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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Role Play Wiki! Here you can create your own character, then use him or her to join us on the wiki! If you haven't put in a claim yet, you should see the Getting Started page to find out how.

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OOC Announcements:

  • Camp Bonfire:
    A Camp bonfire is now ready to roleplay on here! Please note that this means all New Athens Ball roleplays should be moved to personal roleplaying forums.
  • New Athens:
    New Athens is open! You can now claim your characters. Please refer to this blog and the masterlist for details. Contact Oli if you have any further questions.
  • Contest Update
    We have a few contests either currently running or waiting for more people to sign up. This month's character contest is Kymopoleia, goddess of violent seas and storms. The deadline for this contest is May 10, 2020. The next contest is our God/Goddess of the Month. If you haven't already please go vote. Our final Contest is Big Brother CHB. If you would like to sign up, please iris message Brocky.
  • Voting
    To all users who are a level 5 or higher, please keep an eye on the voting page. With current events we do have a special vote up and if you have not voted yet we ask that you do so when you can.
  • Active Users Quicklist
    The HR Department will be working on updating the User/Characters Forum soon. If you intend to stay active in the wiki for the foreseeable future, sign your name here, otherwise your characters will be archived. For more information, read this blog.

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