Hero of olymmpus
{{{1}}} has awarded you a Hero of Olympus badge!
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To be awarded for:

  • Combating vandalism
  • Helping to keep the Wiki in order
  • For taking charge of areas of the Wiki that need help
  • For helping new users find their feet


Please post this award on a User's talk page, rather than their User page. If a User wishes to move the award to their User Page, they are permitted to do so.

Administrators will be administering this award, if a non-administrator has noticed that there is a user that deserves this award but has not been awarded it yet, contact an administrator.

Usage instructions

Copy the code below, modify it as necessary, and paste it onto the talk page of the user who is to be presented with the award.

{{Hero of Olympus|~~~~|why it was awarded}}

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