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The Diamond Soul is awarded to you by The Wiki, for having over 10,000 edits on Camp Half-Blood Role Playing Wiki!

WoW's Badge of Approval

''Even if I can’t see you. Even if we are separated far apart from each other.. I’ll always be watching after you. I’ll definitely watch over you forever.


Bach's Faithful Companions
For being an amazing friend, a true companion, a confidante, someone to laugh with, have fun with, and work with. I would gladly travel the stars with you thru all of time and space, and no matter where life takes us, I will never forget you.
Thanks for bieng my friend dog cat zps5afc6bef
Shadowgod13 I accept that title

I shall make you proud, for I am a panda
Birdie's Badge

The moment I met you, I knew something was different.
You made me smile at the strangest of things, just the thought of you would brighten my day.
For that, I gift you with a badge, one which marks that you are a very special to me, and anyone who messes with you now has to mess with me :)
La Luna

Jasmine Love
PanPan's Friendship Approval

"If you are a guild, take care of your friends."~Natsu Dragoneel
You are an awesome friend! And you are now in Pandora's Guild! Thanks for being with me at all times! I will take care of you in your desperate needs! Holler and ♫I'll be there for you!♫

Keep calm and smile on!



Hello There!


Powers of a Child of Starbucks


  1. Children of Starbucks can make somebody feel the effects of caffiene for a short period of time, making them vulnerable to attack. The longer this power is used, the more energy is drained
  2. Children of Starbucks can create and manipulate a scalding stream of hot coffee or a freezing burst of ice coffee.


  1. Children of Starbucks can conjure a very long lineup of coffee craving customers, blocking the movement betweent he user and the opponent. If the user tries to cut through the line, they will get hit by lady's purse, shoes or any thing a regular person would carry. 
  2. Children of Starbucks can cause others to spill their beverages all over their shirt.


  1. Children of Starbucks can make coffee appear of of thin air. o.o
  2. Children of Starbucks can change the flavor of their coffee.
  3. Children of Starbucks can smell coffee form a mile away.


  1. Children of Starbucks must go around with a Caution: Contents Hot warning label at all times.
  2. Children of Starbucks may combine their powers with children of Eileiythia to secrete any type of coffee related drink. They must be opposite gender and physically touching. 

3 Month Power

  1. Children of Starbucks can make a forcefield of coffee which can block attacks. But, the user is immobile in this state. The bigger the forcefield, the more energy is wasted form the attacker.

6 Month Power

  1. Children of Starbucks can turn themselves into pure coffee, allowing them to fly as long as there is wind to push them. The longer they are in this state, the more energy is wasted and they must rest longer between transformations.

9 Month Power

  1. Children of Starbucks can turn into a barista, which enhances all of their powers for a short time. This power can only be used 1 time per battle and wastes a significant amount of energy.


  1. Children of Starbucks are born hipsters
  2. Children of Starbucks tend to have outgoing personalities
  3. Children of Starbucks tend to always be very photogenic


Badge of Friendship

You're the Amy Pond to my raggedy man ❤


Tumblr mz93i81bgl1r3bs2go1 1280
Katnip's Badge Of Fandomness

Best Friends Are Like... Besties! Your My Harry To My Ginny. Except, you know, in a friendly crazy "blushy" Ginny way.

Grace's Badge of Happiness

this badge is for being Grace's best friend and this grants you to the undying and limited love of Grace Lourine Berry. If you get this badge you are epic and wonderful and Grace loves you

556140-la storia della arcana famiglia 01 large 20

Xer's friendyness

I might be as dangerous as nova. ready to scold you at anytime. I could be as foolish as liberta.
looking at things the way a fool would see it. I don't know if i am as merciless as felicita. but heck i know i could be.
I might not be as reckless as natsu. ready to take you on at any time.
I might not be as crazy as elfman whenever he goes beast. but i know i am half as crazy. I might be as psycho as cheshire. but not that psycho on you. i might be as peaceful as Oz. hoping for a better day. but i know that i am happy to be your friend everyday.

Oz master

geogre GEORGE

Wolfeh's Badge of Approval

Concrapulations! You have received the Wolfeh badge of approval, and you can keep it! That means your special. But not as special as Coldplay, no offense :3

"It's not about whether or not you're a human or an Exceed. We're all living beings and we have to do what is right. I'll be right beside you. There's nothing to be afraid of."

Thank you for being such a good friend and RP buddy. I hope we stick together for a long time and have a whole lot of adventures. 화이팅 !


You already know the drill

Just cross your fingers this one is it...


hmm I wonder whether your reading this or not....



For all those Rp we had

for all those joke we shared..

I hope there's no end to all that

for you are a good person to talk to..

(rather than brainy ><)

Sadly there's another secret you need to know....

to which will be reveal in the next page please!

Guess what your getting close!!


This may not be what you seeked

yet another one you will receive.


for despite this is not what I wish to show

but its something I wish you to know..


Edit Buddy Badge

Doctorwhodancing Tumblr luhhu6FZtW1qfyxtn

Wow congrats
Cause im happy

Pinkit Apple Bloom hopping Fluttershy - Yay

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Internet Support Group
Does the internet hate you? Is it constantly giving you grief and error messages? Does it refuse to connect at just the moment you need it? Well this group is for you, take this badge and wear it proudly as a member of the Internet Hates Us Support Group

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