Demigod Characters
  • Adèle Antoinette
    Daughter of Eros
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  • Alfie Kaejin
    Son of Harmonia
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  • Cael Monroe
    Son of Eros
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  • Dante Lejos
    Son of Hephaestus (Opus Superum Leader)
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  • Ethan Hong
    Son of Harmonia
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  • Leon Kitaev
    Son of Athena (Lieutenant Counsellor)
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  • Levi Cha
    Son of Prometheus
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  • Lyle Faragher
    Son of Persephone (Lieutenant Counsellor)
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  • Michi Kye
    Daughter of Aristaeus (Head Counsellor)
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  • Ryder Crest
    Son of Ares (Lieutenant Counsellor)
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  • Jung Saeryun
    Son of Demeter
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  • Seo Sang-Hyuk
    Son of Boreas
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  • Park Sun-Bin
    Daughter of Cybele
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  • Syrus Lupin
    Son of Psyche and Skylar Lune (Broken Covenant Member)
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  • Victorie-Rose Latourette
    Daughter of Cybele (Lieutenant Counsellor)
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Non-Demigod Characters
  • Dallen
    Darkness Spirit
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  • Oskar
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  • Oswald Byun
    Revenge Spirit
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  • Pip
    Discord Spirit
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  • Taiga
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  • Welbie
    Torch Bearing Spirit
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Dead/Away/Inactive Characters
  • Akela Kalili
    Daughter of Hephaestus
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  • Alecander Hart
    Son of Ariadne (Away)
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  • Danny Brookshire
    Son of Eros (Away)
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  • Erin Maeng-Price
    Moon Nymph (Inactive)
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  • Gabrielle Yang
    Daughter of Apate (Away)
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  • Oh Jae-Sung
    Son of Notus (Inactive)
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  • Jesse Queen
    Son of Tyche (Away)
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  • Mae-Ri
    Guardian of Koalas (Inactive)
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  • Maya Song
    Daughter of Mnemosyne (Inactive)
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  • Mercius Coastallion
    Son of Poseidon (Away)
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  • Parker Choi
    Healing Spirit (Away)
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  • Poppy Paradis
    Daughter of Aphrodite (Inactive)
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  • Ryker Thovain
    Son of Melinoe
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  • Drew Pierson
    Son of Aglaea
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Planned Characters
  • Serenity Oh
    Peace Nymph
  • Seungjae
    Rainbow Spirit
  • Kaia Bellegarde
    Daughter of Zeus
  • Cai Tzeng
    Son of Nyx
  • Ashton
    Memory Spirit
  • Jongyeol
    Sakura Tree Spirit

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