1. Children of Momus are able to use stinging criticism to attack their opponent's self consciousness and self-esteem. The opponent may try to hold back knowing the user's disapproval of such movement or attack or if a mistake(s) is made it may have increased effect onto the opponent's performance. (E.x., If the opponent drops their sword they may feel increased panic and scramble in lost to find it.)
  2. Children of Momus are able to create a field of energy that causes the opponent to feel an incredible amount of guilt, embarrassment and self-pity. This can cause the opponent to second thought whether their action is worthy and cause them to be buried in thoughts of self-pity.
  3. Children of Momus can ridicule an opponent's armor and weapons, causing the opponent to get rid of it, due to embarrassment.


  1. Children of Momus have the ability to ridicule their opponent, reducing a quality of the person. (E.x., lowering the person's quality of battle skills.)
  2. Children of Momus can mock a person's attack and alter it against their will.
  3. Children of Momus can censure their opponent's attack, stopping the use of or significantly weakening the ability. The weakening of the ability depends on the energy level of the user and the experience level of the user. To a month power the effect is weakened and the ability is only able to minorly lowering the strength and effect of it. Doing so drains them depending of the amount of energy needed to use that attack, the energy drained is significantly increased if used on a month power.


  1. Children of Momus can, using blamery, transfer their pain or wound in their current state to their opponent. Doing so drains them of some energy.
  2. Children of Momus are empowered when people around them are mocked and ridiculed.
  3. Children of Momus can force a heavy feeling of scorn on someone causing them to feel contempt whether like they're worthless and hated causing them to lose the will to fight. In this state it is possible, but very difficult to fight.


  1. Children of Momus are able to scorn their opponent to do things against their will or influence their opponent's decision; however, if the target is influenced to attack they are able to urge or resist.
  2. Children of Momus can cast a curse upon a person to a small group of people, causing them blurt out critical and insulting comments at each other.
  3. Children of Momus can mimic the appearance of others they've seen for a short time; however, the user is not able to mimic the target's abilities and powers.

3 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Momus can complain about things and have what they were complaining to their will. (E.x., if a children of Momus complains that his opponent's weapon is too sharp, it will become dull.) This can only be used once per fight, and drains the user of some energy.

6 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Momus can mentally censure their opponent away, trapping them in a mental state of mockery, ridicules, scorns and complaints. This drains the user of some energy.

9 Months After a Character is Made

  1. Children of Momus, because mockery and ridicule are often used in comedy, can induce laughter into others. This power can also distract your enemies providing time for you to escape. In this state, the enemy is often laughing so hard they are immobile, lying on the ground laughing uncontrollably for a short time. This drains them of a lot of energy.


  1. Children of Momus tend to to be talented and enjoying at mocking and ridiculing others.
  2. Children of Momus tend to whine and complain for little reason at all.
  3. Children of Momus tends to censure things they don't like.
  4. Children of Momus tends to blame others on things they did wrong and take anything for blame.
  5. Children of Momus are talented at telling jokes and other forms of comedy. Since Mockery and Ridicule are forms of comedy.
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