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  1. Tacey Perdita (Led 1 Quest)

Lieutenant Counsellor

  1. Scarlett Sinclair


  1. Fabián Casanova
  2. Ferryn Dara
  3. Emelio Antonio García-Cruz
  4. Isabella Harman
  5. Mike Kiren
  6. Rachel Kassing
  7. Ari Nersia
  8. Noel River

Temporary Residents

  1. Virginia Adler (Daughter of Calliope)
  2. Ulysses Bellerose (Son of Clio)
  3. Sadie Gutierrez (Daughter of Thalia)
  4. Ophelia Noori (Daughter of Urania)
  5. Aurélia delos Reyes (Daughter of Terpsichore)

Campers Not Year Round

(Officially Inactive Users)

  1. Taryn Guevarra


(Only 1 Per Cabin, if they are a demigod, they also go under the main cabin count as well as here.)

  1. Mirabel Shields

None listed.

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