The title sounds much cooler than what's going to be typed on it, I promise. xD Bonus: Look at this in editor mode for the laffz and Insightᵀᴹ. (hi this is wip af i'm still writing things for moderation and shizz)

  • The Affectedᵀᴹ: Head Counselors, Lt. Counselors, BC Heads and Lts
  • The Premiseᵀᴹ: VERSATILITY POWER OVER 9000!!!1!!!!one!!
  • The Changesᵀᴹ: Read below.

  • The idea is that if you own any of the Affectedᵀᴹ, you as a user immediately gain the OOC ability to develop variations of their powersets.
    • Props to Unibot's Rory Maximillian for reminding me of how ridiculous it is that decades of a thriving community has not created some form of self-defense outside of their anti-monster barriers.

  • "OMNIA THIS IS GONNA BE OP!!!!!one!!!11!!!~!!" scream powerset makers everywhere. Never fear, our beloved nerfers :< No Nike kids are gonna suddenly shoot laserbeams from their eyes. None of that shit.

  • "THEN WHAT????? IS THIS???? ABOUT NEW POWERS?????" TLDR; We once thought of deleting powersets altogether and instead let people pick and create their own customized set from a list of approved suggestions. This is too much work. We are lazy. Also, a lot of problems happen.

  • "WHY ARE YOU BRINGING THIS UP THEN IF IT WAS TOO PROBLEMATIC???" Look at the list of the Affectedᵀᴹ. Read the above point again.

  • "*JUMPS TO UNNECESSARILY OP CONCLUSION*" No, no, no. Here's where we start Moderating and Policingᵀᴹ.
  • "OKAY THEN EXPLAIN." Gladly.

  • [Moderatingᵀᴹ and Policingᵀᴹ] 'Variations', if thought up by Heads and Lts, will have to be approved by Heinrich or Alexander, AKA characters who can be RPed by anyone on the admin team since the approval of CP 2.0. Input will definitely also be taken from our powerset-making people.
    • 90% is done ICly. People have to RP out the character puzzling over it and trying to apply the theory. I can't stress enough how it HAS to be RPED OUT and not just thought up as a USER. It HAS to be the character. They HAVE to RP, and they HAVE to have a reason why they thought this up. 10% is literally just 'is this OP and does this drastically affect the original powerset'. If no, then it's allowed. Realistically, characters who will think up variations are usually trainers or hardcore fighters.
    • If one person learns it, the rest don't auto do. Variations are TAUGHT by the people who invented them. They are not inborn.
    • Some variations can save one character's life, but severely impair another's fighting style. ICly, learning variations is often for people who don't realistically sync with the naturally given powerset. A character could learn all the variations ever made by their powerset
    • This seriously gives a more IC aspect to powersets instead of "oh yeah we retconned this and that because OOC powerset got changed even though this and that power was perfectly fine and not at all OP!!!"
    • Variations cannot be a full out change from the concept of the original powerset idea. i.e. An offensive stays offensive with very similar if not identical results (see below example on Poseidon). They're just executed differently.
    • Someone needs to HMU about if 3/6/9 variations should be allowed (I'm not a powerset maker) because that stuff is serious.'
    • All the other aspects of powersets (mainly supp/offence/defense) can have variations.
    • Ex-LTs/Heads (Camp) will still be able to put variations for approval if they lasted at least 2 months (for those who thought of it/had an immunity period) or 1 month (for people who just got it handed to them due to OOC inactivity). Yeah, you heard me. Theoretically, everyone in a small cabin could pass in ideas.
    • Ex-LTs/Heads (BC) usually are dead or archived so they don't need a rule for this.
    • CoO restrictions are near-null. Everyone can pass a variation

  • [Camp + Overall]: Heads and Lt. Counselors, because of their need to train different kids of different backgrounds and specialties, are left to improvise and think of ways how to accommodate all of them. One method of accessing one's powers doesn't necessarily work for everyone. Emotion is usually a guaranteed trigger, but it is often uncontrollable. You have kids who aren't the best of mental health. Some have had pretty brutal paths and it shows. Some don't know enough of the world to grasp the deep-seated emotions that come with the experience they need to fight. You can't just put them in groups and hope that a bunch of ADHD, dyslexic, etc. demigods with unfathomable power will suddenly learn to fight. I've never approved of newcomers coming and challenging upon coming to camp, because who taught you to use your powers to be most effective? Who gave you the experience you needed to call up on dangerous forces of nature, both human and inhuman, to override the adrenaline that only serves to tell you to run and live? Who Yoda'd you through the first pains of it? Who fought you so many times, for weeks on end, to help you survive until every part of you ached from the hits and your own body's instinct to keep you alive? Who?
    • It's up to the Hs and Ls to figure out ways on how to teach these kids. Sure, other people can help, but it's radically different since no one really has the exact same abilities and strengths. They experiment, they practice, they stay up all night thinking "K, how do I save this one from death?" And they learn. Because there is a limit you hit in training, where the only way you can get better is by teaching other people. Because their differences from you kick you out of your established, comfortable box of thinking principles and force you to build a new one from scratch.
    • What do they learn? "Hey, try not shooting jets of water. Try bubbles." "Huh, okay??" "OWOWOWOWOW! WHAT THE F-CK! THOSE BUBBLES ARE LIKE F-CKING NEEDLES WHEN THEY POP!" "Yeah, I was thinking how much water hurt when they get in your eyes. 'Cause they did that a lot to my cousin when we played in the bathtub and scuba-dived." They learn variety. That's what.

  • [BC/CoO]: How has Camp not fallen yet? Here's the thought: BC is disorganized, with very few siblings together in the same factions. They rarely communicate, much less train together. That doesn't necessarily mean they're pretty useless or variations don't apply to them. Contrarily, they often come up with the most variations due to people with different fighting styles who they can soundboard strategies on. BC functions on faction-based routines, Camp functions on cabin-based routines. They've been on, honestly off-screen because BC has been inactive as f, essentially even foot because Cabin's variations tend to be traditional and minor, while BC has been forced to use improvisation as groundwork since forever. The issue is BC lacks in teamwork and numbers (they're terribly divided) and Camp doesn't. CoO works on the relatively same principles of BC, except they're not divided, which is probably why they're making way more progress than BC for wiping out their enemies.

  • "WHY CAN'T PEOPLE JUST SUBMIT FULL POWERSETS???" Because powersets.... are limiting.... don't let you add cool special visual effects on your own (don't you think Iris kids would have signature colors????).... and lets users define how characters' powers are shaped by their personalities and histories (which is the coolest part k).
  • "HOW DID THIS EVEN COME UP?" Because Mel told me about the custom powersets that almost happened and I felt like doing something to bring incentive to owning a Head/Lt and letting people go wild. Also, I absolutely despise the notion that everyone in our IC universe can be identified because they use the exact same f-ing powers. How about no. (shrug emoji)
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