Things you should know!

  1. I've been on this wiki for a really long time and it'll always find ways into my life. I used to be a chat mod and if I don't know you, chances are you're just new.
  2. I'm not a native English speaker, but I am pretty good at it. I'm fluent in Russian and Greek. Also sarcasm and passive aggression.
  3. My local time is Saturday, 11 July 9:00 am (GMT +3). If you need me, try skyping me, it'll be easier to find me that way. Or shoot me an ask on tumblr!
  4. My tumblr is asphaltos.
  5. I dislike bullies, rasists, sexists, ableists, homophobes, transphobics, and stupid people in general. Allergic to ignorance like hella.
  6. Easy to annoy and also really annoying. I'm polite, though. Thanks, mum!
  7. I've been a Member since October 25, 2011
  8. My edit count is 0
A cupcake to you!

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