Camp (4/15)


  1. Marley Sinclair (Eris)
  2. Verdandi Marinova (Persephone)


  1. Fionn Donovan (Boreas)
  2. Lewis Rockefeller (Aphrodite)

Unused Spots

  1. Cyrus (Child of Aristaeus)
  2. Merlin (Child of Hecate)
  3. Esab (Child of Dionysus)
  4. Griffin (Child of Hades)
  5. Piper (Child of Cybele)
  6. Quinn (Child of Morpheus)
  7. Chase (Child of Zeus)
  8. -
  9. -
  10. -
  11. -

Non-Camp ({{{NC #}}})


Minor (4)


  1. Kim Jung-Hwa (Notus, Counselor, Other)
  2. William Anderson (Pandia, Counselor, Other)
  3. Brendan Krueger (Child of Circe, Member of Opus, Other)


  1. Felicity Brandenburg (Tyche, Other)

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Other Misc Information

Character Spots:

  • One BC spot for Camp


  • One for winning a contest
  • Two for being on the wiki for 2 years
  • Three from Adopt a Newb

Given Away

Other Prizes:
Adopt a Minor


  • 1 Adopt a Minor (Prize from Battle of the Bands)
  • 3 Early power up (Prize from Adopt a Newb)
  • 3 god rps (Prize from Adopt a Newb)

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