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Welcome to Camp Half-Blood Role Play Wiki! Here you can create your own character, then use him or her to join us on the wiki! If you haven't put in a claim yet, you should see the Getting Started page to find out how.

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OOC Announcements:

  • New Athens:
    A blog pertaining to the newest aspect of the wiki, New Athens, has been posted here. Please take a read to familiarise yourself with the concept and any questions should be directed to the comments of the blog itself.
  • Wiki Discord Chat: As you may notice, a wiki Discord chat has been created. Suggested by some as a more effective way for all of us to stay connected when the wiki is recovering, we will be giving it a trial period and seeing if the user base enjoys it's structure. Please be sure to connect to the server so you can stay connected as the community reforms.
  • Contest Update:
    Contests will be returning in September! Keep your eyes peeled to see what's coming.

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