General Info
Relationship Status Single
Nicknames Sammy (Célestin only)
Sam (Ailred only)
Current Location Camp Half-Blood
Pets None
Likes Sparkley things, her 'Daddies', teddy bears and love
Dislikes Mean people, dull things, people who dislike her 'Daddies' and hatred
Fears/Phobias Her 'Daddies' falling out of love
Hobbies WIP
Motto "When you need something to believe in, start with yourself!"
Things She Won't Do Be ungrateful
People They Secretly Admire Célestin Loup & Ailred Wolfskill
Most Influenced By Herself
Most Important People Before Camp Célestin & Ailred
Most Important People Now Célestin & Ailred
Immediate Goals
Long Term Goals Get married
Reacts to a Crisis? Good
Face Their Problems? With others
Reacts to Change Okay
Alignment True Good
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