Helmetgreek ~ Current Projects by Dept ~ Helmetgreek
Activities & Development
Run by: Brocky
Importance/Notes/Due Date
Monster Encyclo Brocky Assigned by Bach, Planned to be finished by April 1st
BC/Camp Skirmishes Brocky I want it done before April First, needs more helpers assigned
BC/Camp Crossover Quests Brocky I want it done before April First
Adding 3 new Admin team shared characters to be under Alexander at camp, Activities Director, Life Director, War/Fighting Director Brock
Help run and maintain contests

Brocky WIP

Administrative Services
Run by: Demi
Importance/Notes/Due Date
User/Char forum upkeep Demi
Official Helper Page/Badges Migs Assigned by Bach
Make the new infirmary page, leave the old one as a wip under construction, it will be used for the new directors under Alexander Demi
Adopt a Newb needs to finish being updated thoroughly.... I started it but.... yea >.< Unassigned
Cabin Upkeep Riri
Making sure that char pages have the correct user status templates (Officially Inactive and Semi-active) Hopefully will be finished before the end of November
General Support
Run by: Slay
Importance/Notes/Due Date
Going through checking all pages, templates, etc. Updating any depreciated code, checking for characters with issues, messaging users, etc. also adding 3/6/9 month powers categories at the same time Slay
Make another tab under the General tab on the nav bar, specifically for important links for Depts and the Admin Team, such as the to do list, specifically the dept section of the to do list. WIP
Make an important links list on the dept area of the to do list WIP
Make a bulletin board template for important admin team only announcements for the dept area of the to do list (thinks that are less important for the entire wiki and more specifically for helpers, rbs, chatmods, admins, crats) WIP
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