Natalia's Supreme Characters

Camp Characters

  • Daughter of Astraeus
    Lt. Counselor
    Go to Jenny Aspin
  • Star Nymph
    Astraeus Priestess
    Go to Emma
  • Daughter of IrisGo to Alice Gray
  • Daughter of Asteria
    Head Counselor
    Go to Ciara Hagan
  • Daughter of MnemosyneGo to Rachel Kassing
  • Daughter of BoreasGo to Svanna Annasd贸ttir
  • Daughter of PandiaGo to Lillian Grace
Minor Characters

  • Do NymphGo to Kira
  • Barn Owl NymphGo to Alex
  • Daughter of Eurus
    Go to Nioka Song
  • Tiger Nymph|Baghinder
BC Characters

  • Son of DeimosGo to Haruki Akiyama
  • Daughter of ZephyrusGo to Aurora Todduk

  • Son of AthenaGo to Kade Johnson
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