Meet Ghost

{Karen Marcee
"Hai, say hi to shadow, he used to be little, but now he's big!" She smiles and pets Shadow's head.
At A Peak

AGE: Karen is 18 years old
HEIGHT: Karen is 5 foot tall
WEIGHT: Karen weighs 100 pounds

Shadow's History

Jared Marcee got Shadow for Karen as a companion so that she won't be alone, because he kept her inside of the house all day every day, because he was afraid she would be attacked by monsters. Shadow has no abilities, and stays wherever Karen is, and stays in the cabin when she isn't around.

Now that Shadow is fully grown, he runs around with Karen wherever she goes and doesn't need a leash because he has learned to follow Karen's command and voice. He is an extremely obedient dog, just like most other sheep herding dogs, he pays attention well and takes care of tasks quite well.

People She Trusts to Look After Shadow
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