Camp (4/18)

Camp (4)

  1. Bettina Buonaluce (Aphrodite)
  2. Princess Europa of Olympene (Nike, Head Counselor)
  3. Napoleone Riviera (Thanatos)
  4. Ragnar Ångström (Aetna)

Unused Spots (14)
New Athens (0)

Non-Camp (1/6)

Broken Covenant (0)
Champions of Othrys(1)

  1. Sonia Lachapelle (Asteria, CoO Lieutenant)

Unused Spots (5)

Minor (6)

Males (6)

  1. Audie Clarke (Hebe, New Athens Cafe Owner)
  2. Avan Bachelder (Hypnos, Head Counselor)
  3. Fabian Martell (Apollo)
  4. Keanu Mahelona (Zephyrus, Lt. Counselor)
  5. Niccolo Pauling (Psyche, Head Counselor)
  6. Perry (Animal Spirit, Guardian of Cats)

​Females (0)

Characters Gone/Dead/Misc (18)

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