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Name: Lady Evangeline Grey
Age: 17 (looks), 476 (Biologically)

  • Mother: Pandia
  • Father: Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk
  • Mortal Half-Sisters: Lady Jane Grey
    Lady Catherine Grey
    Lady Mary Grey
  • Half-Siblings: Other children of Pandia
  • Historical Event: Reign of Lady Jane Grey

Personality: Evangeline is very inquisitive - though sometimes not for her own good. She's learned (the hard way) to be reserved and quiet when she needs to be, especially after growing up in a society where women were expected to speak only when spoken to. After living in Circe's Isle she has regained her willpower and is far more stronger in terms of expressing her opinion.

History: Evangeline's father, Lord Henry Grey met Pandia on a particularly bright night. Grey enjoyed stargazing and astrology; which was considered a science during the Tudor period. Pandia acknowledged him and met him, but did not reveal her true nature as a goddess, and the two spent a night together. Pandia was pregnant with Evangeline, and when she was born, Pandia sent her to Henry in person. When he brought her home, his wife, Frances was not pleased in the slightest. They were a very high ranking noble family, and so to have a bastard child would stain the family name. Frances said she was pregnant and had the baby, but very few believed her, and many of the courtsmen and women recognised Evangeline as the "Grey Bastard".

Excerpts found from Evangeline's diary, showing some of the most important parts of her life....

Thursday, 13 February, 1547

Today is my ninth birthday. My father, Lord Henry Grey, Duke of Suffolk, gifted me this small diary in the morning. He said that I should write about my life in this book, so that one day when history looks back to the glorious days of the Tudor Court, they will use the Diary of Lady Evangeline Grey to recall the transpiring events! He sounded crazed on the breakfast table as he spoke- there was a piece of bacon caught on his beard; and I tried my best not to laugh. The diary is very beautiful, and I thanked him for it- it is made of leather,with the Tudor Rose, embroidered with gold silk in the bottom right corner. The pages are creamy and soft, I must be careful to not blotch the ink when writing in it! Father also told me that today, I will become a Lady-in-Waiting for the Queen Dowager, Catherine! He said, all proper and propped against his chair; "Evangeline Eleanor Grey, today you will go with your sister, Jane, to Court. You will become a Lady-in-Waiting for Queen Dowager Catherine"............. Read More.

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