1. They have the ability to disappear at will, they can choose who to reveal their presence too, with the exception of Thanatos, Melinoe and Hades kids, who can see them regardless
  2. They can sense if someone is evil or good
  3. They are stronger at night, in the presence of Melinoe children, as well as the place where they died


  1. When they scream, humans in the basic vicinity freeze at the sound, or run in fright
  2. They can possess humans for a short period, but they cannot use this power to harm the possessed, the longer they maintain the connection, the more they are drained, if they remain within the possessed for too long, they'll need to recharge before becoming visible again


  1. They have telekinesis, moving objects with their minds, the larger the object or the longer the keep it within the air, the more energy that is drained


  1. They cannot be hared by most weapons, with the exception of silver and magic, which can cause their visible form to temporarily be disintegrated, until they have enough power to reform and appear again
  2. They can only appear in places they once went when they were alive
  3. When their energy is drained, they disappear to recharge, the longer they try and interact with the physical plane, the more energy that is drained, and the longer they will have to remain invisible to recuperate.


  1. Because they are ghosts, they are intangible
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