1. Children of Eileithyia are able to form a cloud of anesthetic gas around them. This obscures the user from sight and makes those affected by the cloud feel numb and somewhat dazed, which makes them open to attack. This cloud drains energy the longer it lingers.
  2. Children of Eileithyia can curse an opponent to harbor morning sickness and induce nausea. This will dehydrate an opponent and cause them to feel tired and suffer a loss of strength. However the effects can be countered with rehydration and the effects wear off over a moderate period of time.
  1. Children of Eileithyia are able to numb physical pain for a short time, as their mother is the goddess of childbirth and labor pains.
  2. Children of Eileithyia are able to make someone unable to focus on anything except the desire to have a baby for a short time, the longer this is held the more drained the user. The user cannot attack or the control is broken, so the power can only be used for defensive purposes.
  1. Children of Eileithyia are innately familiar with the various methods used to deliver a child, and are more resistant to pain and revulsion than other demigods.
  2. Children of Eileithyia have the ability to calm someone down who is in extreme pain, however this must be done through physical contact.
  3. Children of Eileithyia can tell if someone is pregnant, how far along they are and whether there are any risks of further complications in the pregnancy.
  4. Children of Eileithyia are stronger in settings associated with children such as playgrounds, maternity wards and home settings.
  1. Children of Eileithyia are able to make someone feel bloated and cause the illusion of massive weight gain, this can be used for a variety of purposes from slowing an enemy attack to allowing the user to make a quick getaway.
  2. Children of Eileithyia have a limited ability to tamper with the hormones of an opponent, causing them to suffer erratic mood swings. This can either cause an opponent to become angry and attack without any remorse or become sleepy and lethargic. The choice to act on these emotions however, relies on the opponent.
  3. Children of Eileithyia have the gift to summon a stork which will scout for them and relay intelligence telepathically, as storks are typically associated with delivering children through various mythologies.
  4. Children of Eileithyia are able to bestow feelings of happiness upon themselves or allies to simulate the feeling of a maternal glow, this makes them feel younger and more refreshed for a short period of time.
3 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Eileithyia have the ability to conjure up nourishing milk out of any liquid on touch. When drunk, this milk heals moderate wounds and revitalizes the user. Additionally those who drink it gain a moderate boost to their energy levels and healing rate for a short time. Repeated use severely drains the conjurer and causes the milk to become ineffective.
6 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Eileithyia are able to secrete a hormone which creates feelings of love and simulates a familial bond with the affected. This causes those affected to cease all attacks against the user for a moderate period of time and makes them suggestible to verbal commands from the user. However the choice to act on these emotions is up to those affected and suggestions can possibly be resisted. Any attempt to harm those afflicted breaks the control held by the user.
9 Months After Character is Made
  1. Children of Eileithyia are able to force an opponent of either gender to experience an illusion of giving birth. This can only be used once per battle and lasts for an extended period of time. This power tricks the opponent's body into thinking that they're about to go into labor and forces the body to collapse and go through cramps and labor pains. In addition, the affected is shown various illusions of people giving birth around them and doctors, similar to the experience of giving birth in a maternity hospital. This is extremely painful and disorienting for someone who is not a child of Eileithyia and drains a lot of energy from the opponent and the user. Those affected will struggle to stand up or fight until the illusion passes and will feel drained afterwards.
  1. Children of Eileithyia tend to be family oriented.
  2. Children of Eileithyia typically make excellent midwives and maternity nurses.
  3. Children of Eileithyia normally relate well with babies and children.
  4. Children of Eileithyia are blessed with high fertility and often have large families.
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