Nickname Origin People Who Use It Okay to be Used?
Evil/Haribo My Username Those who don't know me Yeah
Oli My name Everyone Yeah
Jacky Finny, Emmy and I were messing around Finny, Emmy No
Baekoli Mine and Blue's bias in Exo-K Bluehyun No
Chanyeollie Hyu thought of it Hyungsoo No
Aoli My name in Chinese Kebin No
Oliander/Norway/Byakuya Sean thought of them Sean No
Crunchie, Wooyoung, Eric Shade and I talked Ariel No
Broprah Winfrey/Olive Bro and Clay's mind Clayive No
Oleh Transferred from my first wiki/Bekah revived it Bekah If you ask for my permission

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