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The Bronze Soul is awarded to you by ~Mathemagical, for having over 500 edits on Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki!


Dancey's Badge of ApprovalDancin'sBadgePic2

This badge is awarded to you by the Lady of the Dance for being such an amazing specimen worthy of her approval.



Badge of Friendship

You're the Amy Pond to my raggedy man ❤


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Jasmine Love
PanPan's Friendship Approval

"If you are a guild, take care of your friends."~Natsu Dragoneel
You are an awesome friend! And you are now in Pandora's Guild! Thanks for being with me at all times! I will take care of you in your desperate needs! Holler and ♫I'll be there for you!♫

Keep calm and smile on!


Isabella's badge of Approval
Kung fu
This badge is for the most awesome, best, truest, most helpful friend ever. And you, my friend, have earned it. Thank you!



With this badge, know how dear you are to me. I don't know what's happening on the other side of my screen; however, you still did what you have done for me, so thank you. You revived a life and gave it wings. May I be of the same friend to you.

Happy Holidays!


I know, the coding sucks! It's very rushed!

Chouettes-10The problem with some people... is that they exist! ☽Mathemagician☾

Giving you this Badge because...

You're the chiz. c:

I'm not about to get all poetic, but just know that I think you're awesome af.

PS: I'd totally murder you in that pillow fight. >:3


WoW's Badge of Approval

''Even if I can’t see you. Even if we are separated far apart from each other.. I’ll always be watching after you. I’ll definitely watch over you forever.


Katnip's Badge Of FandomnessTumblr ml72yc305F1s0cs5fo1 250

The first person I can go fangirl to, is you! Your so special for me! Oh no, the feels. Anyway, before I cry, I promise not to forget you.
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