Nickname Origin People Who Use It Okay to be Used?
Pandora My Username Everyone Okay
Pandy Short for Pandora Everyone Sure
Daughter Mummy Mummy NO WAY >.>
Jar Opener Wowzies (Cause Pandora opened the jar...) Wowzies No touchy -.-
Candy Kane Lopunny Lopunny NU
Peter pan K-chan K-chan Hell no. It's very special XD (plus its her nickname to use so her only)
Great Pandy Wall Moat Moat Um, no.... >.>
Pandy Wando Clock! Clock NO! It's clock's revenge nickname for me. XD But his is better :( 
PS4 Spacey Spacey No.... just no. Don't think about it or i will kill you!
Dora .......... I forgot Mathy; Lopunny; and a whole bunch of other people who know me Maybe. if you're a friend of mine then yes but if not >~<
Funsized Hydro Hydro and him only NO! IF YOU USE THAT, I WILL KILL YOU!!!!
Panties, Panty Unu Unu and her only If you even call me that, you are in deep trouble. >.>
Pandy-Pie Katniss Katniss NO
Cana (yeah as in Cana Alberona XP) Wowzies Waves NO

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