1. Satyrs can use nature magic to cause a living vine, no more than twice the size of the user, to sprout from the ground and lash out at nearby opponents. The vine will wither away after a short time.


  1. Satyrs are able to grant someone Satyr’s Sanctuary. While someone is blessed with Satyr's Sanctuary, nearby wild animals will be compelled to come to their aid. Animals will help the person according to whatever commands the satyr gave when they bestowed it. The blessing lasts a few hours. A satyr can only have one Satyr's Sanctuary blessing given out at a time.


  1. Satyrs possess an innate ability to detect and distinguish the unique "scents" given off by demigods, monsters, spirits, and other sources of mythic power.
  2. Satyrs naturally form empathy links with people they are familiar with; this manifests as an intuition for others' emotions, sensing when they are in danger, knowing vaguely where they are, etc., even over great distances. This is unreliable and hard to do on command, but gets clearer and easier as their bond with a person grows. They can communicate telepathically through particularly strong empathy links.
  3. Satyrs are able to channel their nature magic through a vessel, such as a pan flute. Their nature magic is significantly more powerful and less draining when doing so. Satyrs’ magic is otherwise much weaker than demigods’ powers when not channeled, however.
  4. Satyrs are able to communicate with animals.


  1. Satyrs can use nature magic to quickly heal minor wounds, or slowly heal major, but not fatal, wounds.
  2. Satyrs can use nature magic to invigorate plants, making them grow rapidly. They can control how the plants grow, such as having a cluster of flowers grow around an opponent's legs to entangle them, or making roots grow into a protective dome, but plants grown in this manner will wither back to a natural shape afterward. The more control they exert, the more they are drained.


  1. They enjoy eating recyclable material (tin, aluminium, plastic, etc.) and wood and grass.
  2. Satyrs biologically age roughly around half the rate as humans and do not perish of natural causes. When they die, they are reincarnated as plants, trees or flowers.
  3. Satyrs have extraordinary hearing and scent on par with that of most forest creatures.
  4. Satyrs’ caprine lower halves are generally very powerful, allowing them to jump and climb greater distances with ease.
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