Challenges Completed
These are challenges that were completely finished, all posts done, and were judged.
Fight Author Last Edited On Last Edited By
Zeta vs Seokjin - Ares LtSophia McLaren-Cobb19:47, February 2, 2019HaleTheKing
Zeta vs Ryder - Ares HeadSophia McLaren-Cobb19:47, February 2, 2019HaleTheKing
Domonick vs. Sylvio - Thanatos CounsellorAjacopia123:59, October 21, 2018JayeMalik'
Steven vs Finnley - Eros Lt.Steven Winterson12:24, January 8, 2017LyreOfOrpheHyus
Gerald Michaelson - Dionysus HeadSlayingthehalcyon22:12, February 7, 2015Ephemeral Hiraeth
Bree Maddox - Poseidon Lt.Royaldoggie20:31, May 1, 2014KMØ
Nala Phan-Hebe Lt.Shademoon22:51, October 15, 2013Arteminx
Adam Solarius-Apollo HeadHydrocarbon199721:51, October 4, 2013Brocky292
Jennie Chang - Asteria Lt.WolfRunner11:39, August 13, 2013Demi-hunter13
Thomas Richards- Aeolus HeadHydrocarbon199713:19, August 6, 2013BachLynn23
Dawn Marvel - Asteria HeadAwakeningDawn18:12, August 4, 2013Brocky292
Ryder Crest - Ares LtEvilhariboMadness15:51, July 5, 2013Hydrocarbon1997
Elixabeth Oslo-Boreas HeadWindsword719:51, July 2, 2013Brocky292
Michel Breeze- Posey HeadHydrocarbon199716:24, June 7, 2013BachLynn23
Jaylen Sykes-Apate LtHydrocarbon199718:15, May 26, 2013Hydrocarbon1997
Danu Carlson DeBarra-Hypnos Head (Jaime keeps position)TheFabulousBarbie21:41, May 23, 2013KMØ
Jaime Alvarez-Hypnos' HeadHydrocarbon199717:51, May 18, 2013BachLynn23
Joseph Wright - Poseidon HeadLegolas of the Woodland Realm11:33, April 26, 2013LyreOfOrpheHyus
Duranjaya - Nemesis HeadLegolas of the Woodland Realm10:54, April 12, 2013Broken fire
Samantha Parks - Asteria's HeadLittle Unusual Me22:13, March 31, 2013KMØ
Ianto Buchanan - Hypnos' Lt.Mr.Mikachu10:25, March 27, 2013LyreOfOrpheHyus
Lexi Mansin - Head of Aphrodite's CabinBrocky29213:07, March 21, 2013LyreOfOrpheHyus
Zee Reed - Morpheus' Cabin2Lowdy34504:12, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Tristan Carter - Demeter's CabinSonofapollo04:11, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
River Schwarz - Prometheus' Cabin Lt.Mr.Mikachu04:11, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Melyssa Flynn - Head of Zephyrus' CabinBrocky29204:11, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Lillianna Sinclair - Koios' CabinEclipseclock04:10, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Jordak Williams - Hecate's Cabin Lt.Lowdy34504:10, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Franco Monticello - Ariadne Lt. -Nhlott04:10, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Fox Culley - Ariadne's CounsellorMr.Mikachu04:10, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Fabian Hawkins - Eros' LtNickiWilliams04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Fabian Hawkins - Eros' Head CounsellorMr.Mikachu04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Evergreen Fernandez - Deimos' HeadLyreOfOrpheHyus04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Drake Kingston - Melinoe's Counsellor (2)Mr.Mikachu04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Demetria Megalos - Thanatos' CabinHidden Magic04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Celeste Reed - Athena's CabinTheGreatCHB04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Brooke Keitha - Dionysus' Cabin~Angel Wings~04:09, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Audie Clarke - Hebe's CabinLyreOfOrpheHyus04:08, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Astrid Myx-Lt. Counselor Nyx Cabin (Ashtyn keeps position)AstridMyx04:08, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
April Clewley-Ariadne's CabinStarlinSkyrim04:08, March 6, 2013BachLynn23
Gab - Dionysus CounsellorArteminx23:14, December 22, 2012Arteminx
Jasmine Jarvis - Persephone CounselorSonofapollo02:18, December 5, 2012Arteminx
Severus Angla- Aphrodite's Cabin Lt.LillyDaNinja22:41, December 3, 2012Arteminx
Gabrielle Tennant - Dionysus' CounsellorArteminx13:18, September 28, 2012BachLynn23
Stephanie Young - Persephone's Lt.DaMigster05:23, September 7, 2012Arteminx
Phillipe Victore - Nike's Lt.Mr.Mikachu00:58, June 9, 2012Kingbirdy
Gregorius Peeverell - Hermes' CabinDaMigster05:02, June 5, 2012Kingbirdy
Liza Summers - Nyx's Cabin -Ontario10118:44, May 26, 2012BachLynn23
Edmund Jones - Eros' CabinDaMigster00:51, May 23, 2012Kingbirdy
Vanessa Vilkas - Boreas LTThaLispector00:31, May 23, 2012Kingbirdy
Cara Prescott - Palaemon's CabinSwordcross19:23, May 5, 2012Wolf, the Hunter
Alec Page - Apollo CabinNhlott21:36, May 4, 2012Wolf, the Hunter
Alec Page - Apollo Cabin RematchNhlott21:35, May 4, 2012Wolf, the Hunter
Roman Fennel - Hebe's CabinHadesVIP21:22, May 4, 2012Wolf, the Hunter
Van Rice - Nikes' CabinHadesVIP21:22, May 4, 2012Wolf, the Hunter
Esmerée Dunsany- Nemesis' CabinTheWondefulMaskedMadame15:53, April 25, 2012BachLynn23
Tsumi Tanake - Hades' CounselorTheGhostMan19:11, April 5, 2012BachBot
Lilianne Van der Berg - Hades' Cabin Lt.Queen.Bee19:08, April 5, 2012BachBot
Jax Jones - Morpheus' CabinKittyInASheepsClothes19:07, April 5, 2012BachBot
Jamie Lague - Palaemon's CabinFirebird1419:06, April 5, 2012BachBot
Alex DaSilva - Hephaestus' CabinRid3r9819:02, April 5, 2012BachBot
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