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General Break-down of User Activity Status


Important Information

This only lists users who are not on the list below for being close to going 25 days or 6 months with 0 edits. Anyone who has a status of Active and hits 14 days without any edits or notice of inactivity, will be marked as in the mist and move below to the next section, once they hit 25 days the characters will either be marked as left and archived or deleted. Any user with Semi-active status that goes over a couple of months with 0 edits should be moved to official inactive status. Any user with official inactive status that goes over 6 months with 4 1/2 months with 0 edits should be marked as in the mist, once they hit 6 months with 0 edits, the characters will either be marked as user left and archived or deleted. Anyone with official inactive status that has clearly been editing on a daily basis for more than a few weeks, should be asked if they still need that status, as official inactive status should only be for users who are not able to make any edits for weeks to months at a time.

Also, if a user is marked as officially inactive, then their characters must be put in the less active sections of the cabins.

Keep the templates at the bottom of this list up to date as well.

Active Users (39)

  1. User:Ajacopia1
  2. User:Alterdevil
  3. User:Arteminx
  4. User:August Spring
  5. User:Brocky292
  6. User:Broken fire
  7. User:Carnarvan
  8. User:Cupcake574
  9. User:CupcakeParis
  10. User:DYSUTOPIA
  11. User:EvilhariboMadness
  12. User:Ezghad
  13. User:Flopfish3
  14. User:GeorgieCate
  15. User:GypsyThief
  16. User:HaleTheKing
  17. User:Hannahgrace.05
  18. User:Hydrocarbon1997
  19. User:Jaydemaree
  20. User:JayeMalik'
  21. User:KMØ
  22. User:Karmagician
  23. User:Leficence
  24. User:Mortem et Malum
  25. User:Nata Roebot
  26. User:Petite'likkle'elf
  27. User:Queen of Anarchy
  28. User:Rawr27
  29. User:Sophia McLaren-Cobb
  30. User:Summer June
  31. User:Thasirene
  32. User:TheSchwack
  33. User:The Lonely Stargazer
  34. User:TimeForTheTea
  35. User:Udlmaster
  36. User:UniPacific16
  37. User:Xerxestheb-rabbit
  38. User:Yukaronachan
  39. User:Zany Knave
Semi-Active Users (13)

  1. User:AoCatrene
  2. User:Arteminx
  3. User:DrXax
  4. User:LyreOfOrpheHyus
  5. User:Margaery Tyrell
  6. User:Meloney
  7. User:Mimø
  8. User:ParanormalHuntress
  9. User:ReesesPeaces
  10. User:ShadowOfOblivion7119
  11. User:Toxyca
Officially Inactive Users (4)

  1. User:CattyTheOrchid16
  2. User:Kaneity
  3. User:LeGruff
  4. User:ParanormalHuntress
  5. User:Ruler of the Shadows
  6. User:TheWondefulMaskedMadame/Userpage Sandbox
  7. User:Theharlequin
  8. User:~The Musician~
Inactive Users (0)

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Detailed List of Problem Pages


Important Information

To see full details of what the issues are check the pages, anything with major issues should ultimately be put on lock down and get a delete date, severely major issues that break major policies the user should also be issued a warning. If the line is highlighted in orange, it means the issue is serious and page is on lock down.

Does not include Major Coding Issues or Minor Coding Issues, unless the pages go on lock down.

Listed by User
User Pages

1. N/A

Colour Chart for User/Char Lists
Colours for User Status
Chat Mod
Active User
In the Mist
Semi-Active Status
Known Inactive
Colours for Character Status
Character Issue
Character On Lock Down
Template Used on User/Char Lists
How To Fill Out The Template

{{User Character Template
|user= BachLynn23
|user color=#E8D5B3
|camp #=0/8
|NC #=0/4
|minor #=0
|other #=0
|other chars=
|level=Level Four
|level date=Becomes a Level 5 on 3/3
|rights=Reg User
|other rights= (only fill in if they have other rights besides just reg user, like Chat Mod or Helper, otherwise leave blank)
|joined=13 August 2012
edit limit= you put yes or no as to whether theyve passed either a month without edits (active users), two months without edits (semi active users), or six months without edits (inactive users)
|sent IM=ONLY WRITE IN THIS IF THEY ARE OVER THE EDIT LIMIT. Put the day they were contacted. After a weeks notice, you may delete the template
|other=(other info like if they are semi-active, or going to be deleted soon for inactivity, etc)
|spots=Any spots given, given away, awarded, etc
|prizes=Any prizes that don't involve char spots, adopt a minor, power up early, etc
|current newb=user
|past newbs=Users
|other info=Anything not covered here

Blank Template

{{User Character Template
|user color=#E8D5B3
|camp #=

|NC #=

|minor #=

|other #=
|other chars=

|level date=
|other rights=
|edit limit=
|sent IM=
|current newb=
|past newbs=
|other info=

If you have any questions about how to maintain this template, please see Sterek or Blue. Thanks!

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