Character Relationship Status Feelings
Adèle Beginning to crush on Jack Swegger Although Adèle's only known Jack for a short amount of time, she can feel that she'll have strong emotions attached to him in some form.
Akela Single Akela's fine with this as she knows she's waiting for the right man to form a strong bond with
Alecander Dating Alexander Reed Alec's more ecstatic that he's dating the guy he's been crushing on for ages, as well as crediting himself on turning other Alec bisexual
Célestin Engaged to Bennett Adams Cél finds himself to be truly happy with his personal life right now and, for once in his life, is looking forward to settling down permanently with Ben.
Dallen Single Dallen has no plans to get with someone just yet.
Dante Single Dante's indifferent with being single - he's too captivated with his current mission to worry about dating.
Drew Single Drew is slightly saddened by his relationship status, however he's making no efforts to find somebody.
Leon Single Leon dislikes being single, however, he'd rather try and wait for the right person to come around as opposed to dating randomly.
Levi Single Levi hates human interaction, he's fine with being single.
Lyle Dating Ailred Wolfskill Lyle has is happy with his decision on dating Ailred. He likes him but doesn't want a repeat of his abuse history.
Mercius Single Mercius is content with his relationship status; he has no plans to get into a relationship any time soon.
Michi Dating Landon Jeon Michi is happy with her personal life right now and believes Landon to be the perfect match for her.
Oswald Dating Pan Chin-Hae Oswald views his relationship with Chin-Hae as mostly positive, however, the guilt attached to him moving on from Kim's death still remains.
Ryker Single He's content with his relationship status at the time being.
Ryder Taken an interest in Beau Chambre Although fine with being single, Ryder has taken an interest in Beau after helping him with his injuries.
Saeryun Dating Song Kim-Ji Saeryun enjoys dating Kim as he finds her to be interesting and sweet.
Sanghyuk Dating Kenzie Chai Sanghyuk is pleased to be dating Kenzie after years of a mutual crush and he wants to prove he can be a good boyfriend to her, but struggles on how to do that.
Syrus Single Syrus is content with his status.
Taiga Dating Go Seyoon Taiga describes himself as being in love with Seyoon and knows that he wouldn't trade the latter for the world and'll try his best to be just as good of a boyfriend back.
Victorie-Rose Single Victorie-Rose is happy with being single after her ex, Brock Pierson, leaving multiple times.
Welbie Dating Kipton Welbie's glad to be officially dating Kipton after years of being friends with benefits - still retains that the sex is amazing.
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