{{{User}}} is in {{{Number}}} {{{Adjective}}} roleplays.
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{{{Time}}}: {{{Time difference}}} {{{Time zone}}}

[[File:{{{Gif}}}.gif|center|{{{Gif size}}}]]

credit to omnia for procrastination and sleep deprivation, oli and kibeth for code, and catty for inspiration


If you need a filled out example, here. The code that's in "time difference" is a wee tricky, but a little copy pasting and experimenting most probably will do the trick. Any other questions, ask the nearest person who knows how to code. (Not me. I can't code for the life of me.) User:Omnia Lesvos/sigcoding

The design can go up to C15/L15/U15, aka it can list up to 15 roleplays. This kind of discourages people from having too many roleplays.

|Text color=
|Text shadow=

|Gradient 1=
|Gradient 2=
|Gradient 3=


|Time difference=
|Time zone=

|Gif size=





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