General Personality
Nicki Minaj - Fly ft

Nicki Minaj - Fly ft. Rihanna

Misaki is polite, humble, and very ladylike. She does not engage in battles unless necessary: when her belief or love is being insulted, when someone attacks in return, etc.; she rather read tons of books. She's a bookworm and often spends her time in the Library, trying out new things. She became very serious, after she had lost everything, love, famly, so called "friends". She's only 15 currently yet she acts as if she's 41. Sometimes you have to dig in A LOT to see the real her, the nice, funny, and sweet, unserious her, but that side no has seen yet. She hides herself from love and others bothering, but she often gets flusterred. She has an innocent mind too, well, in love. She always wants to seek an answer for everything and a solution to be better; sometimes it may be har fatal flaw.

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