St. Clair (Child of Zeus)
  12. Siegfried Thorsen (Child of Hecate)
  13. Taylor Tiorano (Child of Khione)
  14. Sybil (Star Nymph)
  15. Jotham McCoy (Child of Techne)
  16. Kina Moriales (Child of Leto)
  17. Lionel Astor (Child of Themis)
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