Shush, you're the ultimate queen of dorks and your argument is invalid. And by dork I mean you're the most cinnamon roll to ever cinnamon rolled, too pure, too precious for this world. Now sit down, grab some cookies, and listen up. Grab some tissues too because I'm gonna get really sappy. ^.^
this has actually been typed up like, three months ago in microsoft word and i wanted to prepare it here but you're amazing at stalking and finding stuff and I wanted this to be a surprise lel Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
Now where do I start with you? You're amazing, smart, an amazing writer, an amazing roleplayer who has amazing ideas, and one of the best friends I've ever had. You're literally a gift to mankind and I dunno why some people don't realize or recognize it. :/ You're getting a lot more skilled in coding as days pass by and I'm proud of you, tiny Mudkip-loving INFP. *squeeze*
You and some others, namely Lillera, have helped me a lot when I'm on my down times and I'm very thankful for that. I even wonder just what the heck I've done to deserve y'all as my best friends! But at the end of the day, I'm still the happiest and most thankful little cat in the world.
And I'm sorry in behalf of my moodier and forgetful sides that you've seen several times. They're very hard to control. But those things aside, it's your birthday and birthdays mean


Don't- Don't ask about cookie sheep >.> T'was my crazy mind at work. But I hope you like them~
But look! A new chapter in your life has started. Are you excited? Let's see what Mr. Future has in store for you together! Continue climbing up the mountain of life because I guarantee you that the view from the summit is worth all the tears, sweat, and strong emotions. Meanwhile, I'll be by your side all the time!

"There will always be a strong haze that will try and block tomorrow
But don't give in, don't let it win, brush it off and push on through
Never give up, we can catch up, we will make it or die trying
Turn this imagination into something real and race me to the top"

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